Review: ItStyle Makeup and Nail Polishes + Giveaway

Here is a part 2 review of ItStyle products that I promised you in my first part. Today it's more about the eye makeup products as well as their nail polishes and nail polish remover. 

ItStyle Compact Eye Shadow - 48 Cappuccino and 55 Rose' Cipria Mat*

Compact eyeshadows come in a black plastic with a transparent lid. The packaging is similar to their compact blushes and it feels very cheap. It could break easily. 

In each is 3 grams of product and it costs 4.50€.

Texture of both shades is a bit drier and you need to build it up. The pigmentation is average. You definitely need to reapply it, if you want a strong color. Shade 55 Rose' Cipria Mat is a bit more pigmented and has more buttery texture, which also means it applies nicer. 

I always use my eyeshadows with an eyeshadow primer and with it they last well. They didn't get into the crease. The colors faded a bit through the day, but it was minimal. I have a feeling that matte shades perform better. 

48 Cappuccino is a taupe shade with purple sheen. It has that typical grey brown base with small shimmer in it that gives it a purple pink sheen. It's a pretty cool toned every day shade for all over the lid. 

On this photo I have 48 Cappuccino all over the lid. In the crease I applied 55 Rose' Cipria Mat. I also have Black Kajal Pencil on my eyes as well as Super Lashes Mascara.

Lips: ItStyle Lip Pencil 14 Natural Beige

55 Rose' Cipria Mat is a cool mauve shade. It has a taupe (grey brown) dirtiness to it and I love the shade. It's going to be just perfect for the fall.

Here I wore 55 Rose' Cipria Mat all over the lid on its own. 

Eyeliner: Clio KIll Brown Brush Liner, Lips: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in PK001 and ItStyle Lip Gloww in 09 Meat Pink

ItStyle Eye Brow Pencil Ash - 04 Brown Ashes*

It comes in a black pencil form. In it is 1.2 grams of product and it costs 4.95€

The top is transparent and it has a small comb. I don't care for the comb, I much prefer a proper spoolie to brush my hair as the comb is just too rough. 

Texture of it is harder as I would expect from a brow pencil. But it also has a smooth layer over it which makes it easy to glide on the skin and apply. 

Shade 04 Brown Ashes is the closest match to my natural brow color that I found so far. It's grey toned medium brown, but has a bit of olive undertone to it. I used it a lot until I noticed that it has small shimmer in it. It completely ruined the product for me. Why would you put shimmer in a brow pencil?! Such a shame, because the shade fits me so well. The shimmer isn't that noticeable in person, but I did pick it up on the photos.

It stayed on my brows for the whole day. Pigmentation is good. I don't expect a brow pencil to be too pigmented as it can look too harsh. 

Eyes: Colourpop Game Face, Lips: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Berlin

ItStyle Black Kajal Pencil in 01 Black*

It comes in a black pencil form. In it is 1.1 gram of product and it costs 3.95€.

Kajal is very creamy and I like that with eye pencils in general, but almost expect it from a kajal. It's great for smudging and creating smoky eyes.  But you do have to go over it a few times in order to make it look really opaque. Obviously you can also apply it as a regular eye pencil. 

It needs a bit of time to dry down and then it doesn't move. It has good staying power. It also lasted me through a workout. Obviously it fades a bit through the day. Pigmentation is good, but you need to build it up for a really opaque look. 

ItStyle Precision Eyeliner - 03 Brown

I bought this eyeliner myself when I was in the store. It was the one product that I knew I had to get, because my Clio Kill Brown Brush liner is a bit old and I love a brown eyeliner for the summer. It looks less harsh than a black. 

It comes in a black plastic packaging with silver details. It's small and compact. In it is 5 ml of product and it costs 5.95€.

It has ultra thin brush applicator and it's also quite short. I never thought I would say this, but it's almost too precise. The brush is so thin that you have to go over the line a few times in order to get a bolder winged look. It's also so precise that you have to be skilled to apply it evenly. But it's great for detailed work, just not a product that you would grab for a quick everyday wing. Although once you get used to it, you can do that too. 

Texture is liquid, but looks quite pigmented, so it's not runny in any way. It has good pigmentation, although you'll need to layer it in order to look even. It has that perfect matte finish to it, which means it can look darker on the parts where you applied more. 

The shade 03 Brown looks light brown once you're applying it, but as soon as it dries down it becomes a more medium warm brown. It dries fairly fast and once it sets it doesn't move at all. 

Lips: Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick in Rouged Perfection

Comparison Swatches

ItStyle Eye Shadow 55 is a mauve shade with grey undertone, so a cooler toned. I compared it to Freedom Makeup Pro Decadence Palette Today's Tonight in the shade 13. This one is a slightly warmer tone and it has more of that pink in it. It's not as mauve. More like warm brown based mauve.

ItStyle Eye Shadow in 48 is a taupe with a purple sheen that reflects off of the shimmer in it. The closest dupe I found in theBalm Nude'tude palette in the shade Selfish. This one is actually more silver toned taupe and it doesn't have that purple sheen to it, it's more silver toned. It's also just a tad darker.

