Review: Golden Rose Silky Touch Pearl Eyeshadow (116, 121)

Hey Beauties!

I've already reviewed a few Golden Rose products, mostly lip related and nail polishes. The last time I was at the counter, I decided to pick up two of their Silky Touch Pearl Eyeshadows, since I haven't heard much about these on other blogs. As with all other products, I wasn't disappointed. 

Eyeshadows come in a simple black plastic packaging with a transparent top which makes it easy to spot the right shade. The packaging itself is a bit flimsy once you open it up a lot. I would compare it to Essence quality. In each eyeshadow you'll get 2.5 grams of product and it costs 2.65€

Where I bought them, they didn't have a huge selection of shades, like for example their nail polishes, which literally come in every shade possible. I decided to get two shades that looked the most interesting to me and they are 116 and 121. Such a shame they don't have names. 

121 is true golden bronze brown shade. It has a distinct gold warm sheen to it and it's basically perfect for summer as an all over the lid shade. It's one of those colors that I would grab, when I don't have a lot of time. 

116 is a cranberry burgundy red with purple sheen to it. To me it looks like a perfect fall shade. What makes it super pretty is the fact that it has an obvious purple sheen to it, but the base itself is a darker red. 

Finish of these to me looks like satin with lots of sheen. They are not nearly as sparkly and metallic as most shimmery eyeshadows. Which is interesting and it makes them really wearable. I detect no shimmer in them, just a really lovely sheen. 

They both have a slightly wet feel to them, but 116 is even wetter than 121 and therefor gives a bit more payoff. That being said, they are both nicely pigmented, but will need to be layered to create strong and darker looking shade. The pigmentation is not as good as some high end brands, but for the price it's really nice. 

I didn't notice any major fallout that would disturb me and they both blended out like a dream, which really surprised me. I also find them both long lasting with minimal fading through the day. They also didn't go into my crease, but then again, I always use eyeshadow primer underneath. 

I decided to look through my collection and compare them to some similar shades. Subtle Blend from Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette is similar to 121, but in fact darker, more brown shade. It has the same warm golden sheen though. Frosted Choc from I Heart Makeup Naked Chocolate palette is like a copper version of 121 and it has the most orange tone to it. Warm Notes from Zoeva Cocoa Blend looked similar to 116, but it's more of a cranberry red shade, a lot warmer and it doesn't have that purple sheen to it. It actually has a bit of a pink warm sheen.

121 will definitely be going on the sea with me, because it's just the perfect bronze shade. It's very easy to apply and I love this kind of shade for when I just want one eyeshadow all over the lid.

116 surprised me with the purple sheen (unfortunately is not as seen on my photos) and I adore these kind of reds for fall. I love to combine them with browns and use them as a colorful pop in the center of the lid. This will probably be my go to color in the fall.

Golden Rose is a brand that offers good products at an affordable price. These eyeshadows have descent pigmentation, they blend like a dream, stay on the eyes well and obviously, I love the shades that I chose. I also love the look of more satin finish that doesn't look as metallic and shimmery as most eyeshadows do. If you're looking for some everyday wearable shades with descent pigmentation, I recommend you to check these out. Just don't expect Zoeva or theBalm pigmentation out of them. 


  1. Lepa odtenka si izbrala :) Čisto tvoja :) Zvenijo še kar ok, ampak mene bi itak motila slabša pigmentacija v primerjavi s dražjimi znamkami.

    1. Res sta taka moja, hehe :D. Ja so kar solidni. Sem bila presenečena, ker nisem pričakovala veliko. To je res, primerjave s kakšnimi high end pač ni.

  2. hello ım from Turkey
    I reseach zoeva cocoa blend warm notes color and found your side.I said Thank you :)

    1. Hi. Thank you for commenting. I hope I helped you out a bit ;)
      Greetings from Slovenia :)