New In (12)

In this New In post I feature more or less the products that I bought myself, as well as some products that companies sent me. It has been a time of several repurchases, so in this post you'll find out about some of the products that I constantly buy and are basically my all time favorites.

Deborah Milano Extra Mat Mattifying Foundation

I got two tester of this in the lightest shade 00 Ivory as it's one of the few foundations in our drugstores that actually seemed really light. As the winter seaso approaches, I get lighter and lighter, so I'm always on a search for a good light enough foundation. I haven't tried it yet.

I already had this one and you can read my review here. I decided to repurchase it, as I especially love it for colder months. It's so nourishing and it gives you skin lovely sheen. This is also going to look great in warmer months as it almost gives you a natural body highlight. I love the formula and typical Nivea scent. 

I got it, because it was on sale and it's one of my all time favorite mascaras. Not that I needed it, because I still have some backups. It was pretty rose gold metallic packaging that attracted me and I decided to just get one more. It's the best for definition and volume. It also keeps my lashes curled all day. Full review is here

Ebelin Sharpener and Ebelin Blending Eye Brush

To find the perfect sharpener seems like mission impossible. They all get less sharp after some time, so I often buy new ones from different brands. I have to say this one might be my favorite until now, because it sharpens pencils in a very pointy way. I think cosmetic sharpeners should all make your pencils very sharp and this one does just that. You can easily draw a precise wing while using this one. The blending brush for eyes is great as well. Apparently it has natural hair, is tapered and very soft. So far I like it.

I've already posted a full review here. It's basically a two sided night cream. On one side you have acid based cream and on the other side you have cream with retinol. You interchange these each week in order for your skin to not get used to it and just before the sensitivity of retinol starts to kick in. I really like the texture of creams in general and you can see my actual results of my fine lines becoming less visible and shorter in my review, so I bought another bottle (on the photo below), because I see it working.

Since I wasn't satisfied with Afrodita toner that I got, I decided to purchase one of those that I already tried and liked and that was it. I used this one in the previous summer and it felt nice on my skin. It's a basic hydrating toner with a bit of AHAs in it. The scent is soothingly sleepy and I love the practical spritz pump. I have a short review of it here

Avon True Nutra Effects Ageless Revitalising Eye Cream

I love face creams from Avon Nutra Effects range. Hydration Daily and Night creams are one of my all time favorite face creams. I am also trying the Nourish Day version and I've had Radiance Night version. Both very solid and just lovely for my skin. So I decided to try out an eye cream from this range. I haven't opened it yet, because I'm currently using another one. 

So you thought I had enough of these huh? Nop. I purchased a lot of these already, but I grab these more in colder months and my stash is weirdly enough getting smaller. That's why I decided to purchase two more as they were on sale. I got Tropical, because it's one of my favorite tropical coconut scents and Sweetie, because it was the only other scent in our drugstores that  I liked. It's a more sweet one and perfect for colder months. My other favorite is Wild, a more oriental strong scent, but we don't have it our local drugstore.

Missha Pure Source Cell Sheet Mask - Honey and Rice

I purchased two more of these (previously I got Pearl) and I still haven't tried any of them. But I am planning on and posting full reviews of all three. 

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant Fragrance Free

This is my all time favorite lip balm. Initially it's a multi-purpose cream or balm for dry skin. I only use it on my lips. Previously I've had the original version which has a very strong scent that I got used to by now, but my boyfriend hates it. So I decided to get a fragrance free version in hopes of having no smell at all, but I was wrong. This one also has a very distinct scent, it's just not as strong, although I don't find it pleasing either. I have a small review of the original here

Balea Sheet Mask - Beauty Effect, Born To Be Lazy, Cool Melon, Sweet Mango and Fancy Pomegranate

I've tried all already and will probably post a short full review. Beauty Effect disappointed me the most. It felt like it did nothing. The fruity ones  and Born To Be lazy weren't that bad, fairly moisturizing and some even a bit nourishing, but the sheet masks are so thick and lacking in essence, so I wouldn't recommend it to you. 

