New In (14)

Here is the second part of my New In posts. I mostly feature products that I got for my birthday and even some that I ordered back in December. There are no products from PR brands and I give you a little short review of everything I have tried so far.

Afrodita Cosmetics LE Vanilla Passion Gift Set

I've actually been eyeing this in the store and my cousin knew that and got it for me. It's a limited edition gift set with a limited edition packaging that I adore. The design is just so clean and classy looking. I'm already using both. Shower gel is that typical transparent gel that cleans and leathers well. I also love nourishing body milk, because it looks like a lighter cream, but once you massage it into the skin, it leaves behind nourishing almost buttery feel to it. However it sinks in and looks like there's nothing on the skin. It has a soft vanilla scent that isn't too sweet or overpowering. It's actually fairly soothing.  

Palmolive Coconut Joy Body Butter

I already used this one up and it was such a good shower gel. Palmolive gels in general have this nourishing feel to them and this one is like a pudding consistency, but it doesn't feel as drying as normal shower gels. The butter in it really makes it less drying and more comfortable on the skin. Scent is unfortunately not a proper coconut, but a more artificial version of it, although I still liked it very much. I would definitely buy this again.

White Tea Bath Salt

How cute is this? I'm a sucker for product like that. Taking long baths would be in my description of hobbies and I usually do it with bubble baths, but never with bath salts. Until now. I already tried it out once and liked it. It doesn't add any effect to your water other than a slight sleepy refreshing soothing scent. Plus it's so satisfying to use that tiny spoon to scoop it out. Adorable gift for anyone that likes to pamper.

This is a repurchase. I've almost finishes my first pot of this beauty - only have a bit of the outer edge left to finish. It's my favorite bronzer, because it feels so buttery due to the murumuru butter. Shade Bronzer is also a bit cool toned which makes it great for adding definition and it's light enough for a light skin tone. But it's also not too cool, still has that proper sunkissed warmth to it. I adore it. You can read my review of it here

Colourpop Yes, Please! Pressed Powder Shadow Palette

This is warm toned lovers dream. It has a mix of matte and shimmery shades with light to dark colors. There is a lot of neutral tones that you can wear on everyday basis, but than you also have really potent pops of colors. The quality is amazing, super pigmented and I'll have a review up very soon.

Colourpop She Pressed Powder Shadow Palette

This was apparently a limited edition palette or so it seems, since I've been looking for it and it's discontinued. A damn shame, because this is so good. I almost like it more than Yes, Please! and I love warm tones. This is for those that love pinks an mauves. Again a great selection of shimmery and matte shades. You can create a subtle look or a more punchier filled with lots of color. Quality is also amazing. I was confused by the fact that they don't sell it anymore, but I'm still thinking of posting the review, because I love the looks I created with it. Anyway, I've seen it being sold on Ebay too.

Colourpop Super Shock Shadows - Game Face, Birthday Girl and DGAF

I already posted a review of these here. It's one of my favorite eyeshadow formula, because it's almost like a cream, applies lovely and sets like a powder.

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip - Aquarius and Screenshots 

I only tried one Ultra Satin Lip before and it was Frick N' Frack. I liked the formula and didn't find it too drying, so I decided that I'll order some more, when I'll be ordering eyeshadows from Colourpop. It helped that they had sale on their lip products. Aquarius is the most perfect nude. It has a mix of pink, brown and even some warm peach to it. It will suits many different skin tones and it also looks amazing on light skin. Screenshots is that perfect brick brown shade that is also fairly light, but a warmer version for when you want something more subtle. I'll have a separate review of these on the blog.

Afrodita Cosmetics Jojoba Oil & Shea Butter Body Milk

I'm not using it yet, but I did try it out once. It's a thicker white cream that gives your skin glow and leaves a slightly greasy finish on the skin. It's much thicker and heavier than the LE version. The scent is somewhat oriental, but actually very subtle. 

Astrid surprised me with a huge package of makeup and sweets for Christmas and my birthday. She is just the sweetest and may I add, has an amazing taste for makeup. Thank you so much Astrid. 

Urban Decay The Ultimate Pair - 1993

I only tried eyeshadow primer by Urban Decay, but I've always wanted to try more from this brand. I hear Urban Decay is also coming to Slovenia now, for those that are interested in this brand too. This is a set of their 24/7 glide-on lip pencil and vice lipstick, both in shade 1993 which is a medium brown. It's that perfect chocolate brown color that isn't too dark. Lip pencil has a smooth creamy formul as well as lipstick. They both feel comfortable on the lips. Lipstick has what they call comfort matte finish and it's definitely comfortable. I'll have a separate review on the blog.

