Review: Colourpop - Lippie Stix Toy, Ultra Glossy Lip Weho and Ultra Satin Lip Frick N' Frack

Here is my second part of Colourpop products that I tried out. This part is about my three new lip products. Because Colourpop is a new brand to me, I wanted to try two different products. One was the Ultra Glossy Lip and one was Lippie Stix. I actually planned on only getting the glossy lip, but after hearing so many good reviews about lippie stix, I also chose one of these. The Ultra Satin Lip was a mini gift with the repurchase for ordering over 15$ I think (could have been 20$).

Colourpop Lippie Stix in Toy

I ordered Lippie Stix in a separate order, because I was just curious to try one and see what all the fuss was about. Apparently these are very popular. Because I have so many lipsticks, I struggled to find the shade that I don't already own. So I decided on something ultra nude and light. It might have been a mistake.

Lippie Stix come in a pen like white plastic packaging and a paper box. 

I got Lippie Stix in shade Toy, which I hear is being discontinued now. In it is 1 gram of product and the price is 5$. Currently it's on offer for 4$. Now that I think about it, you get 1 gram of product for roughly 5€. For the same price you can get pretty much amazing lipsticks from other brands for more product. Like Avon, that has 3.6 grams in it. (No, I'm not sponsored by Avon, I just really like their lip products.) Just thinking out loud here.

I like the slim pen shape of it, as it makes it really easy to apply on the lips and it's precise.

Toy is described as a light peachy nude. It's definitely a warm nude shade with peach undertone. It's really light and the base seems to be very pigmented, which can make it look a bit chalky - because of the strong white base. I have about NC15 skin tone (now I'm probably getting a bit darker already) and this is definitely one of those extra nude shades on me. I'm uncertain if it suits me or not. It's one of the lightest lip products I own and it can look a bit "dead" with inappropriate makeup. I think it needs to be worn with the right makeup to work on me. 

Colourpop says that this is a creme finish. It has that creamy finish with a bit of shine  to it.

Formula is very creamy. I broke off the tip, that's how creamy it is. It glides on like a dream and has crazy pigmentation. I never thought I would say this, but it's almost a bit too pigmented for my liking. One swipe and you don't need to go over it. Because it's such a light shade, it looks a bit chalky on my skin tone.

It's very comfortable to wear. I don't feel it heavy on the lips, it's not sticky and it stays put well for such a creamy formula. Although I would be afraid to wear this formula in a very dark shade. I have a feeling it might go everywhere. It's also not drying or anything like that. 

Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip in Weho

I got lost among huge range of ultra satin and ultra matte lips, so I just opted for an ultra glossy lip. Yeah, that's how my mind works. Weho was one of those shades that I liked immediately when I saw description, so I got it.

Ultra Glossy Lips come in transparent lip gloss packaging with a silver top. It also comes with a paper box.

In it is 2.4 grams of product and the price is 6$.

It has that doe foot applicator, which is actually smaller than most lip products have. I don't mind that. It actually fits better on my lips and makes it easier to apply the lips product more accurately. With one swipe of the applicator you can cover your entire lips.

Weho is described as a creamy beige. To me this is that perfect nude, but kind of darker shade. It has caramel shade to it. A bit of that yellow undertone to the nude brown base. It's a bit darker than my natural lip color and in general I love these warm browns.

Formula of it is creamy and looks thicker, but doesn't feel this way on the lips. Weho is their creme finish and to me this is a liquid lipstick with shine. It's not a lip gloss, because it has amazing pigmentation and you can't really apply it sheer. It definitely covers your lips.

It has comfortable feel on the lips. I would say it's a bit stickier than Toy, but definitely not sticky by a definition. It tends to separate a bit on the actual lips. So it may look sheerer over smile lines and sort of look thicker and opaque on those smooth parts of the lips. But than again, it's kind of normal for a glossy product. This is not a regular lipstick and the glossy formula does moves a bit. Because of fairly light shade it's not noticeable, unless you come really close to the lips. It's one of those ultra comfy formulas to wear when you feel like you're lips are a bit dry.

It lasts a fairy good amount for such a glossy lip with shine. Through the day it dries and looses a bit of that creaminess, but it never looks uneven. Of course you will need to reapply it.

Ultra Satin Lip in Frick N' Frack

Ultra Satin Lip was a gift with purchase and I could choose among a few shades. I chose Frick N' Frack, because it looked most my kind of shade.

This is a mini size, so keep in mind that original is larger. As large as the Weho. This one also comes in transparent tube with silver top.

In original size it's 3.2 grams of product and the price is 6$. In mini size it's 0.64 grams of product.

I'm assuming that the doe foot applicator is smaller in this mini size. Because it's smaller than the one in Weho. But it works fine and applies product evenly. 

Frick N' Frack is described as a rosy terracotta. On me it looks like a warm brown base with hints of red and mauve in it. It's hard to describe, but think in terms of brown, mauve and red all in one. On me this is definitely a dark shade, but it would be suitable for dark skin tones as well, although on these it would be more of a nude. 

It has smooth, lighter feeling formula that glides on the lips like a dream. Pigmentation is again crazy. One swipe and you don't need to go over it at all. I also feel like it glides well over any small dry patches, which is a plus. 

