2017 Favorites - Skin Care

Here is my part two of 2017 Favorites. It's about skin care products that I've discovered in 2017 and fell in love. For some of these I don't have a separate review yet, but I loved using them in 2017. I also included two body products that have impressed me, because I'm not too picky about my body products in general, so I won't do a separate segment for that. I like most of body lotions, butters and shower gels. 

I've been trying out Asian sheet masks and I have to say I really like this area of skin care. It's a cheap way of adding moisture and nourishment. These two types of masks by Etude House are great for moisturizing and nourishing your skin. Ceramide is more for skin in need of good nourishment. It moisturizes well and gives the skin that plump feel. Hyaluronic Acid is for dry skin or for when you feel like you're skin is dehydrated on the surface. It brings the moisture back into the skin.

These were one of the first sheet masks I tried and I immediately like it. Both are that average, but effective hydrating and moisturizing sheet mask. I almost don't see a difference between these two. My favorite is Green Tea because of the herbal proper green tea scent. You would like these, if you're in need of that basic hydration.

This is a transparent plastic sheet of small circles that you apply on top of pimple and it dries it out. It's the most effective treatment for those nasty, under the skin, inflamed pimples that decided to stay on your skin for a week. This sucks out all the gunk from pimple. I use them through the night. They stick well on the skin and don't fall off. It's my must have for those days that my skin is acting out.

The Ordinary Niacinamid 10% + Zinc 1%

It's more a solution targeted towards breakouts, but I prefer this on my oily t-zone in the summer. It keeps my t-zone from becoming too oily. I feel like it really controls the sebum products and my pores don't look as huge as they usually do. They don't disappear, just look smaller. It's also good for those days that breakouts are invading a larger area of your face and you can't just spot treat them.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

I think this is a must have in any skin care routine. It's an essential hydrator for dry skin, but also for those that have dehydrated surface and not necessarily dry skin in general, like I do in warmer months. I use this before the moisturizer and it really amps up your moisture level in the skin and on it. Ever since I started using this, I never had dry patches, like I sometimes did. For that I also use acid toners - to get rid of the dead skin cells, but keeping skin hydrated is just as important. I use it in the warmer as well as colder months. 

I loved this in the summer. It has a fine spritz and even contains a small amount of BHA. I love it because of the comforting cotton herbal scent and the fact that it's so easy to use - spritz. It's that basic toner that gives a bit of moisture back to your skin right after the cleanse. It's by no means anything special, just really nice in general.

This is another one of those oils that is perfect for summer or for anyone that doesn't like too oily products. I almost feel it is a dry oil. It's not overly greasy, soaks in the skin well and feels moisturizing. It also has subtle comforting scent which for some reason reminds me of grapes. This is great for layering, because it's lightweight or for when you're skin needs just a bit of that nourishment and moisture, but not too much.

I haven't really stepped up my anti-againg game yet, but I'm slowly getting into retinol based products. This is night cream that has two sides. You use one side for one week and the other side for another week. On one side you have AHA formula and on the other it's retinol based formula. I love this, because it feels nourishing on the skin, but is at the same time very lightweight. I've also posted my results after a few months and I definitely noticed my small lines around the eyes looking less deep. It's also not irritating for my sensitive skin, because I was afraid of using retinol for that specific reason. But it's actually gentle and it still works. 

Tony Moly Panda's Dream White Magic Cream

First of all, how cute is that panda?! Besides the adorable Asian packaging, I love this cream for when I don't use makeup, but I still want my skin tone to look even. I have some sallowness around my mouth which really bothers me. Because I'm fairly light in skin tone, my skin never looks even. This cream has great brightening effects. It makes my skin even lighter and whiter, but it looks evened out. It also has lovely almost velvet finish. I am not a fan of strong almost floral scent. I'd prefer something more subtle. But it's a great base for under the makeup as well. 

I've spoke about this a lot, so I won't go into details. It's blend of oils and butters. It has a solid form, but starts to melt under your fingers. I use this as an oil step in my routine. It's perfect for cooler months, because it feels really nourishing and makes the skin hydrated and soft. It has one of the best scents I have ever tried - smells of proper white chocolate. If you have dry, sensitive or dehydrated skin, you would love this. Not to mention that people behind this brand are so nice. I don't usually talk about this, but some brands just have that friendly approach that makes you feel special.

Forget about greasy mess of European sun screens, this is something totally different. Asian sun screens are known for being super lightweight and this one is no exception. If you use acid products or retinols in your routine, you should definitely use sun screen in your daily routine (either way sun screen is a must in your routine no matter what products you use). I've been avoiding it, because most sun screens clogged my pores. This is such a lightweight, almost runny formula that leaves you with a velvet matte finish. It feels very lightweight and has energizing citrus scent. I have already ordered another one. It's such a pleasure to use. 

I am not a fan of using self tanners and I haven't really used them in the past all that much. It's just my lazy ass and me being scared of turning out like a dalmatian. But I gave this product a go and was surprised at how well it turned out. I have a light skin tone, but with a warm undertone and I get very olive toned when catching some sun. This gave me such a natural warm yellow based, but not orange, color and because I applied it super light, the result was gentle. It's a great option for when I want to add a bit of color on my body and I really like the fact that mousse texture made it easy to apply and blend. It also doesn't have that bad burnt scent that some products I have tried before had. 

Avon Bubble Gum Bubble Bath

Oh, the nostalgic scent from the past! To me it smells exactly like Bazooka chewing gums and it reminds me of my childhood. I have said it already, but I like Avon bubble baths and if you follow me on Instagram on my stories, you would have seen me pampering with them a lot. It's just a variety of scents, good amount of foam (which does vanish after a while) and non irritating feeling on the skin that attracts me. They always come out with new scents too. I believe the last release is caramel and vanilla scented. I already have my eye on that!


  1. Hej, imaš kakšen preverjen link za Tony Moly Panda's Dream White Magic Cream?
    Hvala :)

    1. Za nakup? Jolse.com Jaz sem tam kupila. Vedno vse pride :)

  2. Sheet maske so bile tudi zame odkritje leta, sploh azijske in to predvsem to tvoji zaslugi, ker si mi takrat poslala Innisfree. No pa tudi moji mini obsedenosti z Snow White stvarmi, ker se tako našla odlično The Face Shop masko. COSRX Master Patch sem kupila zaradi tebe in so res top :)

    The Ordinary sem pa za razliko od drugih kupila do zdaj le en izdelek, ki pa me ni toliko navdušil, da bi šla takoj kupit vse ostalo. Ampak me pa mika par serumov.

    Od Pand ostajam pri Sleeping Pack verziji. Meni je odlična na dolgi rok. Sta pa obe top izdelka :)

    Odlična objava :)

    1. No mogoče si dobila idejo pri meni, ampak ti si vsekakor šla dlje kot jaz. Jaz vedno tvoje objave iščem za nove ideje :D.

      Mene je tisti puder za nekaj časa popolnoma odbil od The Ordinary. Ampak potem sem čez čas ugotovila, da nekateri izdelki dejansko delujejo. Tako da zdaj poskušam bolj strateško kupovat, kaj bi mi bilo všeč od njih :).

      Pa še embalaža bo ekstra luštna za razstavit, ko jo porabiva :D.

      Hvala :) <3

  3. Se strinjam za COSRX obliže, The Ordinari in sončno kremo. Ostalih izdelkov pa ne poznaam.. ampak panda je pa res cutee. <3

    1. Ja, panda je res adorable. Jo gledam cel čas, ko sem za računalnikom :D