Review: Paese BB Cream And Beauty Powder Barely Powder

Paese recently launched their BB Cream With Hyaluronic Acid as well as Beauty Powder Barely Powder which is recommended to be used with BB cream. I received PR package with all three shades of BB cream, powder as well as lovely bergamot scented candle. 

Paese BB Cream With Hyaluronic Acid


It comes in pink nude gradient plastic tube. There is small opening which allows you to control the amount of product you would like to get out. 

I have one issue with the packaging and that is the fact that the name of the color is only printed on the cap, which can be problematic, if you have more shades, open them all on at once and then forget which cap goes on which tube. I prefer my products labeled on the actual tube. 

In it is 30 ml of product and it costs 26€.


It's 98% natural formula (also vegan) with some active ingredients that should regenerate skin, hydrate it and make it soft as well as smooth. There are also some antioxidants in the formula to protect the skin against pollution. They mention hyaluronic acid (great for hydrating), omani extract (antioxidant), bergamot water (tones, relaxes, soothes) and prickly pear as well as rosehip oils (moisturizes). Bergamot extract give it its fresh fruity herbal scent along some other herbal extracts. 

I was surprised by the ticker consistency which is unusual for BB creams. It doesn't have that slip that for example Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream has, but it still can be massaged into the skin. Because of thicker formula, you'll need dense brush to spread it or just use fingers and do it fairly quick before it starts to set and dry down. 

That also means pigmentation is quite nice. They say it's light coverage, but it can definitely be built up to medium. It will even out skin tone and cover any minor discoloration, but you'll need concealer for areas that need good coverage. Finish is satin as they say. There is some sheen to the skin, but it's not dewy looking. 


There are three colors to choose from and I was surprised that they are all on the lighter side of spectrum. All of the shades lean more warm to olive toned rather than cool.

01N Ivory is light neutral to warm shade.

02N Beige is light to medium warm shade with some olive tone in it.

03W Natural is lighter medium warm shade

My winter shade would be somewhere in between 01N and 02N. When I was taking photos of this BB cream, I had fake tan on my face and I actually used shade 03W. And now that I already have some summer color on my body, but not that much self tanner, I mix shades 02N and 03W. 

I love the color range and it's such a nice refreshment from my usual Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream which has those typical grey undertones. I could wear all the shades from this line and they all somehow match me depending on how light I am. 


I honestly didn't have high hopes for this BB cream, because I had some testers of Paese foundations before and they didn't impress me. However, this BB cream proved me wrong. I actually wear it every day now. It's something with thicker formula that offers me good coverage immediately without the need to build it up and it gives a very natural looking skin. It also feels lightweight on the skin, no heavy feeling. 

There is no cakiness. It doesn't sit in the pores, but doesn't blur them either. It sets fairly quick and once it dries down it's quite long wearing. It's not transfer proof, but it manages to stay well on the skin for the whole day, if you don't touch it and I don't have any problems with it looking patchy or accentuating fine lines. I have combination skin with very oily T zone in warmer months and it manages to stay on my skin surprisingly good.

As far as the moisturizing, smoothing and protective capabilities goes I can't asses that. My skin definitely doesn't feel dry after using it and I didn't have any problems with clogged pores or blemishes. My skin seems to like this formula.

Paese Beauty Powder Barely Powder


It comes in transparent pot with nude colored top. It has sifter which can be closed by turning one side around, so you don't spill your product all over when you travel.

In it is 10 grams of product and it costs 18€.


It has 100% ingredients of natural origin. There is mica and silica in it to smooth the skin and absorb sebum. There is also complex of vitamins and minerals which nurture and soothe skin, reduce redness, and prevent aging process. It's basically powder with some silica, mica and some amino acid, very clean ingredient list without any fragrance.

It's loose powder formula which is super fine, it blends into the skin well and leaves velvet finish. 


It's available in one color which is translucent and should fit all skin tones. It has pale nude color, but blends in well. If you use it heavily on dark skin it may leave some ashiness.


I find it to be classic loose powder. It sets makeup, leaves velvet finish on the skin and makes the skin look matte, but not dead. I don't notice any amazing blurring effects, but it's good for setting makeup to make it las longer. It doesn't feel drying and it controls sebum well enough that I don't get shiny too quick. I still think Paese's Rice Powder is better at keeping sebum at bay. This one is more of that classic powder for normal skin. 

As a gift there was also bergamot essential oil scented candle which has really strong fragrance. my whole package smells of it. I find bergamot to be quite strong scent, but there is something citrusy sweet about it that reminds me of summer. BB cream have the same scent, just a lot more subdued. 

I was very pleasantly surprised by how quickly Paese BB Creams took over my daily makeup routine. I have been a fan of Missha BB creams before, but this is a bit lighter version, because it doesn't give as much coverage however it still sits so lovely on the skin and looks great all day. I especially love the shade range which is right up my alley and fits my olive to warm skin tone so well. Barely Powder is lovely addition to the BB cream as it sets it and prevents it from looking too sheeny on oily skin. It compliments it perfectly, though in summer I still prefer Rice version for better sebum absorption. All in all both very lovely products that I will definitely use this summer. 

All Paese products are available online in their shop and in Ljubljana, Slovenia (Skin Care Store BTC Ljubljana or Ljubljana Nama).

Products used
Paese BB Cream With Hyaluronic Acid 03W
Paese Beauty Powder Barely Powder
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Kiko LE Lost in Amalfi Bakes Blush 02 Silky Sand

L.O.V X Laetitia Lemak Dream Glaze Sculpting Duo
Revolution X Alexis Stone Instinct Palette - green eyeshadow + Inglot Duraline
Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara + Lovely Curling Pump Henna Effect Mascara

Colourpop Lux Lipstick Room Service

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