My favorite face masks

Hey Beauties!

I have to admit, that when it comes to face masks, I am not particularly picky. This is maybe due to the fact that I never seem to have time to take baths, or do face masks, or any kind of beauty routine, that needs a bit of time and work. I'm just horrible like that. I do have time for skin care routine and makeup, but everything else, pamper related, I just never seem to have time for. That being said, when I do finally remember to use face masks, I really like these. 

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

This is a regular clay based mask. It's very cheap. This one is great for anyone with oily skin. It does a good job of cleaning the pores, so I love to use it at times when I have pimples or any nasty blackheads. It can be a bit drying, if you're skin is not oily, so be sure to moisturize after using it. 

It's very thick. To the pint, when it's hard to squeeze it out. It's one of those typical green clay masks, that you see in TV show scenes. You really need to smudge it nicely around the face, because it's very thick. If you use a thin layer, it will dry faster. You can see it drying, because it's becoming more of a lighter mint shade and it makes your face look like a Sahara desert. It feels pretty tightening on the face. 

It smells herbal with mix of mint. This is perfect for summer, because it almost feels a bit cooling, due to the mint in it.

You can get it on iherb for 3.90$ and you get 226 grams of it. They've changed the design, so now it looks a bit different. I've had this for literally more than a year. It's just huge and it will last you for a really long time. 

Balea Aqua Tuchmaske

I actually already reviewed this product here. It's hydrating sheet mask. Those sheet kind of masks, have become really popular lately. I guess our lifestyle is making our faces and bodies dehydrated, so anything hydrating is a must in skin care. 

This mask comes in a sheet shape of face, with the cut outs for lips and eyes. It's very moist and cold to the touch. It feels refreshing and hydrating. I love the fact that it's really moist, so that when you're done with it, you are still left with some product, which you just massage it into the skin.

It's definitely my favorite hydrating mask. It doesn't have any particular scent, just fresh smelling. You get one sheet mask for the price of 0.99€. You can buy it in Drogerie Markt stores. 

Avon Planet Spa Thailand Lotus Flower Deep Pore Cleansing Face Mask

I found this mask by a coincidence. Once I ordered tester of it, just for the fun of it. I loved it so much, but I couldn't find it in the Avon catalog anymore. Finally, it came back. Avon loves to change their lines, but fortunately you can still get a hold of this one every now and then.

This one is again clay based mask, but seems a bit more sophisticated. It's great for deep cleaning the pores.

It has a light lavender color and it has a texture of a thicker cream. It spreads nicely and it's definitely not as thick as Mint Julep Masque. When it dries it becomes very white. It also has that tightening feeling and the cracked look to it. It actually gets rid of the blackheads completely, but of course they tend to come back pretty quickly on my skin type. 

It has a very nice subtle sweet spa line scent. Seems pretty calming. 

I would use this for when I have a lot of blackheads and clogged pores. Mint Julep Masque is better for when I have pimples and problems with oiliness (summer time), because it just seems to dry up the pimples. 

This one is definitely pricier. The regular price is 11.50€ and you get 75 ml of it. I highly recommend you to wait for when it's on sale, because then it costs only around 3.50€. You can buy it at your local Avon seller

Avon Planet Spa Perfectly Purifying Gommage Face Mask with Dead Sea Minerals

Another great Avon mask, that I bought on a whim and found it very useful. It's a chemical peeling kind of mask. It uses acids to peel off top layer of your face and therefore making your skin a lot smoother. 

I love this one for one main reason. It only needs to sit on your face for 1 to 2 minutes. Music to my ears. I can slap it on, when I clean my face in the morning or evening, wait 2 minutes and I'm done. All other face masks require longer period of working time from 10 to 15 minutes, but this one is easy breezy. 

It comes out as an off white transparent and seems like a gel. It's still firm enough, so that it doesn't slip all around, but it's more on the thinner side. It spreads very smoothly and feels a bit sticky in the beginning. Then it dries to a completely non sticky layer, which is still shiny. I hope you get what I'm trying to say. 

It's also good for sensitive skin, because I don't experience any tingling or allergic reactions. Once you wash it off, you're left with ultra smooth skin. Isn't that just one of the best feelings ever? I love to use it when my skin surface gets a bit bumpy or when I tend to get dry patches. Very gentle chemical based mask.

The smell is somewhat manufactured like, not the most pleasant, but it's subtle enough, so that you won't notice it. 

