Review: SVR Ampoule [A] Lift

It might be that I am in my thirties or the fact that the past year just didn't gave us much opportunities for wearing makeup, but I am getting a lot more interested in skin care. Particularly investing in products with active ingredients, those that actually make a difference on your skin in the long term. I've been introduced to SVR while shopping for eczema creams, but I've since tried a few of their face products as well. SVR Amouple [A] Lift was one of those products that I immediately liked, because I could feel results the day after I used it.


It comes in murky glass bottle with dropper that comes separately. I like droppers in general, because they are very easy to use and you can dose the amount you want. Don't touch your skin with dropper, if you want your product to be in best condition for as long as possible. 

In it you get 30 ml of product and it costs around 36€. in Slovenia you can buy it in pharmacies.


It's highly concentrated 7 day retexturizing retinol anti-aging, anti-wrinkle serum for sensitive skin. It should refine skin texture, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and makes skin more even toned as well as smoother. It's meant for those with irregular skin, skin defects, enlarged pores and wrinkles. 

As you know retinol or vitamin A is clinically proven ingredient that actually helps with your wrinkles making them appear less deep and it retexturizes skin to look smoother. SVR has used two forms of pure vitamin A. There is 0.1% of pure retinol as well as 0.2% of pure retinol that is encapsulated so it continuously releases inside the epidermis. 

In the ingredients list you'll also find glycerin, squalane, vitamin C derivative, grape seed oil, shea butter and peptides which all support this formula to be brightening, anti-aging and moisturizing. Formula is made of 92% natural ingredients. It' scented and it smells very subtle soap like

You can apply it once a day on its own or mix it in with cream. If you have sensitive skin they recommend to use it every third day

It's lightly yellow colored gel like serum which is very easily spreadable and it has that super smooth texture which means you need three drops at most for your whole face. It absorbs into the skin fast and leaves behind just a slight natural sheen.


It feels very lightweight on the skin, but at the same time you get nicely moisturized skin that almost feels a bit nourished due to the squalane in it. I can see oily skin loving this on its own, but I always apply light moisturizer over it anyway. 

I have combination, but also fairly sensitive skin and this one didn't irritate my skin. I don't feel any initial stinging unless I apply it over an open blemish, but I have noticed that, if I use this every night, my skin gets drier, flaky and just a bit more reactive which means I can tolerate retinol in it, but just use it every other day. If you are new to retinol, definitely start slowly and build up. I have tried some retinol products in the past and I use them all more sparingly then I would retinoids for example. In my opinion this is good option for sensitive skin, but just don't use it every day

Just after two uses I noticed my skin felt much smoother to the touch the next day. That is the initial benefit that I always get from retinol. I've used it now for about three and a half months and I've noticed my skin definitely looks more even toned, especially around my lips which is my problem area. My skin stays clearer better as I don't get as much blemishes as I did before and I've noticed my smile lines look less deep. I don't apply it under the eyes, because my skin is much more sensitive there, but I know some do. I didn't see much difference with my deeper lines, like on my forehead. 

I like this product because it has such a moisturizing and almost comforting texture that sensitive skin will definitely love. There is high enough concentration of retinol in this product for retinol beginners or those with sensitive skin that don't like anything too reactive on their skin. If you have sensitive skin, obviously use it with caution. I love how smooth this makes my skin and I've definitely noticed some improvement in evening out my skin tone as well as making my fine lines less pronounced. It's fairly expensive product, but you need so little of it. I've used one quarter of it in three months.

*PR product 

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