Slovenian Bloggers 23. - 29.12.2013

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Pink diamond - Lush fresh mask - Cupcake review.

Mateji ustvarjata - she had an amazing 2 days

Viva la vida - Christmas gifts.

Kvačka, raj za dušo - Christmas tree.

Emily Summers - top 6 red lipsticks.

Maja Ena - Knock Out Snow Festival - ski opening 2013.

Pink Bleščica - Favourite Christmas songs.

Katarina A. - new years make up look.

Deja Zu - Grinch makeup

Taya - Grinch manicure.

Beauty of a Lemon - New Year`s Eve makeup look.

Sparkle with laughter - The Naked 3 palette.

Among Beauty Drawers - Holiday makeup look.

Adjusting Beauty - New Year`s Makeup.

UnlimitedLifePlan - to move forward you have to leave some things behind.

Pretty Purple - did her nails.

She dreams in color - first aid for sore throat

Daydreamers diary - let`s make some hot chocolate.

Nika`s Beauty Land - Nika is back

Failed beautification - celebrating Christmas

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