Slovenian Bloggers 16. - 22.12.

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Failed Beautification - new beauty products

Tanita Weith - lunch with family

Mateji ustvarjata - do you speak love?

Baroque Fool - review of Femme fatale Stolen reindeer.

Beauty of a Lemon - compared two mascaras.

Emily Summer - what`s in her bag?

Keeping Up with Marcela - Giveaway.

Deja Zu - seven deadly sins - pride.

The Undercover Princess - 3 steps to achieving the perfect Moss-y hair.

UnlimitedLifePlan - motivational pictures.

Fun in the meantime - essence dark romance review.

Adjusting Beauty - Christmas tree ornaments.

Cherry Colors - fixing a broken nail.

Taya - how to do nail polish ornaments.

Pink Diamond - bladder infection.

Uniqa Poly - Christmas "work" nails.

She dreams in color - healty chocolate smoothie.

Kvačka, raj za dušo - Christmas presents for kids.

Viva la vida - sex and the city inspiration.

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