DIY: Christmas tree ornaments (part 2)

Hey Beauties!

As promised, here is my part two of the Christmas tree ornaments DIY. You can see my first part of DIY here. Finally no more classes - yeeey :). My Christmas mood is on and here is one more idea on how to make your tree ornaments. I already hung up mine on my mini Christmas tree :).

Beads ornament

I worked again with those transparent balls that can be taken apart in half. First one is very simple. I chose three different colored beads and heart pendants, which I had laying around from my DIY chandelier project.

I just filled them in one half and put both halfs together.

I also used some leftover decorative ribbon and made a knot. Then I also made a little bow and tight the end so I can hang it on the tree. As I said, very simple this one, but I think pretty chic :).

Santa Clause in the woods ornament

For this one I used a little figure of Santa Clause, which was originally a part of a little snow globe, but it broke. I still had Santa Clause in my storage and used it for this ornament. I took some evergreen plant from our backyard and glued it around him with hot glue gun.

I also added a little pine cone and some more of this plant.

Then I placed it in the half of the ball and measured where I need to put the glue. I used hot glue gun again and attached it to the first half of the ball.

Then I just added a bit of my fake snow, which I used in the first part of this DIY. I also put the snow in the other half and then I just put them together.

I added white decorative ribbon and made a bow on top. Also pretty simple, right?

That's the end of my Christmas tree ornaments DIY. Here you can also see my mini Christmas tree, which is in my room. I make it the same every year: red and gold ornaments and white lights. This year I added my DIY ornaments as well :).


  1. These are so cute and festive, definitely going to try this out!
    Great post :)

    1. Aw, thanks:) I'd love to see some photos if you decided to make them;)

  2. I've seen many DIY xmas decorations this season - but this one is the COOLEST EVER!!! Keep up the good work :)

  3. Very creative :D
    I love these kind of DIY's :D

  4. Super sta, še posebej mi je všeč druga z Božičkom. :)

  5. Zanima me, kje si dobila prozorne bunkice? Super ideja :)

    1. Hvala:) Kupila sem jih v Mariboru v trgovini Art (ena je v mestu in ena v Europarku). Mislim pa da je v Ljubljani tudi ta trgovina.:)

    2. Najlepsa hvala za odgovor :) sem iz Mb in sem zelela iti pogledati prav tja :)