L'Occitane Facial Experience and Pivoine Sublime range

Hey Beauties!

Recently Slovenian bloggers were offered to a facial care, which included new L'Occitane range called Pivoine Sublime. It was the first of those events that you could book in your nearest town. I was really excited, because most of the events are in the capital city, which means driving two hours their and two hours back. It's juts not possible all the time. So this made me really happy and I grabbed the opportunity to book it.

The whole Pivoine Sublime line is based on Peony. It's suitable for sensitive skin and has some anti aging benefits as well. It's suppose to moisturize, even out the skin tone and minimize the appearance of pores and wrinkles. The range has a very light non-invasive peony smell. To me it smells like fresh flowers. The smell is really subtle, especially in the skin care, which is always a plus for sensitive skin.

The range includes CC Skin Tone Perfecting Cream (28.50€/30ml), Peony Perfecting Face Cream (38.10€/50ml), Peony Perfecting Essence (44.70€/30ml), Peony Perfecting Mist (13.70€/100ml) and Peony Tinted Lip Balm (16.30€/4g).

They also have some products for body. They have Pivoine Flora Beauty Milk, Pivoine Flora Bi-Phase Bath, Pivoine Flora Eau de Toilette, Pivoine Flora Hand Cream, Pivoine Flora Petal Soap, Pivoine Floral Shower Gel.

First, I have to admit, I never tried any of the L'Occitane products, but I know my cousin and other fellow Slovenian bloggers love some of their products. Around Christmas time I got their LE Arlesienne hand cream and I liked it. I often passed the store in the city where I studied, but never really decided to take a look. 

I love the whole look and composition of the store. It really has a very wide range of products for all different types of skin and different parts of body. It has nice dim lights and smells amazing. The girl that greeted me, was very nice and offered me a drink and comfy bar stool. I don't want to call her a sells person, because she's obviously more than that, so I'll just refer to her as the girl. I'm sorry I couldn't remember her name.

She has a little device and she measured the moisture of my skin in the beginning. I had on serum, face cream, eye cream, foundation, bronzer, blush and highlighter. I know, what was I thinking? In my defense I browsed some shops before that and I wanted to look alive. My moisture level was around 62 then. She said that normal moisture is somewhere between 60 and 70. Everything above 70 is really hydrated skin. We forgot to measure it once she cleaned it all off. 

She used Shea Cleansing Milk for that. Then she used Peony Perfecting Mist all over my face, even over my eye makeup, because I said she could. It didn't disturb my makeup and she put liberal amounts of it on. My skin was soaking the products in like a sponge. We then agreed that my skin is more on the dry side. More, then I expected it to be.

After that she used Peony Perfecting Essence, which is basically a serum. I always thought of serums as liquid and runny, but this one seemed more like a lightly rose colored cream. It had a very smooth and lightweight texture to it. It made my skin very smooth and lightly moisturized.
After serum, it was time for Peony Perfecting Cream. My skin was drinking it up. She put on a lot of cream and asked me multiple times, how do I feel in between. I always said it doesn't feel like I have too much on. She did massage me a little, but in all fairness she couldn't do much, because the cream disappeared in my skin in seconds. Texture of the cream seemed a bit heavier, but still very light on the skin. It was a bit more moisturizing and heavy as the serum.
Then she introduced the new Peony CC Skin Tone Perfecting Cream in the shade Light. It also has SPF 20. This is a very white cream with little micro specs in it. When she was applying it on my skin I almost felt little micro exfoliation. I assumed it was because of the little specs in it. They are supposedly little CC pigments and it also contains pearl particles. The cream goes on really white, but as soon as you massage it in, it turns your skin tone color. It suppose to adapt to the natural skin tone. That being said, on me it was very light, similar to my natural skin tone. It really is very light, which surprised me. It seemed a bit brightening and can in fact be used as a primer, underneath the foundation. I wouldn't call this a CC cream, because it has such a light coverage. Even she said that it's very very light, almost seems like you have nothing on.
Of course me, being used to heavy full coverage foundations, I said yes, when she asked if I want more coverage. Then she used Imortelle Precious BB Teint with SPF 30 in the shade Light. They have shades Fair, Light and Medium. Fair seemed to be more ashy grey toned and Light seemed to be more yellow toned, so we decided on Light. This gave a bit more coverage and I have to say I was surprised how light everything felt on my skin.
She also used Imortelle Brightening Touch Targeted Corrector. It's also a very lightweight corrector, which she used under my eyes.
She finished my face with Peony Tinted Lip Balm with SPF 25 in Rose Nude, which is a very natural looking light rose lip balm. It feels very smooth on the lips and non sticky. It's not buttery, but more like a very smooth yet still nourished lip balm.

The girl was extremely nice, very educated about the products and very comforting. I never talk much to the strangers, but with her I was constantly debating something. From the moment when she placed me in the chair, she told me about five times how nice my skin is. I was kind of surprised. I know a lot of you comment on my makeup looks, how nice my skin looks, but I just always think, I have foundation on, of course it looks good?! But to get that kind of compliment from her was really nice. I was a bit proud, I guess I am doing something right with my skin regime.

