Review: Catrice Spring/Summer 2021 Products

Catrice has again revamped their stand in the start of spring, but I just came around testing all of these products properly. Here are my thoughts on which products are worth a try, if you're considering getting any. I love Catrice as a brand in general, some of their products are my favorites that I keep rebuying while others are a fail. But you really can't go wrong at that price range.

One Step Skin Perfector

It comes in plastic tube with 30 ml of product and it costs 6.09€.

It's all in one step - hydrate, care, perfect and protect. It contains vitamin C and SPF 20. This is like a moisturizing primer with some vitamin C, chemical filters of SPF and some tint. 

It's that white liquid cream that has small beads of pigment in it which turn it into a light tint as soon as you massage it into the skin. Coverage is very light, proper tinted moisturizer.

It has powdery scent which I love.

Tint is suited for light to medium skin tones. If you are fair, this will look too dark on you. It looked too dark on me as well, but now that I already have some fake tan, I can make it work. It gives sheer warm tint that isn't orange. I actually like undertone of this, it works for me. Most such tints for light skin tone are way too pink for me.

Finish is natural with a lovely sheen. It's definitely fairly nourishing product and it's not suited for oily skin. It can be to heavy on my combination skin as well on a hot summer day.

True Skin Mineral Loose Powder 010 Transparent Matt

It comes in transparent plastic pot with a sifter that you swirl and close it. I love that, because it prevents product spilling all over the packaging. It's especially useful if you travel with it. In it is 4.5 grams of product and it costs 5.09€.

It's transparent mattifying loose powder with hyaluronic acid.

It's very fine powder that has smooth texture. It mattifies skin instantly. I find it more mattifying than most powders, especially as soon as you apply it on. It doesn't hold back sebum later in the day, at least not noticeably. Hyaluronic acid in it makes it look nice on the skin. It doesn't look cakey or overly drying. Because it's mineral powder, it has some of that natural sheen to it that doesn't look dead matte.

There is slight nude color to it, but on light skin tone it turns into nothing. This may look dusty on medium skin tone.

Catrice Glam & Doll Easy Wash Off Power Hold Volume Mascara and Eyeliner

It's easy wash off formula of Glam & Doll mascara in a light denim blue color with rose gold design. In mascara is 9 ml of product and it costs 4.59€.

In eyeliner is 1.7 ml of product and it costs 3.79€.

Mascara is smudgeproof and can be removed with water. It's basically a tubing mascara. Formula that forms tubes of mascara around your lashes and comes off in tubes with just warm water. It makes it nicely smudge proof without the need of having waterpoof mascara.

The wand is curved in a C shape and has short silicon bristles. Formula is on the wet site. It gives nice amount of definition and length in one coat. Second coat adds more volume, but it can start to look a bit clumpy. I noticed my lashes dropped a bit right after first coat, but they still hold up descent through the day. I always use eyelash curler anyway. 

Eyeliner has the same formula that can be removed with just warm water. It's very liquid formula with precise sponge tip that is just long enough. It applies with ease, but dries very fast and once you start going over it again and again it can start to peel off. It dries to matte finish

Eyeliner can transfer on upper lid, if you have hooded eyes like me. It can also start to peel off, if you rub it and it looks cracked over any fine lines. For that reason I am not a fan of this formula. It removes with only warm water very easily and fast. 

Mascara wears good through the day, though I have noticed occasional flakes around my eyes. It's not as easy to remove as eyeliner which basically just peels off in one go. With mascara you have to rub a little for the tubes to completely get off lashes, but even then you are left with flakes of tubes all over your skin. It's not as easy removal as they say it, so I rather just go in with micellar water and save time. 

Lift Up Volume & Lift Mascara 010 Deep Black

It comes in coral soft matte packaging with short silicon bristles. The wand itself is pretty bulky. In it is 11 ml of product and it costs 5.09€.

There are two version, one is waterproof and this one is regular. It has sort of more wet formula and it gives a bit of volume with one application, but for more volume you really need to build it up. Several coats manage to look clumpy on me. There isn't really any added definition nor is their length. I am not a fan of the look that it gives my lashes. Because I always use eyelash curlers, I can't say how lifting it is. But it managed to hold my curl well. I would probably need to dry it out a bit for it to work better.