ItStyle Eyeliner in 03 is a darker warm brown. Clio Kill Brown Waterproof Brush Liner in 02 Brown is a bit lighter in the shade (although it becomes darker if you go over it more times) and it seems slightly warmer toned.

I compared brow pencil with my Catrice Eye Brow Stylist in 020 Date With Ash-ton. ItStyle in shade 4 looks more olive toned or rather yellow toned grey brown. While Catrice's looks more brown toned with a grey tint to it.

ItStyle Art Lashes Top Mascara and Chic & Colors Super Lashes Mascara*

Both mascaras come in a shiny silver packaging. They both have black writing and details on it.

In each is 14 ml of product and it costs 9.95€

ItStyle Art Lashes Top Mascara*

It has a funky looking wand. It has three same sized spheres shaped bristles. It's a natural types of bristles which I'm not a fan. I prefer silicon wands. The shape of bristles looks weird to me and I don't feel like it does much for the lashes. It coats them well though.

Formula is on the drier side like most waterproof formulas. First coat gives my lashes slight definition. The second coat makes them longer, but not any more voluminous. For my liking my lashes look too thin. If I try to add more, they can start to clump up. It holds the curl well, but it drops it a bit as soon as I apply the mascara, which is normal for my lashes. 

It lasted on my lashes the whole day and I didn't notice any flakes or smudging

Eyes: Colourpop Kathleenlights, Game Face, liner- Coconut, Lips: ItStyle Lip Liner 12 Red

ItStyle Chic & Colors Super Lashes Mascara*

It has a fairly basic wand. The bristles are a little tapered towards the tip and shorter which makes it easier to apply in the inner corners as well as on the lower lashes. I'm not usually a fan of natural wands, because I prefer silicon wands. For some reason I feel like those separate lashes better. 

Formula is more on the drier side and it reminds me of waterproof formulas. It gives the lashes a nice length and a bit of volume, but it doesn't give me wanted definition. The more coats I apply the more clumpy it looks. I know some love that look, but as I've said many times, I want my lashes to be defined as well as have some volume and length. 

I like the fact that this holds the curl well. Better than most mascaras. Of course the curls drops a bit right after application (which happens to me with all mascaras), but it still holds them up at a good angle and it doesn't make them drop as the day goes on. 

It lasts well. I didn't notice any flecks falling down. It did smudge a bit on my lower lash line after I finished my workout, which was to be expected because of the sweat. 

ItStyle Nail Polishes*

I also got a few of the nail polishes to try out. I tried two colored nail polishes, one growth treatment and one top coat. 

They all come in a square glass bottle with a black plastic top. Colored nail polishes have that double top system where you take the cap of to reveal yet another black top that's actually the applicator. I guess this is popular system nowadays as it copies high end brands. 

The brush of colored nail polishes is short, a bit wider and slightly rounded at the edges. I like these types of wider and rounded brushes, because they make it really easy to apply the nail polish and it always looks really good around the cuticles. One of the brushes from the colored nail polishes was a bit frayed, so maybe check before you buy it.

Other nail polishes have a regular brush, thinner and straight cut

ItStyle Active Growth Nail Varnish*

It's a treatment that should ensure the growth of brittled and fragile nails. In it is 11 ml of product and it costs 4.95€.

To be honest, I didn't test this out properly, because I already use another treatment for my nails, so I can't tell you much about it. I did use it as a base coat under a colored nail polish and it worked fine. It applied evenly, thin and made my nails shiny. It also dried fairly quickly

The formula looks slightly pink tinted, but goes on sheer and it's nicely creamy, a bit thinner. 

ItStyle Nail Polish Red Passion - 177 Passion 5*

In it is 10 ml of product and it costs 3.95€.

This shade is a pink toned red. It looks like a red in the bottle, but it has a pink tint to it. I really like it. It's a fun twist on classic red and I have a few similar shades in my collection. 

I applied only one coat, because it applied so evenly that I didn't wanted to put a second coat over it. Obviously you can still see my nails through it. So if you want it to be really opaque, apply two coats. It has good pigmentation and dries fairly fast

The formula is creamy and the perfect consistency. Not too runny nor too thick. Both of the colored nail polished that I tried lasted a good three days without chipping on my nails, which means that they have good staying power. I have weak and brittled nails. 

ItStyle Nail Lacquer - 19 Rouge Noir*

In it is 10 ml of product and it costs 3.95€

I adore the shade. It's really dark brown burgundy shade. To me it looks like the perfect fall shade and I love brown hue in it. 

With this shade you'll need to apply two coats in order for it to look even and opaque. 

