Review: Kiko Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter 100 Gold

Hey Beauties!

I bought this highlighter a long time ago and kind of forgot about it. Since spring has been all about the glow, I've dusted it off and started using it again. It's such a nice natural, yet still shiny highlighter and I am in love with it right now. 

It comes in a black matte plastic stick form. The writing is silver. Cap closes with a little click and it's well made. 

It costs 8.50€ and in it is 10 grams of product. 

You just twist the bottom half and the product comes out. Sometimes it doesn't want to fall back down, so I have to manually push it down. That is the only negative thing about it.

Kiko has two different shades 100 Gold and 101 Rose. I obviously went with 100 Gold

Gold is actually a nice champagne shade. It's not too warm nor cool. Something like this would look good on pretty much most skin tones. I would say it has a bit of a peachier base with almost silver reflecting particles. Shimmer in it is very small, but is visible, if you apply only one layer. The more you layer it the more uniformed it looks. 

With one swipe you get a sheer, but shiny layer that blends into the skin nicely. I find that this works good on top of foundations, but you need to blend out the edges, especially if you swipe it on straight from the bullet, it might leave streaks.

Pigmentation is good, but it has some sheerness to it. If you layer it, you can get really intense highlight that still looks a part of your skin. 

It's a balm like texture that has enough slip to apply on the skin, but doesn't feel greasy. It has no scent.

It's also very long lasting for a creamy product. I wear it all through the day, it just looses intensity and starts to look more like skin, when it mixes with my natural oils. 

Demonstration shows you how my skin looks like with just foundation, swipe of highlighter straight from the bullet and blended out.

It gives a really nice glow to the skin, which is definitely not as intense as with powder highlighters and somewhat looks like skin. You can still build it up to a pretty nice intense glow. On the photo you can see it on tops of my cheeks and above the arch of my brow. 

I love how practical this is to carry with you as well as applying. You just swipe it on and blend it out with fingers. It also looks like a part of your skin, especially when you skin's natural oils come through and it still gives a pretty noticeable glow. 

I also compared it to my other highlighters and I have to say Kiko's is the most natural looking shade of them all. The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer is obviously the most yellow toned and it's definitely pretty, especially paired with warm makeup and undertones. Essence Soo Glow! Cream to Powder Highlighter in 010 Look on the Bright Side is a much more stark white shade. I also compared it to Essence I Heart Nude Eyeshadow in 03 Creme Brulee, which is also a nice natural highlight. This one is less shiny with much more subtle sheen and it's also a tiny bit more yellow than Kiko. 

I am currently in love with this highlighter. In harsh sun light something like Mary-Lou can look really intense. Kiko highlighter has a nice cream texture that blends into the skin and looks like a part of your skin. This is my favorite thing about this highlighter. It's a bit sheer and looks like a part of your skin, but still gives an intense shine for all of us highlighter freaks. It's not too metallic or too shimmery. The shade is perfect mix of warm base and cool shimmer. It would look good on warm as well as cool skin tones. For a cream product this is very long lasting and super practical for when you're in a rush. I am seriously impressed with this one and it has become my staple product lately. Definitely recommend you to take a look, if you're ever in Kiko store. 


  1. Kako je nežen! :)

    Sem navajena na mojega Bella, ki je tako močen - da bi mi bil tale verjetno premalo. Je pa lep in diskreten. <3

    1. Ta je res že bolj subtilen, ampak se mi zdi še vseeno lepo sijoč oziroma opazen :).

  2. Izgleda zelo naravno :o. Tak diskreten. Lušten!

  3. I've had my eye on this one for a while now! A friend of me has it and loves it but it's often sold out in the Kiko store in Brussels :(

    1. Oh that's a shame. Maybe you can order it online? We can, but don't actually have any physical store in our country. Because I now online they have a better stock. It's really pretty though. Hope you'll be able to get it soon :)