Review: Catrice LE Blush Flush Ombre Blush Palette - C02 Vibrant Pink

Newest Catrice Limited Edition is called Blush Flush and it's all about the blush, which will be one of the most popular products this year. You might have heard about draping. It's a technique in which you use blush to sculpt out your cheeks. Basically, think of the 80s when my mom didn't know what bronzer or contour is and she used blush to contour with. It's the same principal with this year's hottest trend. Catrice jumped on the trend wagon and got a whole limited edition of blush products to help you out. I got their Ombre Blush Palette in shade C02 Vibrant Pink to test out.


The palette comes in a black plastic packaging with this fun design that interacts with you depending on how you tilt the palette. It reminds me of those small cards that you got in candy in the 90s. I tried to capture different looks that change among the angle when you turn the packaging. Design looks like a cool slow motion explosion of pink and orange powders. Really pretty and unique. 

It also has a mirror on the top which is actually very practical. I did my whole eye makeup look in it when I wasn't as home. It's also great for touch ups or to travel with.

In it is 17.6 grams of product and it costs 5.69€.


You can choose among two different color schemes. C01 Blurred Orange is a more orange ombre and C01 Vibrant Pink is a pink ombre. Catrice says to choose the palette based on your skin's undertone. So you would use Vibrant Pink, if you have cool undertone and Blurred Orange, if you have warm under tone. I say go for which you like. There are no rules in makeup. But I have to say I am considering buying the other version, because I like this one so much. Blurred Orange has more of my preferred warm tones in it. 

You can get almost unlimited amount of shades out of this one ombre palette, because you can mix and match which ever shades you like. I swatched about 5 different shades going from left to right in the palette. 

From left to right:
1 - pale cool shimmery baby pink. It has silver sheen to it and can be used as a highlighter or as a highlighting topper for the cheeks.
2 - light cool pink. This is that classic cool pink that gives you that flush, like you've been out in the cold for too long.
3 - medium warm fuchsia pink. This is a darker version of shade 2 and it's already leaning on a warmer side. It's a fairly strong pop of color, great for when you really want your cheeks to pop out.
4 - medium warm brick pink. This is probably the closest to my taste, because it has that brownish brick muddy base to it, but it's still pink. It's slightly darker than shade 3 and is one of those shades that you can use for draping as they call it now - sculpting the cheeks with blush, because it's not too bright.
5 - darker medium warm brown. Now this can actually be used as a bronzer, if you have warm skin tone. It's warm and leans slightly peachy, but it's also a great shade to contour your cheeks with - not contour in a grey shade kind of way, but to rather sculpt them out, if you don't want to use a separate bronzer.

Shade 1 is the only shade that has the most intense cool sheen to it and can be used as a highlighter. Shade 2 is also slightly more glowy with a nice sheen. Shade 3 is the most matte out of all of these and therefore can look a bit chalky, so you have to bend it well. Shade 4 has again a bit of satin sheen to it, but just barely there, it just looks a bit more wearable and not too flat. Shade 5 also has a bit of that healthy sheen to it, but no visible shimmer.  

It's a very versatile palette, because you get so many blush, bronzer and even highlighting shades in just one palette. 

I wanted to show you how I would use this palette to sculpt out the cheeks. I've even documented all the steps. First photo from the left is me with only foundation and powder. Then I used shade 5 or the bronzing shade to sculpt out under my cheek bone and use it almost as a contour. I used shade 3 as the pop of color on apples of my cheek. At the end I used shade 1 as a highlighter on the highest point of the cheek and a bit closer to my nose to make the cheeks stand out even more. 


It has a slightly wetter formula. Shades have really good pigmentation. For my personal taste, they are event too pigmented, because I like a subtle blush. It means you have to use fluffy brush with it in order to not overdo it. It really is very pigmented. I had a bit of problem with blending out shade 3 which is the most matte and chalky looking, but just build it up slowly. Other shades blend well. Just keep in mind, you barely have to touch the palette to get the color.


These shades stay on my cheeks for the whole day and I don't even see them loosing intensity. It's a very long lasting formula and you definitely don't need any touch-ups with it. But then again, I never have problems with blush fading too much.

I have to point out that my camera makes it look like I have no blush on, or that it's really subtle, but it's actually very pigmented and bright in person. 

Finished result

From left to right: Before and After 

I think this is a very versatile palette. You get at least 5 different shades of blush in one palette which you can mix and match. You can also use it to bronze and highlight with. Mirror is a plus. Formula is fairly buttery and it mostly blends out well - the matte shades can be a bit tricky. Pigmentation is crazy and almost too much for my personal taste, but you can play it down by using a light hand and fluffy brush. I think this is well worth the price. Quality is amazing, you get a lot of shades and it lasts well on the skin. I am already regretting not getting shade C01 Blurred Orange. I'm hoping I'll still catch it in one of the stores.

In Slovenia you can buy this LE in Tuš drogerija, DM, Müller, Mercator hipermarket, Interspar Citypark Ljubljana, drogerija Ilirika and Leclerc Maribor. It is on their stand from 24th of January 2018.

*PR product


  1. Sem imela na wishlisti, pa je sploh ni bilo pri nas prejšnji četrtek, čeprav bi morala bit. Samo zdaj ko vidim tvojo oceno je pa zelo verjetno ne bi kupila, ker sem pričakovala bolj umirjene odtenke glede na PR slike. Pa tudi sem izgubila zaupanje v Catrice blushe odkar sem dobila novo California paletko, ker sploh ni kvaliteta kot je bila včasih v Defining blushih :/ Mi je pa ideja multi ombre paletk izjemno všeč :) Odlična ocena :)

    1. Odtenki so res kar živahni in ful pigmentirani. Mene so ravno na Defining Blush spomnili, ker so mi bili ti preveč pigmentirani za moj okus. No jaz moram reči, da je kvaliteta pri paleti dobra, ker je res pigmentirana. Ne vem pa kakšni so ti v paletah. Itak pa so v LE vedno boljše kvalitete. Ja, zelo priročno za potovanja, da ne vlečeš s sabo 5 blushev :D. Hvala :).