Review: CBI Color Box Lasting 24 Hours a Day Colorstay Lipstick (06)

Hey Beauties!

You've seen this lipstick in my Asian inspired simple spring makeup. Today I'll tell you more about how gorgeous this shade looks like in person and how crazy pigmented it is.

The lipstick comes in a plastic black shiny packaging. It reminds me of Maybelline lipsticks. It has a rose gold bottom and the packaging is well made. It costs 7.81$ and you get 3.6 grams of product here

I chose the shade called 06. It's gorgeous bright warm orange shade. I can tell you that it looks really really bright in person, to the point where it almost seems neon. I don't mind it, because it's just such a me shade. It's perfect summer shade. 

Now, I'm not sure what the little spots in the lipstick are. I was thinking, is it dust or dirt..? No, I think it's meant to look like that. However, this is only on the outside of the bullet. There's nothing inside once you break down the top layer. 

The formula is such a gorgeous creamy pigmented lipstick. I can't stress how much I like it. It's a rare combination of the fact that it's really creamy and goes on like a dream. It feels non sticky, but moisturizing and very pleasant. But above all it's crazily pigmented. It also gives a bit of shine, but nothing too horrible for such a bright shade. I have nothing bad to say about it.

The 24 hour claim. Really?! Do you wear lipstick for 24 hours? I know I don't, but it wouldn't last. Like I said, it's really creamy and pigmented, which means it won't fade away quickly, but it also won't survive eating or heavy drinking. It might stain your lips a little, because of the strong color payoff. 

If you're looking for crazy pigmented, creamy, bright lipstick that feels comfortable on the lips, then do check it out. They have more shades available. This product was sent to me by Born Pretty Store and you can get it here

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  1. Zelo ti pristaja, mi je všeč. :D

  2. Sounds nice :) In se strinjam z Tayo, res ti fajn paše, pa vidi se kok jo rada nosiš :) Ti bi tako rabila Macovo Lady Danger, če je še nimaš :D

    1. :D Ja Lady Danger je na moji wish listi. Se mi zdi, da je preveč moj odtenek:)) Hvala:))

  3. Super pigmentacija! Da ne rečem kako top je barva in kako dobro izgleda na tebi :) xx Maja

    1. Hvala:) Res je, pigmentacija je več kot odlična za to ceno:))

  4. fantastičen odtenek. pa še zelo ti paše :)

    drugače pa super blogec. sem čisto na sveže tule pa vidim da se bom mogla še vrniti :)


  5. Very nice! Such a bright color is perfect for summer :D