Review: Revlon Photoready Candid Antioxidant Concealer - 015 Light

I loved Revlon Photoready Candid foundation, so when they came out with concealer I gave it a try, even though I didn't find my perfect shade match. It turns out I don't share the same love for both.


It comes in plastic tube with doe foot applicator. Applicator is pretty wide and shaped like a petal. It holds a lot of product on it.

In it is 10 ml of product and it costs around 8€. I believe I got it on sale for less.


It's liquid formula with lots of creamy slip and it allows you to blend the product before it sets. It sets to a satin finish that doesn't need to be set with powder, unless you have very oily skin. I'd say it gives light to medium coverage, but it's buildable.

Revlon says that this formula contains some caffeine and it's suitable for sensitive eyes as it doesn't contain ingredients like parabens, phtalates, synthetic dyes or harsh ingredients. It includes anti-oxidant  as well as anti-pollution and anti-blue-light ingredients. It's basically like a skin care/concealer hybrid.


It's actually available in 18 shades, but I think in Slovenia you can choose only among 3. I didn't get fair one, because I'm not sure it was available when I was buying it in the store. 

So I got 015 Light which is very yellow toned as are a lot of Revlon "light" concealers. It's light yellow warm color that can set darker, depending on your skin. However, once I blend it out, it doesn't look as yellow on me as I thought it would. Still it's not my match, but I can make it work. 


Shade is so yellow compared to all the other shades I usually use. I have compared it to Look by Bipa Matte Camouflage Concealer in 010 Light and MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC15 which are both much more neutral toned compared to Revlon's. 


This just sits on my skin horribly. Quickly after it sets under my eyes it starts to look very textured. It sort of picks up any tiny wrinkles or texture and just enhances it. It also looks very cakey around my nose and chin after a while, when my natural oils come out.

It's not long lasting as it starts to separate and transfer, especially on oily parts of my face which is a big no for me. This actually performs better as a light layer of foundation, but only where my skin is sort of normal and doesn't have almost any texture to it.

I know Mateja loves it and she has more of a normal to dry skin, so check out her review, if you have similar skin type. On my combination to oily skin this looked just bad. I thought I could make it work and I tried mixing it with other products, but I just don't like it. It doesn't have amazing coverage that I like in concealers, it emphasizes my texture, sits weird on my skin and the color isn't my match either. There is nothing really I like about this concealer, but I love their Candid foundation which looks so nice on the skin and I still use it.

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