This is how I looked like after few hours. Very natural indeed. So much, that I wasn't even used to it. I did conceal one really nice huge pimple around my nose. Otherwise, I don't have anything else on top.

After the facial, she also took care of my hands. She used Shea Oil One-Minute Hand Scrub. It's seemed like a gooey gel with sugar parts in it. It does in fact contain brown sugar and lovely oils, such as shea, sweet almond and grape seed oil. After that my hands were very soft and I loved her massage, because I tend to get very itchy hands and that was like a blessing to me.
After the peeling she applied the famous Shea Butter Hand Cream. She told me that this is still their most known product and best seller. It's a very balmy cream with coconut oil, almond extract and shea butter. The thing that makes it so special, is the fact that it's not glycerin based, it penetrates in the skin really quickly, but the shea butter forms a moisturizing layer, which cannot be removed with the water.
After I was pampered and moisturized, she showed me the store. She explained and described all of their ranges, to whom their targeted and what are their best sellers. Before I came in the store, I only heard of their three items. It was their famous Shea Butter Hand Cream, Shea Cleansing Oil and Immortelle Divine Cream. Shea Butter Hand Cream is their most known product and L'Occitane buys shea butter from women who hand make it in Africa, Burkina Faso. Shea Cleansing Oil I saw on many Slovenian and foreign blogs and I've wanted to try it ever since. Immortelle Divine face cream I saw in magazines and while researching best anti age products. It's apparently one of the most effective anti age creams in the world. It was deeply researched along with some other famous creams like La Mer and it won. I'm not sure in which category, but I assume in the category of natural based products. The research showed that the lines became less visible, more moisturized and so on. When I'll have a full time job, I'll probably need to invest into something like that. 

I also got Arlesienne Eau de Toilette spritzed all over me. I think this was last years limited edition range and I got their hand cream as a gift from someone on Christmas, as I mentioned before. I loved the smell of it, even more so the toilette. I think this one is going on my wish list. It's crazy, because I don't even like flower scents, but this one just smelled so good. It contains rose,sweet violet and saffron.
I smelled a lot of other fragrances and I really liked Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette. For the life of me I can't find the fragrance, that she described as vanilla and almond combination. If someone knows which one I mean, let me know. I really liked that smell as well.

I decided, even before I got to the store, that I'm gonna buy Shea Cleansing Oil, so I did that. I also got a bunch of testers and CC cream in Light. I'll post review of those, when I properly test them out.

All in all an amazing experience and I'm glad that I was so nicely and pleasantly introduced to a new brand. I admit the prices are a bit high for my student budget, but I love their mini travel version and their mini gift sets. I can see some of those becoming gifts for others or for me to try out. L'Occitane is french based company, offering natural beauty products, often organic and of controlled origin. I urge you to at least take a peak in one of there stores and test some of the product that they offer. I know this one is now officially on my radar and I'll sure try some other products.

You can buy L'Occitane products in their stores around the country and also online here.


  1. Jaz sem tudi bila včeraj in sem še danes čisto navdušena nad celotno izkušno in samimi puncami, čeprav bi pa zdaj imela en kup njihovih stvari, ampak morem najprej vso zalogo doma porabit. :D
    Res enkratna priložnost :)

    1. Jaz sem čist ista:D Zdaj imam kar naenkrat večjo wish listo, ampak kot praviš, itak nič ne rabim, ker imam polne zaloge doma:) Razen to olje sem si privoščila, ker nimam nobenega olja za čiščenje in mi je všeč ko imamo malo več makupa za odstranit:)

  2. Jaz sem bila danes, prav tako v Europarku. ODLIČNA izkušnja! Res ne morem prehvalit nege obraza in punce, ki je bila extremno prijazna! :)) Res sem se počutila čisto VIP. :P In tudi jaz bi naenkrat VSE želela imeti. :P
    Aja, veš da se jaz tudi ne spomnim imena punce, ki je poskrbela za mene? :) Sem bla čist excited in zgleda, da sem pozabila. :))

    1. Jaz vedno pozabim ime, ko se mi kdo predstavi in to kar še v istem trenutku:). Res je prijazna punca, se strinjam:) Bo treba še kaj dat na wish listo;)

  3. Waw, kako so pri vas radodarne :D fuuul lepo ;)
    Sem bila pa tudi jaz navdušena, sem kupila potem serum, zdej bi pa še kremo imela, pa parfum, morda celo kremo za telo....ah morem najprej zaloge porabit :D

    1. Zelo:)) Meni je bil serum tudi precej zanimiv. Predvsem ker je bil bolj kot hranilna krema:). Hehe:)

  4. So many nice goodies! L'occitane is a brand I'm not familiar with at all... We have stores here but I almost never go there. Maybe I should take a look! :)

    1. I was the same. I heard about it, but never actually gotten into the store. Definitely check it out. You may like something. I've already been trying some of those testers and I really love how all their products smell so nice. :)