August 2016 Favorites

Hey Beauties!

August has been by far my favorite month of this summer. I did some travelling as well as had the chance to shop some makeup bits. My favorites are very much summer inspired, as they should be. Read on to find out what I've been loving in this month.

Avon Makeup Setting Spray

I bathed myself in this. It was super hot in August and my face got glowy in the matter of minutes, so I needed this. Setting spray actually feels kind of refreshing and it definitely prolongs the wear of my makeup. It also sets powders nicely so that you don't look too matte. I have a review here

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation 010 Light Beige

Catrice novelties came out and this foundation was the first on my wish list. I have to say I really like it. It's very lightweight on the skin, has a semi-matte finish and is very long lasting. I got the lightest shade which is too light for me now that I got some tan, but would also be almost too dark for winter. I find shades more on the neutral side. There is no obvious yellow undertones. Some even have a bit more prominent pink undertone.

Kiko Radiant Fusion Baked Powder 01

It's very lightweight, finely milled baked powder that looks very natural on the skin. It reminded me a bit of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders (by the looks of it). Finish is somewhat satin and it doesn't make you look matte or dead like. It also doesn't prevent oils to come through. I like it for the under eye area and I'm sure I'll love it for all over the face in the winter time, when my skin tends to look a bit dull.

Kiko Flawless Fusion Bronzer Powder 01

I loved the packaging of powder so much (btw it's magnetic - so lush!) that I went back and also got me one of those bronzers. Bronzer has the same satin finish which looks very natural and skin like. I got the lightest shade and it's pretty light. For now it's a bit too light, but it'll be perfect for colder month. It also has a very neutral undertone, more red than orange.

Terra Naturi Shimmer Powder 01 Golden Highlight

This is my favorite highlighter for the summer when I get some tan. It's golden and has very small shimmer. This is not as in your face as Mary-Lou, but it still makes your face glowy and sunkissed. I absolutely adore it. You can find review here

Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar

I bought this on my trip in Strasbourg (imagine my excitement going into Sephora for the first time) and ever since, I have been using it pretty much every day. Some warm matte shades are incredible, as well as shimmery warm shades. I still haven't tried all of them, I am gonna be a downer here and say that I am pretty sure that this is not as good as my other two Zoeva palettes. The pigmentation with Zoeva eyeshadows seems to be a lot more pigmented and I love the almost creamy texture better. Still have to test it out a bit more to completely make up my mind. I have to mention the smell of this palette, it smells like vanilla cookies. I love that whenever I open it, it just smells so good.

Catrice Lash Dresser Comb Mascara Colume & Length

This was also one of the new Catrice products that I decided to get and I am loving it. It has a comb like brush that gives my lashes lovely definition. You can build up volume by applying more coats, although don't put on too much, because it can look clumpy. I love how well it separates the lashes and it's perfect for those no eye makeup days, because it looks so well on its own. 

Avon Liquid Chrome Eye Liner Electric Blue

One of the best blue shades of liquid liner. It has a very bright blue shade and metallic or chrome finish to it. Perfect shade for summer and everyone seems to love it. The formula dries quickly and it stays on for the whole day. I don't love the sponge applicator as much, because it's a bit harder to work with. In my opinion brush applicator would work better.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Original

I already had tester of it and when I saw mini size in Sephora, I knew I had to get it. This makes eyeshadow stay on the eyes all day long. It's almost transparent and won't cover discoloration or veins, but it just works so well. 

Zoeva 228 Luxe Crease

My new favorite crease brush. Before I used Zoeva 231 Petite Crease to define my crease, but 228 is just bigger and even fluffier. I love that because it gives me wider and softer defined crease. It just works so well on my eyes. 

Avon Shine Burst Stick Grapefruit

After a long hot day of salty water and sun, my lips crave some moisture and this is by far the best product for that. I've pretty much only been using those sticks on my holidays and Grapefruit is a definite color winner. It's lovely redish pink that just goes with every type of my warm kind of makeup. I have a review here

Kiko Nail Lacquer - 372 Nude and 338 Light Lavender

My two new favorite shades in general. Nude is lovely dusty pink. It's one of those rare nude shades that doesn't disappear on my nails. Light Lavender is gorgeous mix of purple and blue and it looks so pretty on the nails. One of those rare unique blues that you can't always find. 

Yves Rocher Malaysian Coconut Eau de Toilette and Silky Lotion

I already wrote a review of the Eau de Toilette here. For my birthday I also got the silky lotion and summer was perfect time to use this. In combination, this gives you the best coconut scent ever. It's a true coconut scent, not like some of those artificial sweet scents. The lotion is very light and soaks into skin quickly. One of those light summer lotions. 