There was no problem with the wear time. It wore all day without any smudges or flakes and it removes easy. 

48h Power Stay Brow Gel 020 Medium

It comes in transparent plastic with lip gloss like applicator that is short and straight cut. In it is 4.5 ml of product and it costs 5.09€.

This is sort of a thicker cream formula that is absolutely useless to be used with the applicator that it comes with. You have to apply some product on your hand and use angled brow brush to give you the precision for filling in your brows. 

It's very pigmented product, so you need the smallest amount and it dries down fairly well. It gives the effect of sort of powder looking brows, if you blend it out well, but it can also look like colored brow mascara, if you apply it heavily. I find this fills in the brows very quickly in one go, because it's so pigmented and blendable.

Shade 020 Medium is grey toned medium brown. All these kind of shades look warmer on my skin tone, partially because I have very grey natural brows and because I color my brows with darker brown color.

It wears all day without fading or smudging. Catrice says this is supposed to stay on the brows for 2 days?! I don't wear product on my brows for two days. It washes off with cleansing products and I can't say if it tints the brows or not, because mine are already colored darker than this brow gel. It's waterproof formula for sure, but be aware if you produce a lot of oil around your brows, because if you rub some of it on the brows, it will come off.

This might be harder to work with if you are a beginner at makeup, but if you know how to work with such pigmented formulas, than this is one of the quickest ways to fill in the brows that stay all day. I just don't get the lip gloss applicator.

Power Full 5 Lip Care 030 Sweet Cherry

It comes in sturdy paper packaging with 3.5 grams of product and it costs 3.79€.

This is gorgeous moisturizing formula of lip balm paired with some color. It gives a good hint of color to your lips and lovely creamy shine. With darker shades and a few swipes around the lips you get lipstick vibe, but with a lighter coverage. 

There is fruity scent to it, but there is also a bit or artificial clay like scent to it.

It comes in 5 shades, all very natural pink versions, and I have 030 Sweet Cherry which is the perfect medium mauve pink that gives you that kind of my-lips-but-better vibe and it will suit most skin tones. 

It doesn't feel sticky or heavy at all, but it's so moisturizing and it contains hyaluronic acids as well as cucumber, watermelon, goji berry and ginger root. This is again one of those ultra soothing and comfortable lip formulas that Catrice does so well. 

It's the perfect product for all of those that are afraid of wearing a proper lipstick, because this gives a bit of color, but is so easy to use and comfortable to wear. I also really like applying it over fuller coverage matte lipsticks to give my lips some more comfort and moisturization back into my lips.

Ultimate Stay Waterfresh Lip Tint 020 Stay On Over

It comes in plastic packaging with fluffy doe foot applicator that makes it easy to apply on the lips. In it is 5.5 grams of product and it costs 4.19€.

Formula is sort of mousse like, but it feels cooling and very lightweight on the lips like a proper lip tint. I find it easier to apply evenly than watery tints, because mousse formula sticks better on the lips. One application gives you light tint, but you can definitely build it up to fairly intense color payoff that almost looks like lipstick. It has matte finish. I feel a little tingle on my lips when I apply it and I don't know why. 

There is artificial scent to it.

It comes in 4 shades. Mostly versions of coral, red and pink. I have 020 Stay On Over which is a proper coral. Usually I am not a fan of corals, but this one doesn't have that heavy peach tone to it, it's actually more pink on me, so I kind of like it. 

It's absolutely transfer and kissing proof. It's supposedly waterpoof, but I definitely wore it off in the inner rim while eating. It doesn't give you any moisturizing effect and it feels like nothing on the lips, but if you have very dry lips you won't like it. It leaves a slight stain on the lips. I actually like this type of formula for summer, because it's so effortless looking and feeling on the lips, but there isn't much moisturizing effect to it. 

