Review: Zoeva 226 Smudger brush

Hey Beauties!

I've had this for so long and completely forgot to post a review of it. Funny, because I use this every day and really like it.

My boyfriend got me this as a gift. It's Zoeva 226 Smudger brush. I have a lot of good blending and basic eye brushes, but I really needed some short and dense brush to use around the lower lash line. 

It costs 7.80€ on Zoeva official site and 10.22€ on Moja Drogerija.

It has nice black wooden handle. The hair is very soft, dense, cut short and has bleached white ends

It's the brush with the shortest hair among my collection. Here you can see how it looks like from the front and how thin it is from the side.

I compared it to some of my other similar brushes. First is an unknown brand, but I think it's from Müller a long time ago. Second is Elf C brush. Third is Zoeva 234 Smoky Shader brush. As you may see 226 is still the shortest, which means great for fitting around the lower lash line.

I wanted to show you how nicely you can blend the eyeshadow under the lower lash line. The shape is perfect fit and you can go as close to the lash line or as lower as you like. Of course you can use it for other parts of the eye. This would be great for smudging eye pencils, smoking out the eyeshadow or doing a very precise crease.

I love this brush. It's very soft and small. I use it every time I put any eyeshadow around the lower lash line. Definitely one that I needed in my collection.


  1. I was thinking of getting this and your review pushed me to do it! Thanks :D

    Wing Me a Dream

    1. I hope you'll love it;) I really needed something small enough for lower lash line and this is perfect for that:D

  2. Beautiful pictures! May have to invest in some good eye brushes :)

    1. Thanks:)) Zoeva brushes are amazing for the price. I think some are amazing and some are just average, really depends from brush to brush. Go for the ones with white hair, they are mostly really soft;)