SummerMBeauty 2017 - Beauty Bloggers Meetup

On Friday I went to SummerMBeauty event in Maribor. It was the second year that this event was organized. Last year I had fun meeting Slovenian beauty bloggers, so I was excited to go again. It's not just a meetup, it's also meeting new beauty brands, learning their philosophy behind the product, debating with other successful bloggers and of course meeting some old and new faces. I thought you might be interested in what these kind of events look like. Plus I also have photos of some of the products that we got and I'll probably have a review of a lot of these on my blog as well.

The event was full of beauty enthusiasts and beauty brands. Location called Vetrinjski dvor, was a whimsical backyard with hanging paper flowers and indoor rooms. In the beginning we all got a sniff of Calvin Klein perfumes. We learned about Croatian natural skin and body care brand called Biobaza. Makeup artist Barbara Visket showed us some newest makeup trends from Milano with the help of Nee Makeup. She also advised us on our own beauty concerns, like the shape of the brows, that seems to be one of the most popular concerns these days. How come we only now noticed that the brows are the frames that can make or break the look?! We also learned about Karbonoir, a natural activated charcoal teeth whitening from coconut shells.

In between, we had breaks out in the sun, catching up with each other and sipping on refreshments. I met some new faces in person. It's so fun to meet someone, because usually, you're just commenting on their social media and blogs. Now you can add the voice to those comments. Thank you all for speaking a word or two with me, it was lovely to meet you all.

Our breaks were full of fun drinks, ice cream, pop sickles and instagram worthy looking food. We also had so called beauty market, were we met other beauty brands and people behind them. I found out about some new brands, as well as meet some lovely PR ladies from the brands that I already know. 

At the end we also debated about blogging, YouTube and owning your own business with blogger Neja Stoilkovsky, Everly store owner Fiona and YouTuber Lea, better known as Lepa Afna. It was a great positive end to a great day. 

I have to thank the organizers of SummerMBeauty for inviting me. You definitely did it again. The locations was perfect, informative debates, good drinks and food and the day was almost too short, which always means I had a lot of fun. Thank you Sindi Kustec, Nina Novak and Ajda Volovšek.

Big thanks to all the sponsors of the event:
Elite MB Catering
Barcaffe Black&Easy
Sladolednica BUM
La Popsi
Rosies Store
Annemarie Börlind
Perfect Body MB
Calvin Klein
Nee Make Up Milano
Galerija Spa
Vetrinjski Dvor

I leave you with a few photos from the event as well as photos of the products from all the goody bags that we got. I am so excited to start testing. Most of the products are new to me, so you can probably expect review of it on my blog, when I test it out well. 


Oh, I almost forgot. We got these cute prints of one of our Instagram photos. Such a lovely souvenir from the event to remember it by. 


  1. Kako lepe slike so ti uspele <3. Lepo te je bilo ponovno videti!

    1. O hvala <3 :) Tudi tebe je bilo lepo videt! :D

  2. Se strinjam s Tamaro, čudovite slike <3 Škoda, da ni bilo več časa, da bi se bolj spoznale, te pa je bilo fajn videt :D

    1. Hvala Lana <3 Ah veš da skoz to mislim. Na teh dogodkih nikoli ni dovolj časa, da bi z vsakim spregovoril. Na naslednje leto ;). Tebe je bilo tudi lepo videti. Drugič pa še kakšno rečeva :)

  3. Waw, zelo zelo lepe fotografije. Zdaj ko vidim kako super ste se imele mi je še bolj žal, da se nisem mogla udeležiti dogodka. Pa drugič <3

    P.s. Zelo me zanima ta stvarca za bele zobke.


    1. Hvala Neža :). Ja drugo leto pa ziher. Smo te pogrešale ;).

      Jaz jo že uporabljam zdaj en teden. Sicer mi je to težko videt neko razliko. Je pa zabavno za ščetkanje, ker je čist črno :D.


  4. Res lepe fotke! :) Super smo se imele in upam, da se v kratkem še dobimo na kaki kavici. :))

    1. Res je bilo fajn. Moram se kaj več dobiti. Enkrat na leto je premalo :D.