Watermelon Shine Glow Lip Balm 010 I Carried A Watermelon

It comes in metal packaging. In it is 3.5 grams of product and it costs 5.09€

It's ultra moisturizing creamy formula that looks like a very shiny lip balm with a bit of tint to it which activates with your skin's ph to give you a hint of tint. Mine always turn pink with these kind of products. 

It has refreshing sweet watermelon scent.

It comes in only one shade and as mentioned, it should look a little different on anyone depending on your natural ph of the lips. On me this is that juicy medium, slightly cool toned pink

It doesn't stick to dry patches or emphasize them and it feels just ultra comfortable and soothing on the lips. It leaves tint even when the shine wears off. This is your new colored lip balm, if you have very dry lips and want something with color. It really gives you that proper juicy healthy youthful look that is so easy to use on the go. 

This is by far the most moisturizing and most effortless formula to use out of all these three lip products and I absolutely adore it. 

Express Spray On Base Coat 

It comes in glass bottle with spray that gives you fine mist. In it is 10 ml of product and it costs 3.99€.

This is supposedly spray on base coat that you spray on each nail from a distance and it dries in just 40 seconds. It definitely does that. Formula contains sunflower oil, vitamin E and glycerin to protect your nails from discoloration as well as nourish and moisturize the nail, but also your cuticles.

Right after application this definitely dries fast and looks like nothing on the nails. There is no stickiness to it. It's very thin base coat. I'm not sure what to make of it, as I've never had these kind of base coats, but I think it's a good quick option for those that just want something on their nails before applying colored nail polish to give them a bit of protection.

Express Quick Dry Drops

It comes in glass bottle with small dropper. In it is 8 ml of product and it costs 3.79€.

This is blend of almond, macadamia and kukui nut oil that you should apply one or two drops on your nail as soon as you have applied your colored nail polish. It supposedly dries your nail polish faster as well as provides nourishment and care for the cuticles.

In essence, you can do this step with any cuticle oil and just apply it all over wet nail polish. Oil gives it that layer which protects freshly applied nail polish from any finger or clothes prints. It gives it that initial barrier, but doesn't really make it dry all that faster in my opinion. I like that this step also provides you some nice nourishing ingredients for your cuticles all around the nail which is lovely. There only might be a problem with one drop completely covering your entire nail, if you have bigger nails. 

Catrice Stronger Nails Strengthening Nail Lacquer - 07 Expressive Pink

It comes in glass bottle with gold plastic cap. In it is 10.5 ml of product and it costs 3.79€.

I love this concept of colored nail polish containing mineral complex of zinc, magnesium, iron and copper that will make your nails stronger and less brittle. It should almost be used as nail treatment as they advise you to apply it, leave it on for three to four days, remove and then reapply it. 

It comes in 7 shades and I got 07 Expensive Pink which is coral base with golden shine. I actually hate coral nail polishes, so I didn't even try this one on. I would rather gift it to a friend that will wear it without me trying it just for the sake of it. They do have some gorgeous nude shades like 04 Milky Rebel and 06 Vivid Nude which I would much rather wear. I might go and actually buy one of these two, because I love those kind of shades. If you want review of the formula you can check what Mateja had to say about it. 


To conclude, the products that I think are definitely worth a try are Watermelon Shine Glow Lip Tint and Power Full 5 Lip Care. Two amazing moisturizing and comfortable lip products with some color to them. I like Ultimate Stay Tint as well, purely because it's transfer proof and feels like nothing on the lips, but it's not moisturizing at all. I like One Step Skin Perfector as a tinted moisturizer for the summer no makeup makeup look, but this won't be for everybody because of one color. I also like Brow Gel, because it's so pigmented, stays put all day and gives color the the brows super quick. However, if you are not skilled with applying such formulas, you'll probably hate it. Powder is nice too, though I sort of prefer something with more sebum control, especially for this time of year. But it gives a very smooth velvet finish to the skin that looks nice.

Glam & Doll Mascara and Eyeliner are just a bit meh for me. I definitely wouldn't rebuy them. I'm also not a fan of Lift Up Mascara. It doesn't give me enough definition for my personal preference and looks too clumpy. 

Nail products are all nice and you should consider them, if you're missing some of these products in your routine. 

*Products were sent to me.

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