Christmas tree nails

Hey Beauties!

So Christmas is almost here :). This year I tried to create an abstract Christmas tree. You decide if I got it right or wrong ;).

For this nail art I used red nail polish (Maybelline Colorama 150), emerald green (Essence Multi Dimension in 53 All Access), gold (Max Factor Max Effect-don't know the color, ) sparkly gold and red (Essence Colour and Go in 121 Gold Fever) and top coat (Essie Good to Go).

I painted my nails red. Then I used emerald green nail polish to create a long wavy line to represent the tree. Going from the widest curve to the narrowest. Curves can be tricky to create on the nails, but slowly that goes as well. Then I took gold nail polish and made a few dots to represent the ornaments. After that I took gold and red glitter nail polish and went over the whole tree. To kinda make it look sparkly. This should represent all the lights and reflections. Finished with top coat. Very simple ;).

Which shade or nail art are you wearing this Christmas?