April 2021 Favorites

Spring is in full bloom and my makeup choices reflect that. I have been loving pinks and lighter makeup to match my mood to the outside. I am featuring this gorgeous Japanese Dogwood on today's photos to bring you some of those spring vibes.  

Avon Nutra Effects Nourish Day Cream SPF20

I've loved Avon Nutra Effects creams that they had in the past, especially Hydration range which was sadly discontinued. Those two were one of my all time favorite moisturizers. I've purchased this one a some time ago, just didn't come around to using it, so I'm not sure if it's still available. It's slightly thicker white cream which has that nourishing, but easy to spread and fast absorbing formula. It leaves a bit of sheen on the skin which makes it sort of dewy looking and I like to use it when I use retinol as my skin tends to get a bit drier and dehydrated, so this is perfect for the daytime. You can apply makeup over it with no problem. It's scented with a subtle floral scent.

Catrice One Step Skin Perfector

This is one of those multipurpose products that is skin care, primer, tint and SPF 20 all in one. It's like those BB creams that I remember from L'Occitane. Formula is white cream which has small beads of tint in it that burst color as you massage it into your skin. I like the fact that the tint is pretty natural looking, leaning more warm, definitely not orange neither pink. It very sheer tint, so light to medium to medium skin tones will be able to wear it. However. if you have fair to light skin tone this will be too dark. I can make it work in a very sheer layer or by mixing it with something lighter. There's just something about this lightweight, but sheeny texture that I love on the skin.  It gives me just a hint of color, slightly more even skin tone and nice sheen that doesn't look too greasy. It also has amazing powdery scent that I love. 

Catrice True Skin Mineral Loose Powder 010 Transparent Matt

I am not a fan of True Skin foundation, but mineral loose powder I actually like. It's pale nude colored powder that is very fine and gives the skin a hint of sheen with its natural pigments, but the finish itself is completely matte. I find it to be more matte than my other loose powders like RCMA No Color Loose Powder. It makes the skin look matte and gives it sort of velvet feel. I don't notice any major blurring effect, but I'd say it's definitely mattifying. It comes with a nice sifter that can be closed off so you avoid any unnecessary spillage. Universal shade will work for light to medium skin tones. On dark skin tones it will look ashy. 

This is my no-brainer-to-go-shadow that I can apply on the lid for instant effect of almost glossy shimmery lids that give my eyes dimension with a swipe of one finger. I love Super Shock Shadow formula that is so creamy, but turns powdery on the skin. Their ultra-glitter finishes have the most incredible just big enough shimmer that gives you that lovely sparkle. Ladybird is sort of a nude beige base with cooler silver shimmer. It looks amazing on the lids.

NYX Lip Lingerie Exotic

If you're looking for that perfect, just slightly muddy pink shade that will mimic that cold flush of your cheeks, than this is it. It's probably one of the most natural looking pinks that still gives you color and doesn't look to pale. I use this as a lip stain to give my lips some color. By applying it with a fluffy brush it makes the lips look naturally flushed. It's also amazing as a blush. I apply a bit on the back of my hand and lightly tap it on the cheeks with fluffy brush. It's got matte finish that doesn't feel too drying, if you apply it in a light layer.

Catrice Power Full 5 Lip Care 030 Sweet Cherry

I have to say I am loving this new trend of lip care products that Catrice has come out with. It's all sort of lip care and color hybrids. This is lip balm infused with skin care ingredients and it gives you a bit of color that is almost like a sheer creamy lipstick. Sweet Cherry is that everyday wearable pink mauve shade that will suit most skin tone. It has that lovely nourishing formula that feels lightweight on the skin.

Catrice Watermelon Shine Glow Lip Balm

Another lip balm formula, but this one is even sheerer that Sweet Cherry and it has even more comfortable nourishing and soothing lip balm formula. There is a hint of color to it that actually tints your lips. On me it looks like a watermelon pink color, but it's very sheer to it gives me just enough color. Formula is just so ultra comforting that you'll want to keep reapply it, but it actually sticky to the lips well, isn't sticky at all, feels lightweight, but also nourished the lips well. 

L'Oreal Elvital Dream Length 8 Seconds Wonder Water

This is targeted towards long hair, which mine isn't, but it's actually lamellar water that you rinse out and should transform damaged hair in 8 seconds. You're suppose to apply this only on the lengths of your hair, leave it on for 8 seconds, rinse and then you can continue with normal conditioner and blow dry your hair. On the back you have lines that show you where 20 ml is which is one dose that you're suppose to use on normal thin hair. If you have thicker, longer hair, you'll have to use two doses of this and use up the products even faster. But it should last me 10 uses as there is 200 ml of product in it. It's like actual water, but as soon as you apply it on your hair, you feel instant heating effect that is over in a about 2 seconds. While washing it off my hair felt incredibly soft, but when I blow dried it, it just looked nicer, not necessarily super sleek. It did feel very soft under my fingers and the softness continued a few days after that use. I straightened it with a hair straightener and after that my hair was extra sleek which also means there was no volume left in my hair. So I am sort of on the fence weather this is even a product for my type of hair. I love how soft and nice my hair looks, although that isn't that nourishing shiny feel that I get from Joico K-Pak products, but I kind of don't like that my hair looses all the texture and volume. I feel like this is perfect for thick, dry hair that wants something that will make the hair look super sleek. It has sort of a peach ice tea scent mixed with something burnt like a hair dye. I am curious to try it more times to see, if I really like it or not. 

Avon Attraction Desire Eau de Parfum Mini

I was kind of anticipating the fact that I will probably love this as I love most of Attraction perfumes. It has notes of cherry, jasmine and amber. I'd describe it as chic sweet scent. I notice cherry in the beginning. Later is evolves into that floral note and at the end it kick back with sweetness, but a much more likable amber sweetness that to me is much more sophisticated than musk and vanilla combo. I love amber in general and I can definitely smell it in this fragrance. I'd say this is a great choice for you, if you like those sweet fruity celebrity fragrances, but want something that is just slightly more amber sweet, not too sickly sweet and corny. This is definitely going on my wishlist. Attraction range has come out with some of my all time favorite scents like their Attraction Rush and Sensation. Desire comes close to those two for sure. 


I am pretty much obsessed with HGTV tv channel. They have lots of shows on renovating old houses, buying new ones, ideas on pools, competition among interior designers, basically everything to do with houses and gardens. As someone that also renovates old house I find it very entreating as well as educational. If you love interior design, you probably already watch these show, but if you don't, I definitely recommend. 

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