This is probably one of the most raved about mascaras from drugstore. I got a chance to get it at a lower price and I was really curious to try it. It has that natural bristles kind of wand that actually catches almost all of your lashes. It gives you great volume, thickness and holds the curl well. For a more detailed review click here

Balea Reparierende Maske Mit Hyalurön & Grüntee-Extract

This is a new pot sized nourishing mask from Balea with hyaluronic acid and green tea extract. I love anything with green tea, so I really wanted to try it out. It has a transparent green tinted gel like texture that sticks well to the skin. It actually felt nicely moisturizing. In one pot is a lot of product and I will be using it twice. 

Bilou Coco Cocktail Shower Foam

Since getting the Chocolate Cupcake version, I wanted to purchase another one. A shower foam is so much fun and these all have nice scent. Coco Cocktail has that typical artificial coconut scent, but I love anything coconut.

Ebelin Precise Eye Brush

This was just one of the LE Ebelin brushes that was on sale and since I sometimes need those more precise smaller eye brushes, I decided to get it. It's descent. Soft, but very dense and good for packing on eyeshadow on your lower lash line. 

Brush Cleansing Pad

I bought this one on Aliexpress, since all those cleaning pads that I own are smaller. This one is just slightly bigger than most of my other. It sticks to your sink well and has different textures for you to use on different sized brushes. It makes it a bit easier and more pleasant to wash your brushes, since I hate doing it. 

E.l.f. - Highlighting Brush and Eyeshadow "C" Brush

I already bought one Highlighting brush and I liked it so much that I got another one. This has that perfect not too small nor too big, tapered shape that is great for applying powder, highlight, to contour with or for applying blush. I use one for powder and one for contouring. It's super soft and very affordable. This time I also decided to get their famour Eyeshadow C brush which is very raved about. It's again super soft, has that typical flat shader shape, but is not as dense as for example Zoeva shader brushes. It will give you a lighter application. 

Mizon Multi Function Formula Snail Repair Eye Cream

I bought it on Ebay as it was one of the more affordable Asian eye creams. It's snail based and very light in general. It has that mix of gel and cream lightweight texture that feels just moisturizing enough, but isn't too greasy. It works great under makeup too. 

Ardell Demi Wispies False Eyelashes

These are my favorite natural, yet still voluminous looking false eyelashes. I already have two pairs and I really wanted another one. These are affordable and offer you soft lashes with transparent band that is really easy to apply.

NYX Pro Foundation Mixer - White Blanc

As Rihanna would say: Where have you been, all my life? I am so happy to have finally bought this. It's foundation mixer in opaque white color that you can mix with your foundation to make it lighter. It doesn't change the texture of foundation, coverage or undertone. I absolutely love it. So far I've tried it with a few foundations and it worked well with all. The only disappointment is, that I thought I was going to need to use very little of it, but if the foundation is 4 shades too dark for me, I almost have to use it 50:50 ratio. I guess I already fear emptying it. Wish they had this in like 100 ml version. It would make me feel more secure. Definitely recommend it to anyone that has problems finding light enough foundations. 

Kiko 3D Hydra Lipgloss - 18 Golden Sparkle

I already have shade 27 Pearly Lavender, but since that one doesn't really go with all the looks, I decided to get another more wearable shade called 18 Golden Sparkle. It's more of a bronze based shade with silver shimmer in it. It looks really pretty on its own as well as over most lipstick shades. It gives the lips nice shine, isn't too sticky and has lovely sweet vanilla scent.

Kiko Smart Fusion Lip Pencil - 505 Vintage Rose

It's nearly impossible for me to find a lip liner shade that would match my natural lip color. I have very pale and not too pink lips. So I though that this shade would suit me, but when I got home, it turned out to be way darker and too pink. It's still nice for that natural my-lips-but-better look and I already have two lip pencils from this range. They are nicely creamy, lightweight, but not very long lasting. 

Kiko Mini Nail Lacquer - 30

Oddly enough, I can't find this shade online. Kiko recently added these mini 1€ nail polishes to their stands and when I saw this minty green color it reminded me of the Maybelline shade that I used own. They discontinued it and I looked for a similar shade everywhere. I feel this one is very close to it. I haven't tried it yet, so I don't know if the formula is the sama s with their regulars. 

