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I am a big fan of Korean skincare in general. You'll find many reviews of Korean products on my blog. OOTD Beauty is a brand I wasn't familiar with, but as soon as I read their ingredients list, I thought those were the kind of formulas that I would love. And I was right. There isn't a single product I have tried that I didn't like.

OOTD stands for oxygen of the day. They are Korean vegan skincare brand that love to produce innovative products that contain functional active ingredients which are proven to deliver results.

Dark Spot Vitamin C Serum*


It comes in transparent glass bottle with a dropper. I love that, because it's easier to control the amount you want.

In it is 50 ml of product and it costs around 18€.


I've mentioned several times that I don't like a lot of vitamin C products, because they either sting, are too oily or smell like toiler cleaners. Thankfully, this one is the opposite. It has liquid texture, but it's almost a bit viscose so it leaves a bit of that moisturizing layer on the skin. It's very lightweight, absorbs fast and has no scent

It contains 1% of ascorbic acid. It's water based and there is some glycerin, betaine, beta glucan as well as hyaluronic acid in it. Now this would be considered a mild formulation of vitamin C, because the percentage of ascorbic acid is not high. 


That's one of the reasons why I like it, because there is no stinging or irritation on my skin which can get quickly sensitized, but also I don't have any major hyperpigmentation problems, so this is fine for me. It's not just a regular vitamin C, but it also hydrates, gives my skin an overall brighter appearance and I think it also helps a bit with fading blemish marks

I love to use it in the morning, right after acid toner. Sometimes I layer something over it, but mostly I just use SPF on top, because this is moisturizing enough for me on its own. 

Dark Spot Vitamin C Serum*


It comes in a plastic tube with a pump. Pump allows me to apply the tinniest amount possible, I can dose it as I want.

In it is 50 ml of product and it costs around 15€.


It's lightweight gel type of cream that is very easy to massage into the skin. It absorbs fast and leaves slight moisturizing layer on the skin.

It contains ascorbic acid just as serum as well as glycerin, betaine, beta glucan, hyaluronic acid and vitamin tree water - which is the first time I have heard of, but it's apparently brightening and moisturizing. 

They say it's fragrance free, but it has fresh herbal scent, which might be just natural scent of ingredients like vitamin tree water. 


The formula is suppose to brighten and reduce the look of dark circles. I don't have problems with dark under eyes, so I can't say much about those effects. However, I love thinner formula, because it's nicely hydrating, moisturizing and makes the skin look brighter in general. My skin can get those milia bumps quickly, if I use heavy creams, especially around the eyes. But this one is light, yet still does a good job of moisturizing and I love it under the makeup to plump the skin and moisturize those fine lines. 

Peptide Skin Barrier Cream*

It comes in a plastic jar which has one of those fun push dispensers. You press top part down and in the middle is a hole that dispenses small amount of cream. It's very hygienic and great for traveling. They say there are 130 pumps per jar, but it depends on how much you press it down. You can control the amount.

In it is 50 ml of product and it costs around 14€.


It's a thicker cream that is easily spread, but you can feel that proper nourishing layer on the skin that isn't heavy, but it's thicker so you know it will grab well on the skin and stay there, like I would expect from a barrier cream.

It has a blend of peptides, ceramides and panthenol, all amazing ingredients for supporting your skin's barrier health. If you have sensitive skin, you probably already have products with either of those ingredients, because they are soothing and repairing. In the formula is also glycerin (moisturizing), niacinamide (another favorite for skin barrier and sensitivity), shea butter (which gives it that thicker feel), squalane (great moisturizer), hyaluronic acid (hydrating), adenosine (firming and smoothing) and argan oil. It's also fragrance free


Now this is perfect for layering or for slugging as it creates that final layer of moisture and nourishment on the skin that just locks in any other products under it. I've used it on its own, because it was enough for my combination skin and I love to use it in the evening to help my skin repair at night and keep it in the best health. I have used it to soothe any sensitivity as well as heal my blemishes. 

This kind of cream would be perfect for anyone with sensitive, irritated or thin skin that needs something soothing, repairing and nourishing. But I think these kind of formulas are a must for any skin really, especially for those that love to use a lot of acids, retinols or any other harsher active ingredients, because in combination with this one you'll keep the skin happy looking and not sensitized. 

Triple Hyaluronic Serum Glowing Mask*


In a paper box you get 10 sheets which equals 10 uses. Each sheet mask is in a separate bag with sheet mask that is soaked in essence.

Each sheet mask contains 25 grams of product and the pack of 10 costs around 17€.

The sheet itself is one of those thin fabric materials (it's made of vegan lyocell bamboo). Fit is nice, it covers most of my face.


It contains three different versions of hyaluronic acid, as well as glycerin, allantoin, vitamin c (ascorbyl glucoside) and caffeine. Fragrance is up there in the list which is probably my only downside. I think it must be the fragrance that slightly stings my face. My skin doesn't get red or irritated, but there is slight stinging sensation. 

It has transparent, liquid essence that has that slip to it. Once I take the mask off, it still feels a bit sticky and the skin looks like it's been glazed. I look like glazed donut. There is that sheen on the skin that makes the skin look like glass and it looks ultra hydrated and moisturized. It absorbs into the skin eventually, so it doesn't look as shiny.


I have been using it in warmer weather and I can say the moisturizing effect lasts on me, but then again I have combination skin that can get oily, so my skin just tends to soak moisture well.

I would say this feels nourishing, not just hydrating. Some of those hydrating sheet masks can feel so lightweight like applying water, but this one definitely leaves that layer on the skin that I can almost use as a light moisturizer. It also plumps the skin a bit, as with most moisturizing formulas.

Below are two photos that I took after one months of using combinations of these products. My skin loves them. It looks clear, bright and well moisturized. Formulas are gentle, yet just effective enough for my skin's needs.

You can order OOTD products on their site (they offer worldwide shipping) or you can also get it on Amazon, Yesstyle and some other shops (list here).

What I have found over years of trying out Korean skincare is that their formulas are gentle, lightweight and perfect for anyone with more sensitive skin. If you are a hardcore user of high potency active ingredients then OOTD products might feel underwhelming. But as someone like me that has sensitive skin and can get quickly overwhelmed and sensitized by harsh formulas and a lot fragrance, then you would love these products. All of their formulas are also vegan.

They are also great for any beginners diving into the world of vitamin C skincare, because their formula is so lovely ad gentle to use. If you have combination or more oily skin, you will also love all of these formulas, because they are lightweight. Barrier cream is the only thicker one, but it would be perfect for colder months when our skin needs a little extra. 

OOTD products are also quite affordable in my opinion, because you get a lot of product and you need small amount. All formulas go a long way with their spreadable feel. 

I love them all, but if I had to put them in order, I would say Barrier Cream (a must for pretty much everyone), Vitamin C serum (this is also hydrating serum for me, not just brightening), Eye Serum (any skin would love it, except for very dry, they need something heavier) and Sheet Masks (I love sheet masks, but they are not a must have product in my routine). 

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