Review: Colourpop Super Shock Shadow (Coconut, Kathleenlights) and Pressed Shadow (Issues, I Owe You)

When Colourpop had free international shipping, Slovenian beauty bloggers went for it, me including. Let's face it, their products are fairly cheap for what you get and the shipping costs almost as much as products, so we all took advantage of free shipping. Although I had to pay our customs, but more about that at the end. I also got three lip products, but I decided to review them separately. Otherwise this post would be too long.

Colourpop recently came out with pressed shadows and I wanted to try some. The quality of Super Shock shadows is amazing and I expected these to be just as good. They come in a paper packaging with silver details. Each shadow is pressed into a metal pan and protected with a transparent plastic. I find it weird that they don't sell empty eyeshadow palettes - well they have some every once in a while. If you don't own magnetic palette, I don't see where you would store these. 

In each is 1.5 grams of product and the regular price is 5$. When I bought them they had an offer that, if you buy three eyeshadows, each costs only 3.33$. 

I chose two peachy shades, because I felt like I was missing these kind of transitional shades in my collection. And to be honest that peachy trend speaks to me. I also had in my mind that the mattes are somehow better, so I avoided shimmery shades. Now I'm curious to try some of those as well. I chose the shades Issues and I Owe You.

Colourpop Pressed Shadow - Issues

Issues is described as a matte pastel peach. It has a lot of white base to it, so it's actually really light. Perfect for fair skin tones that want a nice warm peachy shade as a transitional shade or to blend out the other shades with. 

The pigmentation is amazing for such a light color. You need one swipe to get full opacity. 

Colourpop Pressed Shadow - I Owe You

I Owe You is describes as a matte mid-tone orange. When you swatch it, it looks like a dirty medium orange. It has that obvious brown undertone to it, but on the lid this actually looks a lot more orange than it swatches. It's still a muddy version of the orange. This could be a great warm crease shade or used all over the lid. 

Pigmentation is also amazing with this shade. One swipe and you're good to go. 

On the left photo you can see how Issues looks like on my NC15 skin tone. On the right photo I added I Owe You on the lid. 

I actually really like both shades. Issues looked a bit intimidating with a strong white base, but it's a perfect shade for blending out other warmer shades. I Owe You is great for warming up the crease or for that trendy peachy look all over the lid. 

Texture of both shadows is very soft to the touch. They seem a bit crumbly, but there's actually no fallout once you pick it up with a brush. Well maybe tap the brush off, which I always do anyway. Shadows are not too wet nor dry feeling. Something in between. 

They blend with such ease and they don't loose intensity through the day. Those are definitely some very long lasting eyeshadows. In fact they almost look the same when I apply them as they do when I take them off. They also don't crease, but I always use a primer underneath, because I never wear any eyeshadows without a primer. 

Lips: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Athens

I also purchased two Super Shock shadows. In my first Colourpop order I bought two shades (Moonwalk and Game Face) and I was so impressed by the creamy formula, that I knew, I wanted more shades. Unfortunately some that I wanted, were sold out (ironically, right after the free shipping was over they decided to bring On The Rocks back - just my luck!). I chose Kathleenlights and Coconut. 

Super shock shadows come in a paper box as well. They are packaged in a round white plastic pot with a transparent lid. Makes it easier to find the right shade. I advise you to close them well, because they will dry out eventually and loose their amazingly creamy formula.

In each is 2.1 grams of product. The regular price of each shadow is 5$.

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow - Coconut

Coconut is described as bright teal. To me teal looks like a more green based shade, but Coconut looks like a medium cobalt blue. However, once I apply it on the lid, it does have a bit of that medium greenish tint to it. It has blue shimmer in it too. Colourpop describes the finish as satin. Shimmer in it actually makes it look almost metallic, but it's a sheerer formula that you have to build up to make it look really opaque. It's not a problem though, two or three swipes and it's crazy bright.

Pigmentation is good, but as I said it's a slightly sheerer finish than their ultra metallics.

Blue stains a bit, so keep that in mind. Blue pigments usually do that. It happens to me with most blue nail polishes too. 

Texture is that ultra smooth creamy feeling under the fingers and it applies with such ease. But once it comes in touch with skin, it turns into a powder looking shadow that doesn't move. There is absolutely no fallout with these super shock shadows. 

Once it's on the lid, it doesn't move. This is very long lasting. Think in terms of all day.

