Review: Nø Cosmetics No Make Up 120H Liquid Hydrator

Nø Cosmetics is skin care brand from Germany. It must have gained quite a lot of popularity as it's now sold in most drugstores in Germany and Austria. I have seen it in Austrian Bipa store, liked the ingredients list and have decided to try it out.


This comes in simple plastic bottle with a screw on top. I have to admit, I sometimes get frustrated screwing the top back on. If this was a pop up top, it would definitely be more useful, though not as spillage safe. It has small opening which lets product drip out in drops. 

There is 100 ml of product in it and it costs 9.95€. I bought mine in Austrian Bipa. As far as I know, this is not available in Slovenia. You can order it online on Purish which also ships to Slovenia and some other EU countries. 

There is 300 ml version available now, but it says special edition, so it's probably not going to be part of the regular range. It has a pump, which is awesome and I ordered it on Flaconi (doesn't ship to Slovenia though), because I almost used up this one.


The objective, as they say, was to create something that has benefits of serum, but feels like a toner and they definitely did that. It looks like a proper liquid toner with murky liquid consistency, but there is that slight viscosity feel to it, which gives it that nourishing layer and leaves a bit of slip on your hands.

It's liquid booster with panthenol, ectoin and niacinamide. Panthenol is combined with amino acids and ceramide to sooth the skin of any irritation, redness or itching and help it heal better while being moisturized. Ectoin is another calming ingredient and niacinamide is antioxidant that improves skin's texture and tone, helps with pores and wrinkles and gives skin some natural barrier

There is no fragrance in it, which I appreciate and so will sensitive skin. 


It's supposed to be used right after cleansing in the morning and evening. It instantly gives skin moisture back and makes it feel soothed and plump. This is great first step of skin care routine to calm the skin down and nourish it with a very lightweight layer. If you layer this up, it can feel like a proper serum. 

It's lightweight enough for oily skin, but it will definitely work for dry skin as well, but you'll need to layer additional products on top. It's one of those universal products that every skin could benefit from. I think of it as a replacement for Cezanne High Moist Skin Conditioner, which has that same liquid texture, yet it's nourishing and moisturizing formula. 

Nø Cosmetics has a lot of interesting products in their range. It's got that feel of a modern cosmetics that gives you products with ingredients that actually do something for your skin and the prices are still very affordable. I have loved this liquid hydrator and am already recommending it to others. Surprisingly this lasts a long time, because you really don't need a lot. If you want to introduce something light that will benefit your skin, but isn't a proper serum yet, than this is a great first step after cleansing. 


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