It goes on like a very sticky cream that isn't completely matte, but has just a bit of sheen to it. Which means it's actually the stickiest lip product out of all of these that I tried. If you stick you're lips together it definitely feels sticky, but it's not as bad that you wouldn't be able to separate upper and lower lip. That being said, even if you stick your lips together, it doesn't move the color. After a while it becomes matter looking.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this formula, because I hear that ultra matte lips are very drying and matte on the lips. So I wasn't sure if ultra satin lip would also feel drying. I'm glad to report that I don't find this particular shade drying at all. I expected to have a tight feeling on the lips, but it actually wears fairly comfortable. It's probably due to a creamy and slightly sheeny formula. Of course, if you're lips are dry, these will not feel moisturizing as the day goes on. I find that liquid mate lipsticks are in general not for those that have problems with often dry lips.

It's very long lasting. Once it's on the lips it doesn't move at all and it can even survive eating. But it transfers on glasses and it's not kiss proof. 

Here are some comparison swatches.

I actually don't have anything similar to Toy. Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte in Perfectly Nude is even lighter than Toy. The shade is not similar, because this one is like a very light white based peach. Toy compared to it looks more pinky peach shade. I also swatched MAC High Tea next to it, because it has similar lightness, it's a lot sheerer and more of a peachy brown shade. 

Weho looks similar to ItStyle Lipgloss in shade 10. 10 is sheerer and lighter. It also has even more of that yellow tone in the brown. Weho looks more peachy next to 10. I also swatched Essence Liquid Lipstick in 03 Almost Real, because they have that similar texture and feel. Although the shade is more like a pinky peach and a lot lighter.

Frick N' Frack is very similar to Make Up Factory Mat Lip Fluid in 61 Velvet Rosewood. Velvet Rosewood is a more mauve shade and slightly lighter, while Frick N' Frack has more of that redish brown to it. I also swatched next to it Avon Mark Plump It in Choco Latte. It's actually a lot lighter, but has that same warm brown tone to it and a bit of copperish red in it. Avon Mark Plump It in shade Truffle has that similar redish brown tone to it, although it lacks that mauve tint to it, to be similar.

And swatches of all the products that I got from Colourpop.

Lippie Stix didn't impress me as much. I like the pigmentation, but creme finish was almost too pigmented for my liking and really buttery. I would be afraid to wear this finish in a dark color. Maybe I should try other finishes in this stick form. Part of the problem was also the fact that Toy looks almost too nude for me. 

I was impressed with Weho. The shade is right up my alley and it has amazing pigmentation as well as ultra comfortable formula for all of us with dry lips. This was definitely a good purchase.

I was also fascinated by the formula of Ultra Satin Lip. It wasn't as drying as I expected it to be, which is great. Pigmentation is again amazing and it holds on the lips well, but doesn't feel too drying. Shade Frick N' Frack is more of a fall shade for my skin tone, that's why I probably won't wear it as much in summer months. I'd love to have a dirty peach, like Screenshots or a nude brown, like Magic Wand in this satin lip formula. 

I definitely want to get some more Ultra Satin Lips. As far as I've seen Ultra Glossy Lip shades, I am fine with just having Weho. I wouldn't own this formula in a darker shade. I'm also not as fascinated by Lippie Stix, although I feel that's just due to the weird shade that I chose. I would also love to try other finishes of it, not just the creme. 

You can buy products on Colourpop site

If you're interested in more Colourpop products than you should also read my first part where I talk about their eyeshadows that really impressed me. 


  1. Nisem še poskusila Creme finish od lipie Stix, ampak meni je Matte X top. Navadni Matte mi ni čisto nič posebna formula, ampak Cami, Mirror Mirror in Trust Me, ki so Matte X, so nebesa za vse tiste ki imamo radi prave mat :) Toy mi izgleda kot Myth od Mac. Mogoče bi izgledal dobro s smokey eyes?

    Weho je čisto tvoj odtenek in ti lepo paše. Frick N' Frack sem imela na seznami za možen nakup, ampak se mislila, da je svetlejši. Če je že na tebi tako temen, bo na meni še bolj. Sicer ti paše in bo super za jesen :)

    1. Sem videla, da je med matte in matte x več zanimivih odtenkov :D. Mogoče naslednjič še kakšnega naročim. Če najdem res zanimiv odtenek. Ja, Toy definitivno najboljše izgleda s smoky eye. Ali pa na sploh ful barvitimi očmi. Saj ravno az te stvari bolj rabim nude odtenke, čeprav sem si vseeno predstavljala, da ne bo tako svetel. Za pozimi bo ravno prav :).

      Hvala :). Weho je res čisto po mojem okusu. Sama sem tudi mislila, da Frick N' Frack ne bo tako temen. Me je prav presenetilo. Izgleda svetlejši v embalaži. Ampak bi ti ziher pasal za jesen. Zame bo tudi bolj za takrat :D.

  2. Jaz imam tudi Frick'n'frack mini. In me je ironično od vseh šmink, ki sem jih takrat naročila, ta še najbolj všeč, haha :D Odtenek je super, pa še tekstura se mi zdi bolj suha pri tem miniju, kot pa pri ostalih. Ostali USL, ki sem jih naročila so bolj mokri. Čudno :/
    Weho ti super paše :) Frick'n'frack tudi :)

    1. Hehe, tudi prav. Boljše kot da ti sploh ne bi bil všeč :D. Meni je sicer všeč, če mokro pomeni tudi manj suhega občutka na ustnicah. Verjetno je res formula različna od odtenka. Moram pazit če bom kaj naročala :).
      Hvala ;) <3