I find pigmentation good for such a dark color (because most of my dark nail polishes need two coats) and it also dries fairly fast

The formula is creamy and not runny nor thick

ItStyle Fix And Shiny Nail Varnish*

It's a fixing treatment to protect the nails and prolong the wear of nail polish. It should maintain a bright color of nail polish and increase the shine. In it is 11 ml of product and it costs 4.95€

I tried it over a dark colored nail polish and I hated it. It made my color base look bubbly and it didn't dry down for a long time. Which means I ruined my perfectly nice manicure by putting this over it.

It has a very thin texture to it, which I find odd for a top coat. Top coats are usually thicker. It gives the nails a bit of shine, but it doesn't do anything much more than that. With this over my nails they chipped faster than when I didn't have this on. It also didn't dry down, applied bubbly, smudged my colored nail polish and made it look horrible

ItStyle Aceton Free Nail Polish Remover*

It comes in a plastic bottle. It has a medium hole opening. In it is 125 ml of product and it costs 3.95€

It dissolves any nail polish effectively and doesn't feel too drying on the nails. I actually really like it. It doesn't contain acetone and it leaves behind a lovely fruity scent on your nails, which is a pleasant surprise. 

Here are the swatches of all the products that I reviewed. 

I think compact eyeshadows are average. Mat shades seem to have better formula for my liking and they apply more buttery. I've swatched their more luxury palettes in the store and those had amazing pigmentation. So maybe try those instead, unless you like single eyeshadows and find a perfect shade for your taste. 

Brow pencil would be a total winner for me, but the shimmer in it ruined it. I hope not all the shades have shimmer in it. Kajal is great and I like how creamy it is. But you do need to reapply it in order to get a nice black color. I really like the texture of the precision eyeliner, but the brush annoys me. It's too thin for my liking. Maybe if they make it with a sponge applicator or a thicker brush, I would be happier to use it. Mascaras didn't impress me. But then again, very little mascaras impress me. I feel like lately I find a fault in every one that I try. Maybe opt more for the Super Lashes Mascara. I find that it works better. 

Colored nail polishes are nice. They have a great wider brush, apply nicely, have good pigmentation and they last fairly well on my nails. The shade range is also huge and I'm sure you'll find the right shade for you. I don't care for the growth treatment, but it works good as a abase coat. The fixing treatment was a horrific product and I hated it. It did the opposite of what it was suppose to. I advise you to stay away from it. I really liked nail polish remover, especially the fact that it left behind a nice fruity scent on my nails.

Some of these products are deifnitely good and well priced, but then there are some that are in my opinion overpriced. It's up to you to decided weather you think a certain product is worth the money or not. I would recommend lip glosses, lip pencils, 24 hour foundation (if you find a match, I really want the lightest shade 01 Ivory, but am not sure I saw it in the store), kajal, precision eyeliner (if you're skilled with applying eyeliner), certain eyeshadows (especially metallic palette), nail polish remover and colored nail polishes.

I personally would love to get another shade of a lip pencil as I find you can never have too much of these. I also admired their glittery eye shadow (especially liked 06 Bronze shade), their glitter decoration (because obviously! shade 09 irridiscent gold). I also really liked the swatches of Metallic Eyeshadow Palette in the shade 04 Green Blue (perfect shades for the summer). Their Automatic Eyeliner Pencils had crazy pigmentation (especially liked 07 Teal) and I also liked Baked Maxy Blushes as baked blushes always have amazing pigmentation (shade 03 Light Brown Tones looked the most interesting). These are just a few recommendations that I remember impressed me in the store. Also check out their fragrances. I find them well priced and you get a good amount of fragrance (20€ for 100ml). I fell in love with the fragrance named Sun. It reminded me of a powdery Kenzo bases and it smells like summer kind of sunscreen like, but in a good way.

You can buy all the products on ItStyle or in ItStyle stores - in Slovenia it's in Murska Sobota Maximus shopping center.

You can read my first part of the review here.

*PR products

ItStyle Giveaway

Because I got so many products, I knew I wouldn't be able to test them all. That's why I decided to give some of them away to one of my readers. 

The giveaway is open to Slovenia residents only and it will last until 6th of July 2017. All you have to do to enter is to fill the Rafflecopter. 

The price includes:
Lipstick Passion in 2 Red Passion
Nail Varnish in 11 Red
Lip Gloss in 18
Eye Liner in 6 Black
Compact Eye Shadow in 40 White Chalk
Compact Eye Shadow in 54 Chocolate Mat
Compact Eye Shadow in 58 Black Mat

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  1. Rose' Cipria Mat mi je krasen odtenek. Prva maskara res ne izgleda najbolje, ampak druga se pa dobro sliši, glede na to da praviš, da drži zavihane trepalnice :)

    1. Ta odtenek bi bil čisto zate. Jaz sem ga za zdaj pospravila do jeseni. Takrat pa bo ziher v uporabi :). Glede na to, da imaš ti rada vodoodporne formule, bi ti verjetno bila všeč. Zavihanost mi je res držala ves dan in niti ni tako slaba, samo jaz imam raje več definicije.

  2. I've heard so much about their liquid lipsticks! I have to try some soon!

    1. Yes, they have a lot of fun shades. I haven't tried any though.

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