Review: Skintegra Infrared

Skintegra is one of those brands that I got introduced to through my fellow skin care bloggers. They've been raving about their formula. It's Croatian skin care brand that offers vegan and cruelty free products. They believe in mild and consistent skin care. I was ordering some other products and decided to try one from Skintegra as well. When it comes to skin care I love serums as I feel they contribute the most and is where I like to invest my money in. So I got Skintegra Infrared serum


It comes in dark glass bottle with dropper. I only hate that I can't see how much product is still left in the packaging. In it is 30 ml of product and it costs 23€. In Slovenia you can get it on Superskin. You can also get it on Skintegra online shop.


It's calming serum for inflammation prone skin. It's supposedly for all skins, but especially sensitive  skin prone to inflammation and irritation. It calms inflammation, hydrates and corrects skin imperfections

They promise you light, hydrating texture that is easily incorporated in your routine that doesn't leave any oily or heavy residue. You can use it twice a day. They say you'll see results of your skin having less imperfections, less redness associated with inflammation, stronger skin barrier and overall more luminous skin with improved resilience.

One of the main ingredients is azelaic acid which hydrates, elasticizes, calms, softens and brightens the skin. High on the list is niacinamide or vitamin B3 as well as panthenol or vitamin B5 which both strengthen skin barrier and regenerate it. Niacinamide is also good for brightening. Formula is supported by plant extracts like oat, grapeseed, liquorice, Centella asiatica and madecassoside which are great for antioxidation and further support of the skin's imperfection.

I initially bought this based off of ingredients, because they all read so good. I haven't tried azelaic acid before, but always wanted to plus I love niacinamide, Centella asiatica and madecassoside, especially last two which are great for healing the skin. Formula is water based and has glycerin as well as citric acid and lactic acid low on the list. There is no added fragrance which I love. 

Formula is almost water like with the slightest viscose slip to it that is barely noticeable. You'll need at least three to five drops, if you want to completely cover your face and neck, so I feel this will get used up fairy faster than other serums. 


It's very lightweight on the skin and it absorbs in the skin fast. Behind it leaves the slightest hydrating layer that you can feel under your fingers once you touch the skin. I sense slight sting, but not always. It's something to consider, if you have very sensitive skin, because there are acids in even though it's recommended for sensitive skin. 

I have been using it for over four months now. Mostly I have been interchanging this serum with retinol one, every other day in my night time routine as well as sometimes in my morning routine, but I haven't been using it every day. I have also tried it on other people and one thing I noticed is that this takes off redness immediately after its being applied. It's an instant effect that slowly wears off, but with prolonged use it can definitely help with rosacea.

My skin definitely benefited from it as I noticed it looked more even toned, it helped with my skin looking clearer as well as not being irritated as easily. I think Centella asiatica definitely helped with healing blemishes faster and in general it helped with hydrating my skin paired with other skin care products. 

This is great serum for those that would like something that will repair skin barrier, brighten the skin and help with imperfections, but mostly with any redness. I've read many times that azelaic acid is the golden standard for rosacea and I feel like it's gentle enough acid for anyone just getting into it. If you have highly reactive skin, I can't say how acids in this formula would be tolerated, but I find this formula in general to be gentle. 

I would love to try out more of Skintegra products as I feel like their ingredients lists are always straight to the point. Good active ingredients paired with nicely soothing and hydrating ones. Based on ingredients I might try next Architect, Nectar or Hydra B. 


  1. Wow, še nikoli nisem slišala za tole znamko, ampak si me čisto prepričala v nakup. Sama imam občutljivo kožoz veliko rdečice in tale serum zveni čudovito, hvala :)

    1. Je prav narejen za tako kožo kot jo imaš. Upam, da ti bo ustrezal :).