May 2018 Favorites

As every month, here are some of my new and old favorite products that I have been loving on a daily. I have also finished a project that has occupied five months of my life and that has been one of my life goals.

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

It's a basic glycolic acid, so an AHA toner, that I feel is gentle enough, but still helps to get my skin a bit smoother on the surface. It doesn't irritate me and actually feels a bit hydrating too. I like that it has a soothing herbal scent that isn't too strong. I've been mostly using it in the evening routine. It's a bit gentler than my COSRX BHA which I don't use while using retinol products. It could be a bit much for my skin, if combined.

Secret Key Aloe Soothing Moist Toner

This is heavily recommended because of it's huge packaging for a fairly affordable price. I needed to introduce hydrating toner in my routine, because I'm trying to stray away from heavier creams in summer time. I have combination skin which can get very oily on my T zone and I've noticed that heavier creams tend to clog my pores more. It's a basic hydrating toner that feels light on the skin, but definitely gives you that instant soothing feel after you wash your face. I mostly use it in the morning routine and sometimes in the evening too, if I feel like my skin is a bit dehydrated. It has lovely herbal, but almost a bit sweet subtle scent. I always say I'm not huge on scented skin care products, but this one might be one of my favorite scents.

Essence Fresh & Fit Awake Primer Healhty Glow Pore Minimizing Effect

Some describe this as Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow Primer dupe. I wouldn't know, if this is true or not, but it definitely looks like a similar kind of product. It has light peachy tint to it, but once you spread it on the skin, it just gives you a very healthy looking almost a bit silvery glow. It doesn't really show much through a heavier foundation on top, but it's a great primer for making skin look hydrated and adding a bit of that natural glow as a base. It would be great worn on its own or as a natural highlighter on top of some thinner BB cream. It also covers pores fairly well, although not like some of my other more silicon based primers. The scent is fruity sweet.

I have finally finished all my older bottles of this and am now on the new bottle that has a pump. Can I hear a hallelujah?! Revlon you should have thought of doing this like 10 years ago. But we have it now and it's so much easier to apply. I love this foundation, because it has good coverage, doesn't look too cakey and doesn't look too matte either. It's one of those foundations that I use when I want better coverage and something that will last on my skin very well.

I can't believe I've hit the pan on this. Actually, I can believe, because I use this like there's no tomorrow. It's one of the most reflective, yet also natural looking highlighters. It gives you insane sheen to the skin, but has almost no base color too it. It let's your skin shine through and really looks like a proper glow. It's so good that I'm heavily considering buying another one right away. 

When I want some natural and quick makeup look, I go for cream products. This in combination with Flexitarian gives me color and glow to the cheeks on top of a lighter BB cream. It has the most perfect brownish base with that muted pink color. On the cheeks it looks very natural, melts into the makeup well and in general looks a bit satin, like it's part of your natural glow. It's also really pigmented, so you need a very small amount.

L.O.V. RoyaLINER Eyeliner Pen in 120 Brown Elegance

I don't like buying drugstore eyeliners, because they mostly disappoint me. Usually with the tips that don't saturate the product well and I don't have the patience to deal with that. But for some reason tester of this one seemed really nice, so I go it while it was on sale. It has brush applicator, which I love. It's well saturated and glides on the skin nicely. It doesn't crumble or transfer. Color is actually very dark cool brown. It almost looks black. It dries down to a matte finish with just a bit of sheen. Black tester from this one looked much sheerer and harder to apply, so I recommend only this shade, if you're interested in it.

My lips have been a bit drier again and when they feel tight, I love wearing comforting glossy lip glosses. Colourpop has such a comforting formula. It feels like you're giving your lips a break. I love that it's not too sticky and that it almost soothes my lips. So far I only have it in one color - Weho which is a warm peachy brown. It's a good warm nude that goes with most makeup looks. I only hate that once I close it, the product gathers around the top and spills out on the sides. Because of that I can't carry it with me in the bag.

