October 2017 Favorites

Every month I try to gather those products that I remember reaching for the most and that I think are worth mentioning. I also try to include new things, because otherwise these would all look pretty much the same every month. This month it's more about new products that have impressed me. I only have three of those that I've had for a while and I've fallen back in love with. 

NYX Pro Foundation Mixer - White Blanc

By far one of the best purchases I've ever done. I have been holding off on buying this for so long and finally decided to just get. It's foundation mixer in a true white shade that you mix with foundation to make it lighter. I've heard only good reviews of it and I agree with all. It's a thicker white cream that blends well with any foundation. It doesn't change its texture and because it's thicker, it also doesn't mess up the coverage. I have tried it with a few foundations and absolutely love it. The only downside - this comes in 30 ml tube and you need to use more than I expected. So I'm wishing this would come in 100 ml version, because I'm afraid I'll use it up too quickly.

This is such a good drugstore foundation. It gives you a nice medium coverage, satin matte finish and feels so lightweight on the skin. It also looks fairly natural for a good coverage. I just adore it and wish it would come in more shades. It's one of my all time favorite foundations. You can read full review here

I just posted a review of this here. As much as the shade is way too dark for me and too orange based, I have been loving it. Of course I was mixing it with NYX Pro Foundation Mixer. It has a spreadable creamy lightweight texture, medium coverage and semi matte finish. It's more for those good skin days, because it doesn't look the most natural over dry patches. But if you have fairly good skin, this just gives you a lovely natural soft focus filter that looks great. Shame that there is so little shades in our drugstores. 

L'Oreal Paradise Extatic Mascara

When I got this, I didn't expect to like it so much, because in the beginning I wasn't as impressed. But then I realized that it gives me so much volume, more than all my other defining volumizing mascaras and I may have fallen in that slightly-clumpy-looking lash trend. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I love the volume of this so much, that I can't seem to stop applying it. But even then this bushy brush seems to really coat every lash and give you volume as well as thickness. It also holds the curl well, but dries out quicker than most mascaras and for the price, I don't think I can make myself to buy it again. 

Catrice Lash Brow Designer Shaping And Conditioning Mascara Gel 

I'm not even sure if this is still in Catrice range. I've had it for a while and never really gave it go. I usually use brow gels to just comb through my lashes and shape them the way I want. Lately, I've been loving the more bushy brow look and I started using this transparent gel to just brush my brows up. It doesn't make them stay up all day and isn't too crunchy dry, which I like, but it just gives me a good comb. I like that it makes my brows look more defined and fluffier, because I don't have too many of it anyway. 

Beyu Soft Liner For Lips And More  - 553 New Boundaries and 547 Burnt Sienna

These are initially lip liners, but since it says And More, I started using them as eye pencils. I've been wanting a red eye pencil since I saw some Korean makeup tutorials and I finally have good red shades that I can use on my eyes. They are soft and creamy, have matte finish and stay put. They don't irritate my eyes at all and don't transfer. One is more of a true red and the other is more purple burgundy shade. I mostly like mixing them together for that perfect dark red shade.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette - Golden Sugar

I got this from my friend, who wasn't using it and decided to give it to me. Just recently I started to use it a bit more and I really like it. Yes, some of the shades are a bit darker for my skin tone (I can use them when I'm tanned), but I really like the finishes. They have some super metallic looking highlighters, some more subtle with a sheen and shimmery blush shades. I also really like the matte bronzer. For such an affordable palette, these stay on my skin very well. You can also obviously use them on your eyes. 

This is one of those products that just goes with every fall look. I love Pinch Me shade, because it's the perfect mix of brown, peach and red. It goes with most warm toned fall looks and I like that it's sheerer, so you can apply it really subtle. This shade always comes to my mind when I want some matchy matchy cheeks to go with that perfect red lipstick or red smokey eyes. I have a review here

Beyu Cashmere Lip Color Matt - 140 My Passion

I am always curious about new lip products, but am also terrified of proper matte liquid lipsticks, because those can be really drying. I don't know if Beyu has another line of matte lipsticks, but the Cashmere seems a lot less drying than most such formulas. It has a proper liquid formula that looks even and opaque in one swipe. I love this color, because it's a proper medium cool toned red that will look good on anyone. It also didn't feel super drying, although it's not for those dry lip days either.

I love the formula of these, because it's so mousse like and comfortable to wear. This is definitely more of a formula for dry lips. It's not transfer proof, but definitely comfort approved. I've been wearing a lot of shades from this range, but decided to include Irresistible in my favorites as I feel it's the perfect subdued statement red lip for fall. This is a more muted pink toned red shade, that isn't too dark and doesn't look very vibrant. I would even say it's the perfect wearable everyday red. I really like it and I usually don't like pink reds that much. You can see other shades from this range here

Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray

My constant search for that perfect hair product that will give me volume and texture is leading me towards trying out new products. I'm not fussed with my hair and I don't really style them, but I've been loving texturising products, because they do make a difference with my fine hair. I've been trying this sea salt spray and I really like it. It's actually a bit sticky (like most salt sprays, but not annoying) and because of that it gives your hair that added texture that doesn't fall apart in a mater of seconds. It just makes my hair thicker and isn't too sticky. I really like it. 


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    1. It's a really pretty mix of shades and really goes with any makeup. I especially like it for my fall makeup :)

  2. I can't get over how high end these Avon lipsticks look!