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Hey Beauties!

It's been a while since I last talked about my new in products. Since than I've already reviewed a lot of new ones, but some are still waiting for reviews to be written.

Clio Kill Black Blush Liner and Salon de Cara mascara

I have been on a search for new eyeliner, since I always want something cheap and good. I've found good reviews about Clio Brush Liner and it's really nice. It has that typical brush tip, very precise and the color is nice black. It's supposedly waterproof, but I don't agree with that, however it doesn't move or transfer. So far I really like it. Mascara that came with it it's like a mini version. As soon as I saw the brush, I saw that it has lots of fibers on it, which I hate. I won't be using it.

Missha Perfect Cover B.B. Cream

I've already reviewed mini version here. The texture is so nice and it looks glowy. What I love the most about it is that it's really light shade and it blends into the skin. I decided to order full size, wich is huge. I'll probably use it more in fall and winter months, since I have a bit of tan now.

Aritaum The Professional Iope Aircushion Puff

I bought two of these, because I wanted to get some new puff for my DIY BB Cushion. I haven't use these yet, but they seem of good quality.

Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glamour Lip 3-step Kit

I bought this, because it looked like a fun lip treatment. I haven't used it yet.

Essence Pure Nude Highlighter

Kathleen Lights on YouTube talked about this highlighter as one of the best she's found in drugstores and of course I was interested, so I bought it. It's actually a bit darker and I could only use it in summer time with some tan. In the pan it looks really dark, but once swatched it's like  peachy champagne base with lovely champagne almost a bit white sheen. There's no visible glitter, just nice sheen. It looks really pretty.

Essence Fan Brush

I wanted a fan brush to use with my highlighters. I don't think it's all that good. First of all the hair is sparse, it could be thicker. I also feel like it just picks up a lot of glitter and makes highlighter go on even more powdery than it is. I have to test it a bit more.

Kiko Radiant Fusion Baked Powder 01 Ivory

Since I saw these on promo photos they immediately reminded me of Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders. I don't own any of these, so I can't compare. This is a very fine baked powder that is actually really light. I've heard it oxidizes a little, but haven't used it a lot since I got it, so I can't say. I can say that it's very fine and not mattifying.  It sort of gives the skin a very slight luminous look. Basically, it doesn't look flat. The packaging is so luxurious. A bit heavier with magnetic closing.

Kiko Long Lasting Stick 36 Golden Mauve

I already have three of these and when I saw this one on sale, I had to get it. It's pretty mauve purple shade with gold shimmer. I haven't wore it yet, but I hope the golden sheen really pops out. These are very long lasting and creamy.

Kiko Eyebrow Marker 03 Strawberry Blondes and Redheads

I also have this one in shade 02, which is a more taupe medium brown. I wanted something warmer and maybe darker. 03 is a bit red toned medium brown and I am not sure if it suits me. I didn't expected it to be red based. I like this marker, because it really stays put and can look natural, if you don't apply too much of it.

Kiko Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner 301 Nude and 304 Wine

These were also called as a Charlotte Tilbury lip pencil dupes. I've swatched them in the store and they were nicely creamy, so I got two shades, which I hope I can wear on it's own as well. 301 Nude is peachy nude with some silver shimmer. 304 Wine is gorgeous warm dark red. It's almost a bit brick like red. 

Kiko Matte Effect Top Coat

I got their matte top coat in their old version. Now they came out with new range of nail polishes and among these was another matte top coat. Since I loved previous one and have been using a lot, I decided to get another one.

Kiko Nail Lacquer 527 Metallic Emerald Green and 530 Pearly Blue Peacock

Apparently they don't have all nail polish shades in physical stores. Of course they didn't have those that I have on my wish list, so instead I got these two, because they were only 1€. 530 is like a turquoise blue with green sheen. 530 looks exactly like peacock feather. It has lot's of shimmer and looks like dark blue with green and gold sheen. Gorgeous!

Zoeva 234 Luxe Smoky Shader and 228 Luxe Crease

I can't go in Douglas without getting at least one of Zoeva eye brushes. They are good quality and have a lot of choices for every part of the eye. I actually already own 234, but decided to get another one, since this is great for applying eyeshadow on the lid. I also got 228, because I wanted something fluffier for the crease. Right now I use 231 Luxe Petite Crease, which is shorter than 228. I hope that I'll be able to apply eyeshadow in a larger area with 228.

