Review: Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow - 37 Burgundy

I already own three Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows and about a year ago I got another shade. Somehow it slipped through my to do list, so here is a review of it now. These are one of the best creamy eyeshadows in the drugstore range. 


Eyeshadows have a matte black packaging. It closes securely. On the bottom of each pen, you have a small part that is colored and shows you what color is inside. It's pretty accurate. 

In it is 1.64 grams od product and it costs 6.95€.

It's in a pen form. You just twist the bottom and the product comes out, there is no need to sharpen it. I find it really practical, because you essentially don't need any brush. Just twist it, apply and blend with fingers or a brush, if you prefer that. 


It's a very creamy formula that glides on your lids without any needed pressure. It doesn't tug, but it also stays were you apply it and is not in any way greasy

Pigmentation is good. It's not fully opaque in one coat, but you can build it up to that perfectly opaque look. This is the least shimmery shade out of all the others I have and because of that I feel it's not as pigmented as some more metallic shades. 


I find that these are one of the rare creamy eyeshadows that don't crease on me. They work amazing as an eyeshadow base, but you can also wear them on its own. Once the formula dries down a little, it doesn't move through the day. If you have very oily eyelids, I still advise you to use eyeshadow primer underneath it. 

It's also long lasting formula, since it almost looks the same at the end of the day. It may fade a bit and loose intensity just slightly, but it lasts.


Kiko has a wide range of about 28 shades to choose from. Some are more matte looking with a sheen and some are very shimmery to the point of being metallic.

37 Burgundy is dark burgundy red base with purple sheen. The shimmer in it is so fine that you only see that purple sheen and no visible shimmer. Purple sheen is more prominent and dominates on the lid. The name is actually misleading, since it looks just purple on me. 

I did this monochromatic all purple look. In the crease I used a matte brown transition shade and I used 37 Burgundy all over the lid. As you can see, it looks much more purple on the lid than red. I also paired it with a purple eye pencil. 

 Other Colors

As I mentioned I already own a few more shades, so I decided to swatch them side by side. Just in case anyone is deciding which shade to get. In terms of pigmentation 06 is the most pigmented, most shimmery and metallic. 37 is the least shimmery and just has a healthy looking sheen. 36 is also very shimmery, but not as much as 06 and this one is also a bit sheerer. 21 is more similar to 36 in that it doesn't have any visible shimmer and it does have a nice sheen. 

If you're searching for good creamy eyeshadows in a useful pen form, try these. They have a wide range of colors, are well pigmented, last well and don't crease. These are also amazing as an eyeshadow bases, if you want to intensify the color on top of it. I have nothing bad to say about the formula, it's just great for a creamy product. 


  1. Waaaaw, takoj me je pritegnil ta odtenek <3 In še to, da je shimmer je perfect. Od Kiko-ta še nisem preizkusila nič, tako, da se je definitivno znamka uvrstila na wl. Moram sprobat kakšen izdelek, da vidim, če bo tudi meni všeč.

    Super make up look!


    1. Ima res lep sijaj. Čeprav se bleščic praktično ne vidi. Definitivno ti priporočam Kiko. Nekateri izdelki od njih so res odlični. Meni zmagajo njihovi laki in ta kremna senčila :).
      Hvala :) <3

  2. Jaz sem vse bolj navdušena nad tem kako dolgo jih že imam, pa so vsi odtenki še kot novi. Noben se ni posušil in vsi so še lepo mazljivi. Res si zaslužijo vse pohvale :) Burgundy izgleda zanimiv odtenek, si ga pa brez veliko eyelinerja sama ne bi upala nosit :) Meni je še vedno najljubši 05.

    1. Moji so tudi še vedno kot novi. :) Pa na sploh ena res dobrih kremnih formul. Tudi pigmentacija je v redu. Ja, Burgundy je res tak odtenek, ki ga tudi sama kombiniram še z nekim linerjem. Drugače lahko izgledaš hitro bolno :D. Ti rjavkasti so itak najboljši. Jaz največ nosim 06.