Review: COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

Hey Beauties!

Let's talk about skin today. I have combination skin that gets pretty oily on T-zone in the summer and it can get a bit more dry in the winter. Since I am always on a search for good skin care, I've tried this pretty popular COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser to see what all the hype is about.

It comes in a plastic white tube. Design of it is really simplistic as with all other COSRX products. They put more emphasis on the quality of product rather than the design. In it is 150 ml of product and the price is 9.35€ (I bought it on Jolse).

It has a pop up lid with small hole. My problem with the packaging is that it doesn't closes properly and then it leaks out making a mess on my table. I'm not sure if this happened just with mine or if it's the problem of all in general. 

It's supposed to be used as a morning gel cleanser. It's mildly acidic, but should provide fairly natural pH lever for skin - 5.0 to 6.0. This can also be used on sensitive skin. One of the main ingredients is tea tree oil which controls oil and tightens pores. It also contains natural BHA which will exfoliate the skin of any dead skin cells that have formed though the night.

COSRX says that they have formulated soft gel which has low irritation risk. The gel is a bit runny. Once it gets in contact with water, it produces light foam. Foam has almost a bit of spa like effect, since it creates small bubbles that lightly massages your skin.

After the rinse, skin is left cleaned and not stripped down. It didn't dry out my skin in hot summer months, but it might not be the best for dry skin. I also used it at times when I had slightly direr skin and I felt like using it every morning and night made my skin slightly drier. This is probably best for combination or even better for oily skin

It doesn't irritate my skin at all and I definitely have a sensitive type. It feels a bit refreshing because of the tea tree oil and it almost gives a cooling effect. I experienced no tightening, but it's also not particularly moisturizing. 

It has a pretty strong tea tree scent, but not as strong as COSRX Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol. You might need to get used to the smell, if you've never smelled tea tree oil.

For me personally it was a bit too strong for my morning cleanse. I prefer to use it as a second cleanse in the evening. Especially in summer days when I have more oily skin and when I have problems with clogged pores or pimples. It actually gets rid of any last trace of makeup and slightly exfoliates the skin. I love refreshing feel of it as the last step in my cleansing routine.

As you may see on my photos below, this got rid of all my makeup. With really hard core long lasting liquid lipsticks and waterproof eyeliner I had to put a bit more effort in it, but in the end it cleaned everything off.

I think this is a good basic gel cleanser for all of those with combination or oily skin. It's also good for all of your with sensitive skin. Gel texture produces light foam and it feels very refreshing and cooling. It has noticeable tea tree scent. I don't use it as a morning cleanser, because it can be a bit drying for my combination skin, but I prefer to use it as a second evening cleanse. It gets rid of leftover makeup bits and slightly exfoliates the skin and preps it for evening skin care routine. 


  1. Zanimiv izdelek! Super, če dejansko odstrani mejkap, veliko jih je namreč dobro promoviranih pa na koncu njihova funkcija sploh ni takšna, tako, da res super! Sem pa tudi sama že večkrat imela probleme z zapiranjem embalaž, ene se res dobro ne zaprejo in je potem gel all over the place (takšno izkušnjo imam z Avon čistilnim gelom v tubi in je precej annoying). xx

    1. Pa ugotavljam, da Korejci kar obljubijo, to tudi drži :D. Res me niso razočarale njihove trditve. Odtenki in finiši to je nekaj drugega. Makeup pa res odlično ostrani. :) Ja to je izredno annoying, ker je polica skoz zamazana. Sem ga morala dati ulečt, ker samo tako ne pušča ven. :/

  2. Moj je imel ok embalažo in mi je bil tako všeč, da sem že naročila 2. tubo. Trenutno uporabljam First Aid Beauty v modri embalaži, ki ima kremno teksturo in bi ti znal biti bolj všeč.

    1. Očitno sem jaz dobila neko čudno. Oh pa še znižan je zdaj. Škoda, ker sem ravno pred nekaj tedni naročala na feelunique. Imam kar nekaj First Aid izdelkov na wish listi :).

  3. Meni je ful fajn. Tko kot tebi premočen za jutranje čiščenje, zvečer pa obvezen zaradi kemičnih pilingov. Btw, tudi moja embalaža ni popolna, moram pazit, kako jo zaprem.

    1. O no potem nisem edina z čudno embalažo.:) Za zvečer je res super. Zelo lepo očisti vse zadnje ostanke in kisline so itak super pred nočno rutino.