Primark PS... Full Look False Eyelashes

Random purchase. I saw these in Primark and they looked fairly nice. I like that they have transparent bands, but I haven't tried them yet.

H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blusher Apricot and Rosy Brown

Ever since I got Brown Sugar, I really wanted to get more shades. They have such a lovely satin finish and have some really nice light shades. I got Apricot, which is lovely light apricot shade. Rosy Brown is brick red with some pinkish blue sheen to it. I am not sure about this one yet, but it looks really nice with red and pink lipsticks. I just adore these and hope to get more shades.

Golden Rose Silky Touch Pearl Eyeshadow 121 and 116

Golden Rose proved to be good inexpensive brand and I wanted to also try some of their eyeshadows. Both of these have really nice pigmentation and staying power. 121 is perfect bronze brown shade with lots of gold sheen to it. I adore this shade. 116 is a really unique browny red with purple sheen. It looks really pretty on the eyes and will be perfect for fall. 

Golden Rose Express Dry Nail Lacquer 14 and 15

I adore both of these shades and have been on a hunt for them for a while. 14 is perfect milky almost pastel yellow shade. 15 is perfect pastel light green. They are more spring colors, but I like them for the summer as well.

Ebelin Precision Make Up Blender

Ebelin added this makeup sponge to their range and it's super soft. I've been using it with every makeup application and I really like it. It blends lovely, but I fear that this can tear, if you're not gentle with it. I already have some micro holes and I don't get why they decided to stick together three different color foams. It's definitely a lot softer than their previous versions.

Maybelline Master Contour V-Shape Duo Stick Contour and Highlight 01 Light

Creamy contour and highlight stick that blends like a dream. You can blend it with sponge or fingers. It's very natural looking. 01 Light has a really light highlight and lovely taupe based brown. I have nothing bad to say about it. Expect that I use more of contour shade and then highlight sticks above and can start to mix with contour. That's the only negative thing about it. It's also not too creamy, which I love.

Batiste Dry Shampoos: Sweetie*, Tropical, Blush, Original and Cherry

It might seem like I have a problem and maybe I do. I just love Batiste shampoos and whenever I can I get a refill. I've just found out that they are finally in my Müller (I mean these scented versions) and I couldn't be happier. Before, I had to order them online. Sweetie I got from Lič, which are also another Slovenian seller of these. Sweeties is like a vanilla fruity scent, Tropical is my favorite because it smells of coconut, Blush is more floral, Original more like a soap and Cherry is more sweet fruity. I adore minis to travel with. Batiste is in my opinion only dry shampoo that actually takes away the greasiness and add some texture as well as volume to my hair.

Btw with code BATISTE15 you can get these shampoos for 15% off on Lič

Toni & Guy Casual Rough Texturiser

I've had this one for quite a while and review will be coming soon. It's like a hairspray dry shampoo texturising spray that definitely gives you some texture for that bed hair look. I wasn't impressed by the volume of it or the fact that my hair doesn't stay as texturised through the day as I though it would.

Avon Foot Works Intensive Callus and Corn Cream with AHA Acids

After I used up my L'Occitane foot cream, I decided to get this one. So far I really like it. It's thicker gel like cream that feel really butter and is in fact greasy, which I love. It's not one of those creams that instantly soak in. I like my foot cream to form greasy layer on my feet so that my feet get optimal hydration through the night and this one definitely does that. In the morning I still have moisturized feet and dry patches are not visible. It also has lovely mint scent. 

Avon Teasing Comb

I bought it in hopes of putting more effort in my hair styling and making my hair look a bit more volumized. Obviously I haven't been really using it, especially not in this heat. I think this will be more useful in colder months. 

Avon Naturals Hydrating Aloe & Cotton Face Spritz

I thought that this will be fun hydrating mist for the summer for those really hot days. It surprised me that it says on the back that it contains AHA, which can cause skin to be more sun sensitive. I was kind of disappointed by that. I wanted a nice face mist for the beach or on the go, but I kind of don't want to use it for that. I include BHA and AHA acids in my routine, but I always follow with other skin care and sunscreen, so it seems useless to spray this on top of everything else. I now use it as a toner in the morning, which works fine. 

