Review: Deborah Trio Contouring Palette

I have been on a hunt for that perfect contour shade since I heard about contouring. I know the "trend" has dialed down and is not that popular anymore, but contouring is a basic technique that will always be in use. I love to do the slightest contouring on the nose for photos as well as under the cheek bones for that definition that usually disappears under artificial lighting. 


It comes in a flimsy transparent plastic packaging. In it is 5 grams of product and it costs 6.99€. The pan is split into thee thirds and I find each color pan size big enough to use with a precise brush. 


This is one of those wetter formulas that has lovely glide to it, but kick up in the pan, so you have to dust it off before applying. I find pigmentation to be just good enough for contouring products. Something very pigmented with just one swipe can be a disaster.


There are three colors, one is a highlight and the other two are variations of contour shades. On the back it says to use the darkest shade to sculpt, lighter contour shade to blend out and light shade to illuminate. 

Illuminate - white based highlight with pink sheen. It's very natural looking, but it still catches the light well. Shimmer in it is tiny and gives it just that natural sheen. This will look good only on fair to light skin tones, because it's so white based.
Blend - light grey toned brown with a bit of satin sheen, but it just makes it look very natural on the skin, not dead matte. 
Sculpt - light to medium grey toned brown, again with that slightest satin sheen to it. It's almost a bit too dark for my winter skin tone. In the summer it would definitely work for me more. 


I find this formula to look a bit uneven sometimes and I'm not sure why, because it feels so buttery under fingers. You have to apply it lightly and make sure to blend it out as evenly as possible. I really like those grey toned contours. Anything too warm can quickly turn too orange on my skin tone. And let me tell you, it's hard to find a proper grey toned contour in drugstore range. It wears good, but I wouldn't say it's especially long lasting.  

Eyes: Nabla Caramel, Colourpop GNO, Colourpop Glass Bull, Clio Kill Brown Brush Liner
Lips: Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip Weho and On Board

I love this palette for the shades. Lighter contour is just perfect contour for fair to light skin tone, because it's grey enough and definitely not warm. It casts natural looking shade. I also love it for really subtle nose contouring. Slight satin finish to it makes it look more natural too. Darker contour shade I like to mix in with the lighter, but not wear on its own, as it can be too much for my personal taste. Highlight is nothing to rave about and definitely too weak for my taste. But it's a nice brow bone highlight or for those of you that really don't like anything properly shiny. 

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