Review: Kiko LE Candy Split Nail Lacquer - 03 Periwinkle Cream

I rarely get to buy something from Kiko's Limited Editions, because usually, when I get to the Kiko store, there's a LE that I'm not impressed with. And then sometimes I want something really bad, but can't get to the store in time. This time I came upon a collection called Candy Split. It's a fun candy colored pastel collection with many products, but I only chose one of their nail polishes. I admired it online and in the store I bought it. It just looked so darn pretty.

It's a small and cute glass bottle with white plastic top. In it is 8 ml of product and it costs 2.95€. I also love the gold writing on it. 

Shade 03 Periwinkle Cream looks like a pastel blue shade with white dots and it has a bit of a purple sheen. But it's actually a transparent base with small white dots and tiny blue and purple shimmer. I've researched a bit and apparently periwinkle is also a color in the blue and violet family. It's also the name of a flower. In the bottle it looks pastel and not that exciting, but wait until you apply it over a colored base.

Brush is straight cut and medium sized. I think it works fine for applying nail polish and with one application you get a fairly dense application of white dots. 

I didn't even know what to expect from it. You could wear it on it's own for a very sheer look, but I see it more as a top coat over a colored base. I tried it over some base colors on the paper and decided to apply it over a dark grey shade (Avon Mark Nail Enamel - Moody). 

It will look best applied over dark colored nail polishes. Over that dark grey color it looks like a blue purple galaxy with lots of small white stars (or white sugar to go with the candy theme). I couldn't catch with my camera how pretty it actually looks in person. On my photos it looks so boring, but in real life it has that deep purple and blue sheen. Depending on which angle you look at it, it almost looks duo chrome. White dots are tiny and then it has even tinnier blue and purple shimmer in it which gives it that amazing galaxy sheen. 

It dried fast enough and it's obviously very long lasting, since it add a lot of grip and texture with those dots. Any nail polish with texture to it will be long lasting. I also applied shiny top coat over it, to make it look more even. 

This nail polish was worth the purchase. It looks so unique over dark colors and I love Kiko nail polishes in general. I'm not sure, if this collection is still in the stores, but Kiko often times has old limited editions on sale, so I hope you can still find it. They just released a new one called Arctic Holiday and I love it. Especially the eyeshadows and highlighters. Like I said, sadly, I always miss the best collections. 

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