Avon Advance Texhniques Sun-Light Spray

It's basically a sun protector. It contains UV filter and it should protect your hair from sun damage. I used this on the beach and I loved it. It's lightweight and it doesn't stick the hair, but it also doesn't hydrate. I love the scent of it, which is very much salon like. This is perfect for all of you who like smelly hair products, because I love to use it just to refresh my hair. On the beach it also turned out as a fairly good protection. Usually I come back from vacation blond, but not this year. I still got lighter hair color, but not as much as usually, so I think I have this spray to thank for.

Amour Perfumes 162 Manifesto

Slovenian's probably know of Refan and in Prekmurje we also have Amour. They both do inspired perfumes by high end brands and 162 is inspired by Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto. I've been using this on holiday, because I don't like to carry full size perfume bottles with me. It's one of my favorite high end scents that I wish I would have a full size version. Lovely powdery, slightly sweet and very elegant scent. 

Strasbourg (France)

This definitely deserves a place in my favorites. We've been to Strasbourg and I loved this city. They have Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg and it's in the middle of the center. I love the Gothic style and intricate details of it. You see it as a huge building standing out among other smaller new style building. It's also really pretty on the inside. 

Strasbourg is surrounded with rivers and it almost looks a bit like Venice. The architecture somewhow reminds me a bit of German style and then other bits look like what I expect France to look like. It's a mix and match of both worlds, because Strasbourg is very close to German boarder and you can definitely feel the influence. I loved walking around these streets. 

Obviously they also have a lot of stores and I had to do some shopping, because I couldn't miss an opportunity like that. You'll see what I got in my New In post. I was most excited to visit Sephora and I went to three, because I really wanted to get my hands on Too Faced Sweat Peach palette, but it was apparently sold out in all of France. 

France is well know for their food and we were lucky enough to go on some fancy dinners. You can see my dessert on the right side. It was so good that I tried to recreate something similar and you can see how it turned out on my Instagram here. I am pretty proud of it. It tasted nice as well. 

I also find out that one of the shopping centers sells Pierre Herme macaroons. I first heard of Pierre Herme, when I got L'Occitane last year's December collection. I read that he is supposedly "the Picasso of Pastry" and since I've also attempted making macaroons a few times, I was curious to try his. I can report his are amazing. They are not nearly as sweet as all make them and Pierre Herme has some wicked flavor combinations. 

All in all it was a lovely short vacation and I would definitely want to go back. 

Sea Vacation

I'm pretty sure, I was born in a wrong place, because I belong on the sea. Ever since I've been little, we always went to the sea and it was also a really good treatment for my skin allergies. I still practice that. This year it was Poreč (Croatia). I am always really looking forward to going to the sea, because it's just one of the most relaxing places I can think of. I love the sound of waves crashing on the sore, birds playing in the sky and the smell of salty water. It's the most care free time of the year and this year it was as well.

I've actually broken my toe nail (which still hurts), got mild sunburn, took some underwater photos and ate too much sweets.  I'll leave you with some of my favorite photos from there. 


  1. Super izbira favoritov! Tudi meni je ta nova HD podlaga ful všeč, tako je lahka pa še kapalka mi je kar všeč. Vsekakor pa je paletka res čudovita, pa tudi jaz obožujem yr kokos kolekcijo. Imama pa skupno to, da obožujema morje.jaz vsako leto komaj čakam, da se lahko ta en teden namakam v morju in uživam na plaži. Mi je pa res všeč, da si vključila izlet v Strasbourg in počitnice na morju.

    1. Meni je tudi kapalka všeč. Higienično in kar praktično :). Mislim, da vsi obožujemo morje. No vsaj večina. Jaz tudi komaj čakam te počitnice :). Ja, tokrat še malo off topic teme. Moram še kdaj kaj podobnega tudi vključiti :).

