Must Have Beauty Tools

Hey Beauties!

Today I'll talk about the beauty tools that I think every beauty lover needs. I realize I haven't talked about certain products, which I don't get to mention in my makeup looks or reviews, but are crucial to how my end result looks like. 

Eyelash curler is an absolute must have of mine. Even if I don't apply my makeup, I'll at least curl my lashes to looks semi descent. It's a must have beauty tool for anyone that isn't naturally blessed with curled lashes (if you are, good for you and I envy you). If you're lashes are short, curling them, will make them look longer. If you're mascara doesn't do anything for your lashes, curl them before you apply the mascara and the result will be mind blowing. So many of people that I know are still terrified of this tool. It's not a torture tool, but it can make your lashes look so much better. I feel like if you do your eye makeup perfect and don't have curled lashes, it just doesn't look as pretty and pulled together.

I have a Shu Uemura one. At the beginning I didn't really like it as much, because I had to get used to the shape. Now I really like it and I feel like I can get a really nice curl. I've heard good things about Shiseido curler as well. Before I also had Tana eyelashes curlers, which I'm not sure if they are still available. Those were nice too. 

Essence and Look by Bipa Spoolie

Ok, this must not seem like a must have product for all you Cara Delevingne brow owners, but everyone else needs this. I use it whenever I do my brows. I brush my brows so I can see better where to fill in and where not. My brows also like to point down and in multiple directions, so this helps me to get the better shape in general. I've hear some fun statements on Instagram like: She brushes her brows, but doesn't brush her hair. That actually happens to me a lot. Especially if I air dry my hair, I forget to brush them, but I never forget to brush my brows if I go out. Are you like that too? If you're brows are also going in multiple directions, use a spoolie and spray it with some hair spray and brush through the brows to shape and set them.

I really like my Look by Bipa spoolie, which has just the perfect density and is white, so I can easily clean it and see when it's clean. Since this one is really old and the glue doesn't hold it in place anymore I also got one from Essence, which has a comb on the other side. Comb is perfect for brushing through your lashes to prevent them from clumping up.

Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezer Lavender

While we're on the topic of brows, let's talk about the shape of them. If you grew up in the 90s, you've learned the lesson of how horrible over plucking them can be. The brows got a lot of attention in previous year and it's all about fuller brows, so obviously you shouldn't pluck them too much. That being said, I hate those little brows that grow out of my usual line and I pluck them immediately. To tell you the truths, I'm a bit obsessed with plucking those stray brow hair. The first thing that I do when I wake up is that I look in the mirror and see if any unwanted brow has grown in the night. I also think it makes you eye makeup look cleaner.

I don't know what I was doing before I got Tweezerman tweezers. Those are seriously the best tweezers I've ever tried. They are able to pull out the tiniest hair. They are sharp and very precise. You only have to pull the hair in the way that it grows, otherwise you can tear it. What I love the most about it, is the fact that I can pull out very short hair, which I couldn't with other tweezers. The fact that they are very sharp also helps with pulling out ingrown hair. Mine are mini, because full size is more expensive and I chose the lavender shade, but they have multiple pretty designs. 

Ebelin Precision Makeup Egg and Mini Eggs

If you hate the look of foundations on your skin, because you don't like the heavy look of them, try applying them with a makeup sponge. Makeup sponges are a great tools to make your makeup look natural. You damp them and then apply foundation on with them or just use them after you've applied foundation and it will blend it into the skin and make it look a lot more natural and less heavy. I find makeup sponges to be one of the best makeup tools. They really make a difference. You can use them to blend in anything - foundation, concealer, cream blushes, cream highlighters, you can bake with loose powders... Multiple uses and the finished effect is always natural. It's also the easiest way of applying foundation. If you struggle to use brushes or hate the lines that you may have after applying it with fingers, just use makeup sponge. Anyone can do it.

I use Ebelin Precision Makeup Egg, which is the same shape as Beauty Blender (the most known makeup sponge). It has a nice foam, which is not too dense or hard and not too soft. It's the perfect hardness and it gets bigger once you run it under the water. I find that it dries nicely. It does have some stains in it, which are harder to clean, especially if you use very long lasting foundations.  I also have the minis which are so cute. I like to use these to blend my concealer under the eyes. This prevents it from looking too heavy and going into fine lines. I also previously used Nanshy makeup sponge, which was really good as well.

You probably know that makeup can develop a lot of bacteria. Especially if you apply it with your hands, which are not always clean or the makeup is a bit old. One thing you need to do every now and then is disinfect it. There's nothing better to do this with than an alcohol. Better yet, isopropyl alcohol, which is 99.7% alcohol and is used in medicine. It evaporates very quickly and it won't disturb your makeup formulas at all. It will just kill all the bacteria. I like to spray this all over my makeup like eye shadow palettes, blushes, highlighters and lipsticks. Especially if I'll be using it on someone else. You're usually using your makeup with brushes going back and forth. The oils and previous makeup can easily be found on your brush as well as any existing bacteria. Cleaning it also means that you'l prevent it from going bad a lot longer. Obviously you can also use this on makeup brushes, although it's better to deep clean those with shampoos or soaps. 

