Review: I Heart Makeup Eyeliner (Dangerous Games) & Freedom Makeup Pro Refill Eyeshadow (07)

A while ago I got some new products by Freedom Makeup, I Heart makeup and a highlighter by Makeup Revolution, which I already reviewed here. Today I am posting a review of the other two products. The eyeliner and a pro refill eyeshadow. 

Freedom Makeup recently came out with their Pro Line of HD Pro Refills Eyeshadows which I assume is intendant to be used for professional use. Or at least for a regular costumer to create their own eyeshadow palette. I like the idea of it, because you can choose your shades and make your own color combination.

The pro refills come in a plastic transparent box with a black cardboard box on the outside. Eyeshadow is well protected

In each is 1.2 gram of product and the price is 3.49€ on Lič

Shade 07 is a light pink with lots of white and pink glitter. I heard that some shades from this line have amazing pigmentation. This one must be one of the worse, because I had to scratch off the top layer to get anything out of it. 

Texture is hard to the touch and somewhat dry. You have to really dig in to get anything from it. It's definitely a more transparent shade, as all you get off is a pink sheen and lots of shimmer. I don't like hard to the touch eyeshadows and I certainly don't like to build it up to get good payoff.  

It looks pretty applied on the lid, but it also means that the glitter can start falling off if you don't have a good sticky base underneath. It's a very romantic shimmery shade. 

It's not all that long lasting. Through the day it fades. If you use eyeshadow primer underneath, it won't crease. Which I do with all my eyeshadows anyway. 

I Heart Makeup eyeliner comes in a pencil form with black design. It's one of those need to sharp pencils.

In it is 1.25 grams of product and the price is 3.95€ on Lič

I got it in the shade Dangerous Games which is a medium gunmetal gray with silver shimmer

Formula is very creamy. It could actually be cream eyeshadow, that's how creamy it is. Pigmentation is weak. It's a transparent shade that you have to build up in order to get full opacity. Again, not something I would love to do. 

Because it's so creamy it's great to smudge out, but you still need to really built it up in order to look good. Once it dries it actually stay in place and it didn't transfer on my lids, but if yours are very greasy, it might.

I love soft and creamy eyeliners, but this one is too much even for me. You really need to apply a lot of it in order to look opaque. It does look pretty on the eyes, for sure. But it's just too much work.

None of these impressed me. I like the concept of refills and individual eyeshadows by Freedom Makeup, but my shade 07 just didn't deliver. It's hard to the touch, you have to almost scratch the shade off and it's just too much work. Too bad, because the pink shimmery shadow is actually really pretty. Maybe go for some other shades, if you're curious. I also didn't like I Heart Makeup eyeliner, because it's too sheer for an eyeliner. It's also a bit too creamy for my liking and I mostly just hate the fact that you have to build it up in order to look opaque. Thankfully, it lasts well, because this could easily look horrific - cream that transfers to upper lid. 

*Products were sent to me. 


  1. Škoda, da je kar velio takih senčk, ki se enostavno porazgubijo, se mi je enako zgodilo z eno od Freedom Make Up senčk. Imam pa od njih tudi eno malo paletko, ki pa mi je zelo všeč! Liner je tak nezemljanski, mi je na nek način všeč in še pristaja ti.
    Kako pa ti je ta highlighter? Bi rada slišala tvoje mnenje :)


    1. Ne vem, sem gledala ocene drugih senčk in so baje dobro pigmentirane. Ampak ta pa res ni. Odtenek linerja je res zanimiv, samo lahko bi bil bolj pigmentiran, da bi bil tudi nanos lažji. One swipe and go :).
      V prvem odstavku imam polinkano objavo do osvetljevalca. Mi je všeč. Tak precej naraven izgled ima, ampak da lep zelo svetel sheen. Nekateri drugi odtenki niso tako dobro pigmentirani kot ta. Mateja ima mislim da roza verzijo in iz njenega ne gre nič dol. Moj pa je super. :)