This one costs 10.50€ for 50 ml, but as I said, wait for it to be on sale, because it's a lot cheaper. You can buy it at your local Avon seller

There you have my favorite masks. Just to recap. For when my skin feels dry, I love to use Balea Aqua Tuchmaske, because it's really hydrating. For when I get pimples, that are result of oilier skin I love to use Queen Helen Mint Julep Masque, because it dries up the pimples and cleans my pores. Blackheads are a stubborn thing, but Avon Planet Spa Thailand Lotus Flower mask gets rid of them completely, at least for some time. It's also a bit more gentle and not as drying as Mint Julep Masque. Avon Planet Spa Perfectly Purifying Gommage mask is great for times, when I get dry patches or my skin surface just feels bumpy. It makes my skin ultra smooth.

Since, I am not an expert on face masks and I actually don't use them a lot, I would love to hear what are your favorite face mask. Maybe I'll even expend my collection and start using them more.


  1. Jaz pa obožujem maske za obraz, sploh tiste v vrečkica, za 1-2x ;) Najraje imam Baleine, zadnje čase pa v bistu uporabljam samo dve - Herbio Aha Piling masko in Balea Totes Meer Maske(ki mi je top!). Sama tudi pripravljam podobno objavo ;)
    Xoxo, Nyx

    1. Herbio jaz tudi preizkušam. :) Baleina me pa tudi mika. Kar koli je iz morja, mi super odgovarja :). Se že veselim objave ;)

  2. Preizkusi še od Afrodite hydra oz. zdaj mislim da se imenuje na novo WHY mask. Meni je ful všeč :)

    So pa od Baleje kar fajne. Sicer pa tudi od Yves Rocherja niso slabe, čistilne in tudi vlažilne :)

  3. Avonove maske so tako hvaljene, pa si potem nikoli nisem naročila nobene. I need to change that. Balee še nisem probala, še pride na vrsto. :D
    Drugače pa kot pravi Katja, Afroditina Hydra Thermal maska je res top za suho kožo -.odlično navlaži in nahrani. :)

    1. Mene tudi niso na začetku pritegnile. Potem pa sem kupila eno, pa zdaj drugo, pa bom še ziher kakšno vzela :). Baleo moraš probat :P cheap and nice :D
      Sem si jo že zapisala, pride na vrsto :)

  4. To Mint Julep masko mam na WL že od forever -.-
    Mi je pa objava prišla zelo prav, ker razmišljam da bi naročila kakšno od Avona :D

    1. Res jo lahko najdeš na vsakem tretjem blogu :) Super. Upam, da sem ti kaj pomagala ;)

  5. Jaz sem isto lena kot ti ko pride do mask. Jih, uporabljam samo takrat, ko se pojavi problem, npr. pojavi se en mini mozolj in jaz sem čisto "I need to destroy you now". Queen Helene imam, pa se moram z vso svojo težo (ki je ni dost :D) vrečt na tubo, da dobim tista dva centimetra maske ven. Imam veliko raje Neutrogenino 2 v 1, ki jo uporabljam že odkar sem našla beauty world. Za suho kožo mi je pa najbolj všeč Baleina Power Maske. Te sheet masks, so mi pa creepy na koži, pa ne maram kako so mrzle. Povsod najdem probleme :D

    1. Hehe :D Ja to itak. Samo jaz vem, da če enega ne uničim, jih bo naslednji dan že tri. Hehe, res je ekstremno gosta. Jaz se tudi kar "namučim", da dobim kaj ven. Se mi zdi, da so z embalaži zgrešili. Samo v drugačni, bi se pa prehitro posušila. Tisto jaz tudi imam, samo je nisem vključila med najljubše. Vem, da jo še Lisa Eldridge omenja, ampak meni pa ni kaj posebnega. Jaz jo bolj uporabljam za čiščenje obraza, ko imam mozolje. Včasih pa tudi pustim malo dlje. Se mi zdi, da mi Queen Helene prej posuši mozolje.
      Zadnjič sem imela dve sheet maski iz iherba in veš kaj je pisalo gor. Da lahko daš vrečko z sheet mask v vročo vodo, da jo segreješ pozimi :D Evo ideja zate ;)

  6. Super maske, meni najboljša npr. drogerijska je od Afrodite Hydra Thermal, ful debest navlaži kožo in zaradi nje sem si iz iste linije kupila potem kremico za obraz:)

    1. No če je vsem super, moram pa jaz tudi sprobat :) Zdaj bom itak rabila spet bolj vlažilne izdelke, ker bo ogrevanje spet naredilo saharo na moji koži :/