Review: Colab Dry Shampoo - Paradise

I have naturally thin hair with dry ends, but my roots can get oily really quickly. Usually, I wash my hair every second day, sometimes I can prolong it. I was always envious of those that just had to wash their hair once a week. Hair washing can take up a lot of time, even with my thin hair, so a dry shampoo was an important discovery for me. I absolutely adore Batiste shampoos, but I've also tried out Colab just to see, if it's any different. 


Colab is a brand of dry shampoos created by Ruth Crilly who is a model and a blogger. I wanted to try it out, because I've heard that it has no white residue. In it is 200 ml and it costs 5.89€

It comes in a aerosol with pretty pink and blue flamingo design. Their designs are super cute. Spray works fine, but you have to shake it before use.

It's marketed as an amazing dry shampoo for oil absorption without white residue


I got the Paradise version. Since the first launch they've added many scents and versions. Now there's total of 9 versions

They say that Paradise smells like coconut, but I disagree. It smells tropical, but to me it comes across as a more fruit based sweet tropical scent, I don't really sense a proper coconut. Batiste's Tropical version is a lot more coconut scented.

Formula and Performance

It comes out almost as a more wet spray (like dry shampoo and hair spray hybrid) and I was afraid that it would wet my hair, but it doesn't. There is no typical white powder that dry shampoos have and there is definitely no white residue. It's transparent on the hair. It adds a bit of texture and volume, but doesn't make the hair looks ashy or overly matte. This also means it won't give you that freshly washed look and it's not the best for really greasy hair or roots.

I think this is more of a refresher than a proper dry shampoo. I mean some dry shampoos feel like refreshers as well and I think people with fairly normal hair will like it for just adding fragrance to the hair and a bit of textured/volume. 

This won't be my go to for when I need a dry shampoo. I still prefer Batiste, which takes away all the grease and makes my hair look freshly washed with lots of volume. I use dry shampoos for those oh-my-god-i-need-to-leave-the-house-but-my-hair-is-so-greasy occasions. For adding texture or volume I prefer hair texturizers, so I probably won't buy it again. But if you don't have a problem with greasy hair and just want something to refresh your hair, make it smell nice, not leave any residue and add a bit of volume, then you might take a look at Colab version.

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