  2. Super objava :) Sem kupila Catrice HD puder, pa še ne vem če mi je všeč. Ni slab, ampak mi ni izjemen.
    Kiko Radiant Fusion Baked Powder mi zveni zanimivo, ker ne maram zelo mat pudrov v kamnu. Nude lak mi je pa tako krasen na tvojih swatchih <3
    Zoevine paletke so potem še bolj kremne od Too Faced? Meni se zdijo že TF na meji, zato so mi od TheBalm bolj všeč. Barvna kombinacijo v Semi-Sweet mi je lepa.
    Catrice Lash Dresser Comb Mascara Colume & Length sem pa pričakovala v favoritih :)

    1. Jaz sem na sploh dokaj navdušena nad Catrice podlagami in korektorji. Vsaj te, ki sem jih preizkusila. Jaz samo nisem prepričana kako bo odtenek, ko zgubim porjavelost. Kiko puder bi bil definitivno zate. Vem, da ti nočeš matiranja in ta res nič ne matira. Jaz se zdaj takoj svetim, če si ga nanesem po vsem obrazu. En redkih Nude lakov, ki je celo meni všeč. FDrugače nisem fan teh odtenkov :).
      O ja, veliko bolj kremne. Pa tudi sama pigmentiranost se mi zdi boljša. Sploh shimmery odtenki, so Zoevini veliko boljši. Mat so dokaj enako dobri. Jaz imam pa ravno to raje, da so kremne skoraj, ker grejo z lahkoto na veke pa še izredno pigmentirane so :D. Ta paleta ima tako dobro mešanico vsega, malo toplih, malo hladnih pa še od svetlih do temnih. Ni slaba :).
      Hehe, je morala bit. Res ni slaba, samo še malo več volumna bi morala dati in bi bila perfektna :D.

  3. meni pa ta od catrice hd oksidira na obrazu v roku pol ure :(( škoda ker mi je bil sprva res všeč :/ uuuf jaz sem si pa letos pozabila nest zaščito za lase na morje..sem še v iskanju dobre in ne preveč drage :) ta avon mi ksr dobro zveni :))

    1. Res? Na to pa sploh nisem bila pozorna. Zdaj jo itak mešam z temnejšimi in ker sem precej temna, tega sploh ne opazim. Bomo videli kako bo v hladnih mesecih. Upam, da na meni ne bo preveč oksidiral. Jaz imam vsako leto nek leave in spray, če drugo ne pa kak conditioner. Drugače pridem domov s slamo na glavi :). Pa Avonov tako fajn diši, da je lahko hair perfume ;).

  4. O, the best da si še malo potovala, je mesec takoj hitrejše naokrog in še kakšen shopping in je to perfect kombinacija. Nisem še bila tam, si pa želim it - malo zanemarjam Francijo, bo treba spet mal nazaj :) <3

    Ja, tudi jaz uporabljam tale Rocherjev kokos, res je popoln za poletje in ni premočan :) (ko se razdiši haha)

    1. Ta mesec je res minil prehitro :D. Francija je zanimiva, ampak se mi zdi, da je v vsakem kraju lepše, če koga osebno poznaš. Ti pokažejo vse kar tipičen turist ne vidi :).
      Ta kokos je res perfekten. Po navdi so ti vonji precej osladni, ta pa je tak počitniško pravi :).

  5. Odlična objava! :) Oh, na meni ima pa Catrice puder (010) rdečkast podton. Pa tudi ne usede se dobro v kožo. Sicer sem ga testirala samo enkrat. Bomo videli :D Res sem upala, da mi bo všeč. Moram pogledati to Catrice maskaro :)

    1. Sem slišala od drugih tudi, da je baje preveč roza, ampak na meni pa se ni zdel. Mogoče zato, ker ga mešam z drugimi. Upam na najboljše ;). Zdaj sem videla, da ima še Essence neko novo podobno maskaro, ima še kao vrtljivo krtaško, ampak tudi ta comb varianta. Moram še to sprobat :D.

  6. Krasni izdelki, ampak najbolj mi je všeč del o potovanju:), kako pašejo spremembe, čisto drugi smo po njih. Verjamem, da si maximalno uživala in izkoristila čas,dobila še več inspiracije in se imela res super.

    1. Hvala :) Ja, potovanja so vedno super, ti malo razširijo obzorja. Točno tako, super je bilo. Inspiracije imam trenutno ogromno, sploh za makeup looke. Mislim, da se to že vidi na mojem blogu. Hehe :D.

  7. Catrice HD je tudi meni zaenkrat zelo všeč, predvsem me zanima kako se bo obnesel sedaj v jesenkih bolj mrzlih dneh, ko postane moja koža zelo suha. Drugače pa me malo moti to, da je zelo malo odtenkov na voljo.

    1. To mene tudi zanima. Jaz imam pozimi včasih tudi precej suho kožo, poleti pa kar precej mastno. To je res. Catrice ima vedno dokaj malo odtenkov in vsi so nekje tak srednje svetli do svetli srednji. Potem pa je še potrebno gledati podton in je izbira res majhna. Za zimo bi jaz rabila verjetno še svetlejši odtenek kot je ta.