Feelunique Bourjois Christmas Cracker 

These products came in a cute mint colored Feelunique Christmas cracker. My first cracker ever and may I say a cracker after my own heart. In it was Volume Reveal Waterproof Mascara which I haven't tried yet. I've had some mascaras by Bourjois before and they were all very descent. In it was also Khol & Contour Extra-Long Wear Eye Pencil in 002 Ultra Black which I also haven't tried yet, but it seems to be fairly creamy. I've also already had some Rouge Edition Velvets before and now I've added a new shade to the range - 11 So Hap'pink. These are a bit drying on my lips, so I usually reserve them for good lip days. This one is that perfect vibrant, but still muted pink. 

I have however already tried their Blush in 33 Golden Lilac. First of all this has such a lovely scent. It smells sort of fruity and powdery at the same time. It has baked texture that actually deposits a lot of color. Shade is a mix of brick peach and pink color with golden shimmer. I adore it and it's so cute packaged. 

Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick - 02 Flaming'rose

I absolutely adore the formula of these (read about it here) and already own two shades, so I was ecstatic to get another shade. It's that perfect tone of pink that I like (because I usually don't go for pinks often), muted, brown based and very wearable. It has the most perfect matte finish, smooth formula and doesn't feel drying on the lips.

Kiko Arctic Holiday Lips & Nails Kit - 02 Breathtaking Red

I haven't actually tried any of these yet, but they look gorgeous. Nail polish has that perfect classic red shade with slightly wider brush. In the set is also liquid lipstick that dries down to a perfect matte finish and it has the most gorgeous cool pink red shade ever. This looks like such a stunner, so I can't wait to try it out. I've had problems with dry lips, so I've been avoiding matte formulas for a while. 

Body & Soul Wellness Orchid and Brazilian Nut Set

In the set is a squeeze tube shower gel and body lotion with a pump. It has an oriental floral scent to it which seems lovely. I haven't tried them out yet.

Essence Contouring Eyeshadow Set - 02 Brownies With Frosting

This seems like that perfect easy eye look for when you're in a hurry. One side has a shimmery beige shade with slight pink sheen to ti and on the other side is a cool grey based brown. I was thinking of using this side as a face contour, but it might be too dark for me. 

Essence Eyeliner Pen Extra Longlasting

It's that typical pen eyeliner that is very liquid and looks like a marker. I haven't tried it on my eyes yet, but on the hand it seems fairly saturated, but not super pigmented.

Body & Soul Silicon Sponge

I've been avoiding these silicon sponges, because I don't think this will work. It seems to just push the product on each side of the face, but I haven't tried it yet. I definitely will, just to see what it feels like.

Essence Good Girl Nail Sticker

I love the look of these nail sticker, I just wish I would remember to use them. There is still some of them left in my drawer and I keep on forgetting about them. These have cute flowers, butterflies and hearts on them with little silver rhinestones. Super cute. 

Bonjour Glass Jar

I am also a sucker for any cute kitchen wear or home decor and I think this is adorable. A little small for my preference of glasses to drink out of, but still cute. I see myself using this in the summer and posting Instagram pictures with it.

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter - Liquid Champagne

I had this on my wishlist and my friend Sabina so kindly got it for me. I've tried it only once and it didn't seem to blend out well, so there was a definite line where I applied it. I can't really say, if that is my fault or the texture. But it's a liquid highlighter with a more greasy base. It has metallic champagne sheen and lots of multi-colored shimmer particles. I would only use this as a highlighter and not mix it with foundation, because it's too glittery for that. The shade is actually just as I expected it to be.

Laceup Shoe Accesories

I wasn't even aware of this satin shoe lace hype that is apparently popular, but I love these. They have that wrapping paper look to them and would probably make a gorgeous bow on those crisp white sneakers. Pale taupe shade makes it look ultra classy and I can't wait to put them on my spring/summer sneakers. I'm just afraid of getting them dirty, because they look so cute. 

Fairy Lights

Who can say no to fairly lights? I have two sets already and don't mind getting another one. I just need to find the right place where to put them. These work on two AA batteries and look so romantic on any surface.

DM Profissimo Cookie Stamp Set

Sabina also knows I love to bake and I actually have two of these cookie stamps already, but not with those cute Christmas designs. Plus there is even a cookie cutter in the pack, so it makes it easier to cut out the perfect shape for the stamp. I love these, because they add some fun to otherwise boring round cookies. I also got a spatula, which will definitely come in handy.


  1. Upam, da enkrat naredijo cool toned taupe rjavo paletko pri Colourpop, ker slišim same pohvale :) She paletka je lepa, škoda, da je bila LE.

    Sama dobra darila in nakupi :)

    1. Po mojem tudi to pride. Zdaj so pač bila popularna ful topla senčila. Vidim pa, da ves čas dodajajo neke bolj nevtralne palete. Zdaj imajo neko novo, ki je prav taka mauve - nude varianta. Verjetno zamenjava te She palete. Ampak res škoda, ker je ta odlična. Sploh mat odtenki so fantastični :).

      Hvala :)