Avon Sun Face Cream SPF 30*

I actually haven't used this, because I have other sunscreens opened and I don't want to open it up, if I'm not gonna be using it. I hear that it's a lovely cream.

Avon Ultra Colour Lip Crayon in Notice Me Nude*

This is a lovely peachy brown shade and it's right up my alley. But it has shimmer in it, which wouldn't bother me, if it didn't stay on the lips as the lipstick wears off. I haven't tried it a lot, so I have to test it a bit more. Otherwise it's a nice creamy lipsticks.

Avon Senses Joyful Tropics Papaya and Peach Shower Gel*

I adore this shower gel. It's probably going to be in my July Favorites. It has a really nice tropical sweet smell. Texture is more of a creamy and it doesn't feel drying, at least not in those summer months. 

Avon Shine Burst Sticks*

I already reviewed these here. These are lip gloss and lipstick hybrid and look really glossy on the lips. I find them fun for summer and I really like comfortable formula. 

Avon Magic Effects Neon Nail Polishes (Orange Blaze, Red Shock, Electric Blue, Striking Pink)*

These are almost like gel formulas with lots of small glitter that reflect light and can add sheen to base color. They need at least two coats. I also wouldn't say they are true neon, because they're more like a brighter shades. Electric Blue is my absolute favorite. It looks gorgeous on the nails.

Avon Liquid Chrome Eyeliners (Plum Dazzle, Shimmering Silver, Shimmering Amber, Bronze, Electric Blue, Shiny Black)*

Colorful metallic eyeliners with foam applicators. They all have some sort of shimmer in it. Black looks the most matte, but also has a bit of silver shimmer in it. They need to be build up, but they stay put nicely. I adore Shimmering Amber and Bronze. I also really like Electric Blue and Shiny Black. 

Avon Naturals Escape Coconut and Starfruit Shower Gel*

I haven't tried it yet. It seems like a gel formula and it smells tropical. I was disappointed, because I don't detect and coconut smell, it's more tropical and fruity.

Avon Advance Techniques Sun-Light Spray Summer Hair Beautifying Hair Protector*

It contains UV filters and it will be great for the beach or to take on the pool. I only tried it once. It seems like a nice spray. It doesn't feel too drying or sticky, but I have to try it out more. I love the smell of it. It has that kind of sunscreen but also hair salon scent. 

Avon Nutra Effects Miracle Glow Lightweight Facial Oil*

Transparent thinner facial oil that feel like a dry oil. I've tried it a few times and I like that it soaks into the skin quickly and it's not too greasy. I think this is perfect for summer. It has lovely almost a bit fruity fresh smell. 

Avon Nailwear Pro+ Nail Polish Minty*

Perfect minty shade. It doesn't look blue, but also not green. I adore the shade as well as texture. Is fairly opaque and nicely creamy. This is definitely one of my favorite nail polish shades.

Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Quad - Rose Awakening and Sun Washed Blooms*

New Avon quads that they've recently added to their range. Rose Awakening is more on the coral red side and I it's not my favorite shades, but Sun Washed Blooms is really nice. I love mint green and purple matte shades. I find that matte shades have better pigmentation than some of their old quads.

Avon Camilla Rings*

I also got sent these Camilla rings, which are supposedly universal size. Yes, to an extend. Your fingers have to be as least as wide as these rings. Then they'll fit you. Or if you're fingers are thicker than these rings, you can actually pull them a bit further appart and they'll still fit you. My problem is that the rings are too big for my fingers, which is a real shame. I like the colored rhinestone look with gold base. 

Giveaway Prize

This is a giveaway price that I got from Sandra from Keep Calm and Wear Lipstick. She got me lots of amazing products. I was most excited to see Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or dry oil with golden shimmer. Since it's summer, I have already been using it a lot. It gives such a nice shine to the body and makes it smell lovely. I won't talk about all other products since you can see them on my photos, but there's a lot of fun products that I can't wait to try. Some will be more in use in fall and winter time.