I fell in love with this shades as soon as I saw it. I don't wear as bright shades as often, but this blue just spoke to me. It's probably my favorite kind of blue and it looks so pretty with brown eyes. It's that perfect vibrant blue that doesn't look cool nor warm and it doesn't look too much, if you know how to wear it. I paired it with some matte browns in the crease. 

Lips: Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip in Weho and Colourpop Lippie Stix in Toy

Because I probably won't wear this shade on a daily, I also tried to use it as an eyeliner and it works just as good. That's a way of multi using those bright shades.  I used it with Kathleenlights.

Lips: ItStyle Matte Lip Pencil in 12

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow - Kathleenlights

Kathleenlights is described as bright golden copper. It's definitely that. Not quite gold, but also not a proper copper. It has an extreme shine to it, which makes it look metallic. If you ask me, this is again one of my favorite shades of all time. I love gold and I love copper and this is a mixture of both. Colourpop says that this is a satin finish, but to me this looks like their ultra metallic Game Face shadow. It has that bright sheen to it and looks like a molten metal. In fact it seems even shinier than Game Face.

Pigmentation is crazy good. One swipe and it has fully covered the skin. 

Texture is again that ultra smooth cream and on the lid it turns powdery. No fallout

It's again extremely long lasting and doesn't loose the vibrancy through the day. It also doesn't move at all. 

It's a great addition to my Game Face. That one is a more bronzed darker shade, while Kathleenlights is that perfect lighter shade for all over the lid. It would suit many skin tones. I love how shiny it looks on the lids and it's going to be the perfect no fuss summer shade. I paired it with matte brown shades in the crease. 

Lips: Kiko Smart Fusion Lip Pencil in 513 Red Papaya

I also did a look with Issues, I Owe You and Kathleenlights. 

Lips: Vipera Lip Gloss in 211 Dilectio

Here are comparison swatches for Kathleenlights. I don't have anything similar to other shades, so I have nothing to compare them too.

As you can see Colourpop in Game Face is a bronzed shade, more true copper toned. Kathleenlights is a lot more golden compared to it and lighter in shade. I also swatched next to it Zoeva Cocoa Blend shade Pure Ganache which has a hint more of that peachy base to it. It's not as gold looking, already leans to copper tones. Next to it it's Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar in shade Caramel which also looks very similar to Kathleenlights. This one however is a bit more yellow toned. Like a mustard yellow and is not as true to the gold shade as Kathleenlights. So I guess I have no proper dupes, which is a good thing. 

Here are the swatches of all the shades. 

I believe that I actually chose well this time as well. I like all the shades. I'll probably use Issues and I Owe You more in the warmer months. But they go with most of my warm makeup looks. Coconut is one of those unique shades that won't be in use on a daily, but it's a stunner that I'm happy to have in my collection. Kathleenlights is one of those classics that I can see myself using with many different looks all year around. 

Both matte pressed shadows as well as super shock shadows have amazing formula, amazing pigmentation, apply like a dream, blend well and are long lasting. If there's one thing that I would definitely buy again from Colourpop, it would be their eyeshadows. I already have my eye on many more shades. If you're hesitating weather or not they're worth it, they definitely are.

You can buy all of the products on Colourpop.

I also have a second part of this review all about lip products here.

Onto the problem that I had with our "lovely" customs. It was actually Colourpop's fault. They wrote incorrect value of the package on the box. The value was higher than I actually paid for it. Which is utterly stupid and had consequences. Customs decided to open it up, because the value was high enough for them to research and fortunately, they only charged me for the customs process and they actually took into consideration my bill that was lower. Still, it was a waste of my money for nothing. And it happened to many other Slovenian bloggers as well. That put me off from buying from them for a while. But then again, they probably won't have free internationals shipping in a while and by then I'll probably forget about this incident. 


  1. Gorgeous looks Petra! So fresh, elegant, summery and gentle. Love your ideas!

    1. Thank you Iveta :) <3 I love warm toned makeup and these shades were all so inspiring to create with :).

  2. Kathleenlights izgleda popolno na tebi.

    Naša carina je pa itak bedna do amena. Dvakrat so mi čisto nepošteno računal.

    1. Hvala :) <3

      Res je. Sicer je tukaj Colourpop kriv. Ne vem zakaj je težko napisat pravilen končni znesek. Se mi pa tudi ne zdi prav, da moram plačat carinski postopek, če sem dokazala, da nimajo prav.