Review: NYX Slim Lip Pencil - Nude Beige, Mauve, Mahogany

I bought two of these NYX Lip Pencils in Bipa in Austria once and ever since, I loved the formula and wanted to get more. I got one more shade, but would love to try out even more in the future. It's that regular lip pencil formula, but the thing that got me the most is the shade selection. There is a ton of nudes to choose from. 


It's a regular wooden black pencil. There is shade indicator on the bottom of the pencil. It comes sharpened and you will need regular sharpener with it.

In it is 1.04 grams of product and it costs around 4€. I ordered some shades on Notino. 


It's that fairly classic pencil formula where it's not too creamy nor does it feel dry or tugs on the lips. Pigmentation is good. I noticed that the more you go over one line the darker shade gets. So you can basically do darker outline and fill it in lighter with just one shade. 


NYX has whooping 40 shades to choose from. I love that there is so many nudes to choose from, for literally every skin color. There are also classic pinks and reds as well as some purples. I believe nude shades are their bestsellers and I can see why. I got three shades so far. I was mostly opting for those colors that I don't own and obviously some nudes. 

Nude Beige - light grey brown nude.
Mauve - light muted brownish pink.
Mahogany - medium to dark brown redish purple. 

I have two of Nude Beige colors already, because I love it to outline the lips to add some natural looking shade. It makes my lips look bigger and pairs well with most nude lipsticks. Cool grey tone casts realistic shade. You can see me wearing it with a nude lipstick here

Mauve is definitely my most wearable shade and it's one of those that would look good on most light skin tones. It's that perfect my-lips-but-better shade that is neutral in tone.

Mahogany is that shade that would look different on different skin tones. On me it leans very purple. but it combines brown, red and purple in it. I pair it with my berry lipsticks. 


Darker shades can look a bit patchy applied and it can cling to dry patches like any regular lip pencil. There is some layer on the lips, but it's not sticky and it feels lightweight. On its own it can feel a bit drying, but if you apply lipstick over it, it's ok. 

I love that this formula is harder, because it means I can get a very precise outline and it's not too pigmented, so I can always apply lipstick on top and it won't feel heavy. It wears well, but won't survive any oily eating. 

NYX Slim Lip Pencil - Nude Beige

NYX Slim Lip Pencil - Mauve

NYX Slim Lip Pencil - Mahogany
Nude Beige was the first shade I feel in love in, because it was perfect for light skin tone to create almost that contour on the lips. Mauve is definitely my favorite nude lip color currently and Mahogany pairs well with my berry lipsticks. Formula is nothing revolutionary, but it's good and I love that it's a bit harder, because I can get a precise outline with it. My favorite is the shade selection of nudes and I hope to get some more. 


  1. Liking the tone of Nude Beige! I used to get that effect with a Primark lip liner but I never found the same one or anything close to it.

    1. I always had hard time trying to find light enough grey, but not too grey tone of a nude lip liner, but this one is close to perfect. It could be a tad lighter. Cool nudes are quite hard to find in a lighter versions. Maybe this one by NYX would suit you ;).

  2. Vse barve ti pašejo <3 Meni pa je itak najbolj všeč Mauve :D

    1. Hvala :). Meni je tudi zdaj Mauve najljubši. Res zelo nosljiv odtenek. Nude Beige pa v kombinaciji z nude šminkami odlično izpade.

  3. Mauve izgleda zelo podoben Essencevemu Big Proposal, vsaj tako kot je na meni. Popoln odtenek :)

    1. Big Proposal je bolj roza na meni. Ta je še bolj muted, zato mi je bolj všeč :). Je res tak zelo nosljiv odtenek. Meni je vedno žal, da nimamo NYX pri nas v fizičnih trgovinah. Imajo dobro izbiro odtenkov.