*Products were sent to me.


  1. thats a bunch of products :)

  2. Koliko izdelkov :O Te pa čaka veliko dela :D

  3. Ooo madonca, pa sem mislila, da jaz pišem dolge poste :D

    Dajem na svoj seznam Maybelline stick, H&M blush in Kiko puder ter se veselim še ostalih ocen :)

    1. Haha, mislim, da se bom komot kosala s tabo :D. Dobre izbire. H&M blushi so postali moja mala obsesija. Vsekakor priporočam, da najdeš kak odtenek zase ;).

  4. Oh, wow koliko novih stvari :D Še dobro, da sem prebrala tole o Essencovi fan brush, ker sem jo želela kupiti. Avonovi Shine Burst Sticki izgledajo res čudovito, kot sem že rekla. :)
    Nisem mogla spregledati Yankee Candle voska Black Coconut. <3 Meni neverjetno dobro diši. Sem imela svečko. <3

    1. Sama sem kupila ravno za highlighter, ker vsepovsod vidim te fan brushe, ampak ni to to. Večina drugih je bolj gostih. :/ Shine Burst stiki so trenutno v redni uporabi. Nekako se mi ne da nanašat full on šmink v tej vročini :). Black Coconut diši super. Sem že prej dobila eno svečo s tem vonjem. Jaz itak obožujem vse kar ima vonj po kokosu :D <3

  5. Pa boš imela dovolj suhih šamponov? :D Malo te moram pohecat :P Sicer se prava oglašam, ker jih imam trenutno pet, plus en mini. Potem tale Toni & Guy Texturiser ni tako kul? Škoda.
    Tale Avonova Foot Works krema mi zveni zelo zanimivo, iščem kaj takega :)

    1. A veš, da mislim, da ne. Sem za ziher še enega vzela v Strasbourgu :D haha. Jaz te Batiste šampone kopičim kot da jih bodo dali iz prodaje. :) Haha no potem si ti ista.
      Ne, ta Toni & Guy me ni navdušil. Po pravici povedano, dobim več volumna, če si v lase nasprejam Batiste šampon. Mogoče je boljši kot neka definicija za kodranje, ker deluje na pol kot lak za lase. Ampak jaz se tako redko kodram, da to ni bil moj prvotni namen. Sem mislila, da bo volumen viden in se obdržal.
      Če iščeš nekaj res mastnega, potem je super. Jaz imam rada mastne kreme za noge, ker imam občutek, da ostanejo na koži in vlažijo še naslednji dan. Pa tudi neke AHA kisline ima, kar bi verjetno moralo odstraniti odmrlo kožico. :)

  6. Tvoja družinica suhih šamponov je res velika: ampak prav je tako, morajo bit na zalogi, mene zadnje čase res rešuje, imam eno tako obdobje, ko se premalo posvečam sebi in je Batiste prav SOS:)

    1. Jaz sem si jih začela kopičit, ko jih pri nas še ni bilo. Zdaj pa imam kar zalogo. Ko grem kam imam pa še vedno tisto mentaliteto, da kakšnega kupim, ker kaj pa če ga pri nas ne bo :D. Hoarder pač :D. Ah itak, Batiste to the rescue. Meni pa gre najbolj v promet poleti, ker se mi kar hitro mastijo lasje. Pa se mi vsak dan tudi ne da prat las, niti ni preveč dobro, če imaš bolj suhe konice. :)

  7. Wohoo, toliko enkratnih izdelkov! Se že veselim ocen le teh, še najbolj pa Golden Rose senčk, sem si jih ne dolgo nazaj ogledovala pa mi je že žal, da jih nisem kupila! xx

    1. Mene so presenetile te senčke. So res lepo pigmentirane. Samo nabor odtenkov bi moral biti večji :). Bo drugič še kakšna šansa ;).

    2. Oh my god, so many gorgeous products! *drools*
      The rings look very nice, I really like the one with the white stones! The H&M blushes look really nice as well! :)
      I like the colors you picked out!

    3. I love that ring too. Too bad it's too big for me. :/ H&M blushes have been my new obsession. I really like the satin finish and they have so many unique shades, especially those muddy ones. Highly recommend ;)