Review: Colourpop Lux Liquid Lipstick - Room Service

I have a few of Colourpop old liquid lipstick formulas. Their Satin formula was very pigmented, but also a bit more of that proper matte liquid lipstick that can be drying. For some reason Colourpop decided to change their lip formulas and they are now called Lux Liquid Lipsticks. Formula is definitely different.


It comes in small chubby matte transparent plastic tube with nude plastic top and gold writing. Applicator is fluffy and is L shaped to fit well on the lips. 

In it is 4.75 grams of product and it costs 8$


Formula is like a thinner cream that has a lot of slip to it and it feels almost like a mousse as it's drying down or you're rubbing it into the lips. At first I compared it to NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, but those are actually like proper mousse, while this one is more like very thin liquid lipstick. 

Pigmentation is very nice, but it definitely gives you that diffused look that you can upgrade to have fuller coverage. It's buildable, but it's meant to look very soft and diffused like blotted lip or a light stain. It's definitely far from their older lipsticks which were super pigmented and very heavy looking in my opinion. Finish is velvet matte and it feels like it almost never properly dries down on the lips.  


You can choose among many different nude shades. There is a lot of versions of pink, brown, berry nudes, but not really any pops of colors or even reds.

Top: freshy applied, Bottom: dried down

I choose Room Service which is described as terracotta nude and it's definitely one of my favorite lip shades. It's that warm medium brick brown that isn't too orange, but also not peachy or brown. I love these kind of shades.

Comparison of Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Screenshot and Colourpop Lux Liquid Lipstick in Room Service


It goes on with such ease and it has amazing spreadability. The dry down to a matte finish is quite slow, but as soon as you rub your lips together the sheen is gone and it quickly looks like that soft velvet matte that feels very lightweight and isn't sticky or overly drying like most liquid lipsticks. 

As far as comfort goes this is definitely dry lips approved. I like this formula much more than their older Satin Lips, but there's a catch. It's not transfer proof and isn't long lasting

In fact, as it's drying down and you take a close up photo it almost looks like it's broken down on your lips. I swear it doesn't look that weird in person from afar. However, I feel like this would be a deal breaker for many and they wouldn't like it.

I however love the shade, so I wear it and just reapply it often. It looks better with one light layer smoothed with your fingers to give you that natural stained diffused lip. 

I am one of few people that thought their old formula was too heavy, too drying and way too pigmented, so this new one is the opposite. It's super lightweight, still pretty pigmented, but can be built up slowly and has very comfortable velvet matte finish. But it's also not transfer proof and the longevity is poor. If you drink a lot and eat, it will definitely come off. It can look a bit separated, because it turns almost mousse like, if you apply a lot of it. 

Room Service is one of my favorite browns, because of that brick tone to it, so I love it and wear it often. It would look amazing on olive skin tone. The formula is actually nice to wear through the day. I have a feeling that if you loved their old formula, you will hate this new one. 

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