I already showed you how I make my brush and makeup cleaner here

Here I'm not talking about the fact that you need to brush your hair, but what with do you need to brush it. Tangle Teezer. It's absolutely the best hair tool for anyone that has split ends, coarse hair or nest in the back. This is the only hair brush that doesn't pull on my hair. If you're hair is really tangled, you'll feel some pulling, but it's nothing compared to regular hair brushes. You can also use it on wet hair and it's very easy to clean. It's all made out of rubber and plastic, so you can easily wash it with soap or shampoo and it doesn't have any holes. 

I've had the black one for a while now. Ever since I got it, I haven't used any other hair brush on my hair. The pink one* I got recently. It was sent to me by Avon, who also sells original Tangle Teezer in case you didn't know. I love this bright almost neon pink shade, it's perfect for spring and also makes it a lot easier to find in the darkness of my bag. The black one is about 3 years old and it's not as shiny anymore and the rubbery teeth are not as straight as they were before, but other than that it's still very nice. This is an investment that you won't regret, I promise. 

Margaret Debbs Crystal Nail File

Even if you don't paint your nails, you need to shorten them or at least shape them. Days when I used nail clippers are long gone. They can make your nails split and it's horrible to use on hard nails (not that mine are). I much prefer filing them and hear that it's actually better for your nails. You just have to use the right nail files. Diamond, glass and crystal files are a lot better than the usual old school nail files that you can get in most drugstores or just steal sand paper from your father's tool box. 

I have Margaret Debbs Crystal  nail file and it's fantastic. It's not too abrasive, but has a very fine way of filing the nails. You see small white dust falling off of your nails. That being said it's pretty powerful and you can shorten your nails in no time. These sort of files should last you a life time. Every now and then you can clean them with water and they are always like new. It's the gentles and best way of filling your nails. 

These are all the beauty tools that are completely irreplaceable in my everyday routine. I though I should mention these in a post and give them some credit. What are some of the tools that you can't live without?

*Avon sent me this product. 


  1. Uvijalec trepalnic, beauty blender in mini gobice ter tangle teezer so pri meni must have! Najboljša noviteta zadnjih let je pa 100% beauty blender, res nekaj najboljšega tudi za nas amaterje v ličenju :)

    1. Se čisto strinjam. Te makeup gobice so res najboljši način za nanašanje makeupa, ker vedno izgleda naravno in super lepo zblendirano. :)

  2. Se strinjam glede vihalca trepalnic - preveč underrated pripomoček, ki se ga brez razloga ljudje bojijo. Uporabljam ga že od zgodnjih najstniških let, ker se mi trepalnice zadenejo v očala in je nadležno, ampak je čisto res kot praviš, naredijo trepalnice miljonkrat lepše ko naneseš maskaro :).

    Te mini beauty blenderji od Ebeline so tudi top in Tangle Teezerje & dupe imam povsod po hiši :).

    Ne vem a sem edina med blogerkami, ki mi je kompletno vseeno za obrvi in jih niti ne opazim na nobenemu, razen če ima izrazito nenavadne :) Mojih ne pulim, oblikujem, niti češem - zihr sem ena ekstra specialna cvetka zaradi tega :D

    1. Jaz tudi ne razumem zakaj se ga vsi tako bojijo. No saj na začetku je pač čudno, ko ga še ne veš uporabljati, ampak vse se navadiš. Mene prav moti, ko včasih komu od sorodnikov namažem makeup, pa noče pustiti, da bi jih zavihala. It ruins the whole look.

      Če drugo ne so ti miniji itak tako luškani. Ampak ravno prav pašejo not pod očmi :). Jaz imam tudi kar tri :D. Dva originala pa nek dupe. Ne bi nikoli več uporabljala navadne krtače. Je pa res, da je zdaj že veliko drugih znamk, ki dela te detangling brushes.

      Ne, ti imaš podobne obrvi kot moja sestrična. Ona ima precej dolge pa vse rasejo na kup v popolno obliko. In ti imaš enako. Pa še vse imaš enakomerno pigmentirane tako da res ne rabiš nič delat. Trust me :D. Saj poglej kdaj moj makeup ful razlika prej in potem. Mogoče pa moram nardit objavo :).

  3. Moj najljubši pripomoček so defenitivno beauty blenderji, ker naredijo vse skupaj bolj naravno. :)
    Ne uporabljam pa vihalca trepalnic. I'm one of those people who is naturally blessed with curled lashes :P
    Drugače pa jaz obrvi edino pulim, jih pa ne češem oz. kakor koli drugače oblikujem :)

    1. Beauty blenderji so res odlični za naraven izgled. Pa še skrajšajo čas nanosa :). Oh damn you :D Ti zavidam. Predvidevam, da ti potem lepo rasejo v eno stran. Moje je treba pa prav malo popravit, da se "pridno" obnašajo :).

  4. these mini ebelin beauty blenders are not available in croatian dm....yet...but we have them in muller - body&soul. just picked them up a few days ago.

    1. We also don't have these. I bought them in Austria. But we did have one of these minis as a Limited Edition, I think it was last year :).

  5. Joj TT, moja najljubša pridobitev vseh časov! Jaz si ne predstavljam več življenja brez njega.

    1. Agreed :). Pa še toliko lepih dizajnov imajo zdaj že :D.

  6. Odlična objava! In se podpišem pod večino izdelkov, edino Tweezerman more sprobat, wohoo. :D Škoda, ker ni tako kjut kot od Essence pincetke.

    1. Hvala :) Ah saj Tweezerman ima veliko zanimivih dizajnov. Samo so po navadi dražji :/.