Review: Non.U Eyebrow Pencil (shade 2)

Hey Beauties!

Another product to review from Born Pretty Store. I've seen this particularly shaped eyebrow pencils in some higher end makeup products, so I was interested to try cheaper version first. I chose this one from Non.U.

It comes in a paper box. It has shiny black plastic packaging with purple writing on it. It closes securely and the packaging is of good quality

It costs 3.78$ and you can buy it here.

It is double-ended product. On one side you'll get eyebrow pencil and on the other side you'll get a spooly. Very convenient, since I always use spooly before and after I draw in my brows.

Eyebrow pencil has a drop like shape. I think the shape should allow you to draw hair like stripes with one side being thicker and the other side creating thinner end of the hair. Unfortunately, I think it's a bit too thick in general to create thin natural looking hair. 

Spooly is great it makes it easy to brush the hair and blend the product. 

The pencil is more of a cream pencil. It's very creamy for something that's defined as an eyebrow pencil. It looks like a cream product in a pencil form. The fact that this is creamy, means it's not long lasting. It doesn't really dry to any more matte finish, so this can fade or go off, if you touch it. I also don't like the fact that the brows look a bit shiny, because of the cream formula. 

I chose the shade 2, because it seemed like the lightest brown. It's actually pretty dark yellow based brown. The warm yellow undertone is quit noticeable on the swatches. I don't think this is light brown, it's more suited for medium brows, maybe even the best for Mediterranean skin tones, because of a yellow undertone. It's a bit too dark for my taste and my current hair color. 

I apply this in a way that I brush my brows with a spooly.

Then I draw a few lines in between my brows, where I have sparser parts. After that I brush the brows again with the spooly, to spread product through the brows. 

This creates a stronger darker brow. As you can see it still is a bit more on the warmer side and fairly bold in terms of impact and color. 

On the packaging there are instructions on how to apply it. It seems like you should draw the upper end of the brows first, then go in the down part of the end of the brow. After that connect the front upper part with the end upper part and front lower part with the end lower part of the brow. Kind of like an "instagram brows" thing, where you start to outline the brows. Then I just blend it all and I'm left with the same result. 

Because of the cream like formula it makes the blending process really easy, but it also makes it messy. I think the formula should be harder and this way you would get a lot more precision. 

There is nothing essentially wrong with this product, it's just not after my taste. It's a very creamy eyebrow pencil. The shade is too dark for my brows and it's more suited for darker brows. I don't like the fact that it's a bit thicker and you can't draw thinner lines with it. I also don't like the creamy slightly shiny look that it gives to the brows. Double-ended design is what drew me to it in the first place and I love the packaging and multi-functional use of it.

This would be perfect for someone that wants that perfectly draw on and filled in brows, what it's referred to as "instagram brows". It might even be better for someone that has very  sparse or short brows, because this gives off a lot of color payoff. Though you might wanna think about that creamy formula and maybe set it with some powder after applying it. 

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  1. Sama sem pred kratkim preizkusila prvi njihov make up izdelek in vem, da bom v kratkem še kakšnega ;) Ampak po napisanem sodeč ne tega =P Za obrvi preferiram nekaj ne tako kremastega - da drži na mestu in se ne packa ;)
    Xoxo, Nyx

    1. Jaz tudi. Raje nekaj mat in mogoče manj pigmentiranega za bolj naraven videz. Kaj si pa preizkusila? Priporočaš kaj? :)