Balea Deodorant Sensitive

This doesn't do a good job of me not sweating or smelling great for a really long time, because I usually use anti-perspirants, but it has such a lovely powdery almost baby powder kind of scent that I love it. I usually spray this on top of my other deodorants just to get that scent on top. I also got it in a mini version which is great to carry around with you. It doesn't contains any alcohol, so it's not irritating on the skin either. It also didn't leave any noticeable white marks on my clothes.

It's one of my favorite spring perfumes that I bring out each spring and I can't get enough of it. I would describe it as a comforting freshly washed cloths scent mixed with gentle floral notes and a bit of woodiness to it. It's so gentle, soothing and comforting, yet still has a bit more to it than just smelling like fresh cotton. Lasting power is good, although it could be better, but it's just one of those inoffensive scents that most people would like to wear even on hotter days.

Certified Makeup Artist

For the past five months I have been working on a project that has been one of my life goals for a while now. I have been attending makeup courses to become certified makeup artist and yesterday I had my final exam. I am now officially a makeup artist - at least on paper. Makeup has always been one of my greatest loves. It's the reason why I started writing this blog, because I loved testing out new products. As much as I love testing new products, I also like the whole process of applying it either on me or others. That is why I am so happy that now this is added to my resume as one of those professions, that I hope, will possibly be my future business. It's at least a stepping stone closer to where I wish to be. If you have been following my Insta stories, you might have already seen some of my work that I was doing on models. I plan on maybe featuring more of my work on Instagram stories, so follow me there, if you don't already. 


  1. The ordinary product sounds amazing! And I still can't believe I haven't tried the Revlon Colorstay Foundation!

    Katie |

    1. Some their products are great, especially for the price. This is definitely one of those that I like. If you get a chance to try it out, I recommend. It's apparently many makeup artist favorite foundation as well. It has been a staple in my routine for years and I always go back to it for when I want more coverage :).

  2. Essence primer se lepo sliši, ampak me je strah da je v bistvu le Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer v drugi embalaži in slednji meni ni nič posebnega.

    Secret Key tudi mene mika, čeprav vem, da je le basic tonik in v tej kategoriji mi je že itak od Etude House Moistfull Collagen top :) Od The Ordinary pa zase ne bi niti gledala, ker mi je že tista 30% AHA maska prešvoh. Jaz res ne vem kakšno imam to kožo :D

    Joj, jaz bi tudi pumpico na Colorstayu. Samo mojega tako počasi porabljam, ker mi je malo preveč prekriven & očiten, pa tudi moti me da nima pumpice - oh, the irony :D

    H&M blush sem občudovala že v objavi, Flexitarian pa imam na seznamu za kupit.

    Pa še enkrat čestitke za certifikat <3

    1. Čisto možno, saj gre itak za isto podjetje. Sicer je nekje okrog 3€, tako da ne bo zelo potratno. Meni je všeč predvsem kako lepo navlažena koža deluje, čeprav za moje velike pore uporabim še drug primer skupaj s tem :).

      Jap zelo basic. Ampak ravno nekaj takega mi je manjkalo v rutini. Očitno imaš res dobro bariero kože :D. Kar sploh ni slabo veš, večina se nas trudi, da bi imeli "debelejšo" kožo :).

      Jaz sem pa končno spraznila zalogo. No če veš, da ga boš še rabila, lahko kupiš novega s pumpico in jo daš na staro embalažo :). Je takoj lepše za uporabljat s pumpico.

      Jaz sem ravno nekaj naročala na Colourpop, pa nisem naročila novega Flexitarian. Ta njihova poštnina me ubija. Ko bi vsaj malo znižali do določenega zneska za internacionalna naročila. Ampak je pa res tako dober highlighter, da ga moram znova naročit. Že paničarim, ker vidim koen embalaže :D. H&M bi pa kupila še več blushev, sploh powdery, pa nimam nikjer v bližini beauty oddelka. Niti v MB.

      Hvala :) <3

  3. Čestitke za certifikat, res si zaslužiš :)