DIY: Snow / Glitter Globe

Hey Beauties!

Have you seen DIY snow globes? I have, a lot on Pinterest and other blogs. I loved the idea. I think it's also great how personalized you can make it and maybe even give it to someone as a Christmas gift. So...obviously I had to try to make my own version ;).

I used:

  • glass jar
  • plastic pot (as a pedestal)
  • gold and silver decorative wire-like strip 
  • different colored beads
  • Hello Kitty (from the Hello Kitty chocolate egg)
  • plastic plant
  • gold and silver glitter 
  • hot glue gun

I used plastic pot in which there was this long pink chewing gum. Anyone remembers it? That was before the Hubba Bubba. I still have that pot so I used it as a pedestal. I needed pedestal, because otherwise my Hello Kitty wouldn't be seen out from the jar. I hot glued the pot to the screw top of the glass jar.

Then I used those wired-like strips. On the bag it said angel's curls :), so cute. I mixed gold an silver and also glued it on the pedestal. Then I took a Hello Kitty from the Hello Kitty chocolate egg and glued it in the middle. 

In the basement I found a plastic plant, which I think was used as a bush, when I had my fish. I cut it into smaller pieces and glued it behind Hello Kitty.

I took white, red, green and gold beads and glued them around Hello Kitty. 

Then I filled my jar with the water almost to the top. I poured in some of the silver glitter and actually mixed it with a bigger gold sequin glitter (which is not on the photo) to get a bit of variety. 

I let my Hello Kitty dry, but you don't need a lot if you work with hot glue gun and screwed the top back on the jar. Actually, it's better to glued it on as well. Fold it over and it's done. 

Of course snow globes can be made with any figures and objects it all depends on what you like. I remembered that I had Christmas Hello Kitty and went for it - don't judge, she's cute :). 

Do you like my snow globe? What would you put in your snow globe?


  1. Kako krasno to izgleda. Res se mi zdi super ideja, da nekomu narediš sneženo kroglo in mu daš noter nekaj, kar ga personalizira. :)

    1. Hvala :) Jap, kakšne zadeve, ki so njim všeč:)

  2. IIj ful lušno. Super ideja, pa tale Tayina ideja je zelo uporabna :)

  3. That's one of the cutest glitter globes I've ever seen! great idea!! :D

    1. Aw, thanks:) I bet it's because of Hello Kitty ;D

  4. Super ti je uspela. Pred dnevi sem videla članek, kjer so še pokrovček od kozarca okrasili in je izgledalo še lepše :)

  5. this is adorable!! I love making home made gifts for the holidays. I'm making tea cup candles and I want to make my own snow globes now!
    Great post!

    1. Thanks :) I also love recycling candles, so much fun and you feel so nice when you actually do something for someone:) If you make any, let me know ;)

  6. Ja pa iii :)) Hello kitty :) je čist kjut izpadlo to :)

  7. O kako luštno! :)
    Če dodaš malo glicerina notri pomaga, da se ne zalepijo bleščice na tla.