This is so gorgeous. I have a review here. It has small blue and purple shimmer that give it duo chrome galaxy look and small white dots in it make it look like stars. It looks best applied over dark colored nail polishes. 

Bilou Cherry Kisses Shower Foam

I saw this LE foam in the scent Cherry Kisses and since the design is just so pretty, I got it. It smells like those Softies cherry flavored candy. Their design is always on point and this more vibrant version looks just so pretty. The foam is also pink colored, which makes it even more fun.

Mizon Enjoy Vital-Up Time Calming Mask

Another sheet mask that I found in TK Maxx (Austria). If you like sheet masks, definitely check out TK Maxx, they have a whole stand of Asian sheet masks. I haven't looked up the prices on Asian market, but I assume here they're a bit more expensive. I wanted to try one from Mizon and I chose a calming one, since my skin can be irritated in colder months. Haven't tried it yet.

Ardell Natural False Eyelashes

Yet another pair of Ardell lashes. This time I chose a natural style which seems really natural looking and again with that transparent band. I am hoping on using more false eyelashes with my future makeup looks and since I hate wearing heavy lashes, these should work fine. I also got these in TK Maxx.

NYX Eye And Eyebrow Pencil - White Blanc

I got this eye pencil, because I knew I needed a white one for the Halloween looks I planned on doing. At the end it wasn't as pigmented as for example their liquid white liner (which I still want to get, but it's expensive), but it worked nice for water line and was one of rare pen liners that didn't irritate my eyes. So I will probably use it again and it's also great for highlighting under the brow.

Look by Bipa Rainbow Holo Eye Shadow - Floating Bubbles

I was surprised by the new packaging and new products from Look by Bipa brand. Some of the new products seemed really interesting and I had to try it out. They have four shades of these duo chrome eyeshadows. They look like one color in the pan, but once you swatch it, you get an amazing duo chrome sheen. I got shade Floating Bubbles which is a mint based shade with golden sheen. I love it and I might go back and get some more. I especially liked one shade that looked very purple.

Look by Bipa Mega Stay Liquid Eyeliner Pen Matte Finish

It looked very promising while I was swatching it, because it's a regular pen liner, but it dries down really quickly to complete matte finish, which almost looks a bit powdery. I already wore it once and it wasn't as saturated as I would like it to be. It also transferred while working out, so I'm not impressed.

Look by Bipa Matte Camouflage Concealer - 010 Light

Shade 010 Light looked so light that I had to try it out. It's not often you find fair concealer shades in drugstores. The texture is thicker and very pigmented. It reminds me a bit of the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. They have two shades. The lightest one is very light and leans more towards cool undertone, but doesn't look too pink, so I can pull it off. It's very matte looking once I set it and not the best for under eyes, if you need moisture like I do, but the coverage is impressive. 

L.O.V. BROWtitude Brow Gel Serum - 100 All-round Temptation

L.O.V. has revamped their stand and I found some old products that are being discontinued on a sale in Austrian DM. Since I've been loving setting my brows with a transparent brow gel, I decided to try this one out. I can't say I like it as much as Catrice Lash Brow Designer, because that once seems to give my brows more hold and it makes them stay looking bushy for longer, which I prefer. 

Ebelin Pinzette

Just a regular Ebelin tweezer which I use for applying false eyelashes or any other detailed work. For tweezing I actually prefer Tweezerman tweezers.

NYX Liquid Suede Metallic Matte - Go Rogue

My girl Kvina was so lovely and sent me these two NYX products. She heard me admiring Go Rogue shade and decided to give it to me. It's a liquid lipstick in charcoal black shade with tiny dark blue shimmers that give it that metallic look. The shade is a show stopper and not for the faint-hearted. But it looks so cool and I love it. Just wish I would have more opportunities to actually wear this out. I'm a bit scared to be honest. The formula also applies evenly and doesn't feel too drying. 

NYX Faux Whites Inner Eye Brightener - 01 Vanilla

Since I got one of the NYX pencils, I am really excited to try this one. NYX makes some of the best products and I just wish we had it in Slovenia, but also at a more affordable prices. I know it's much cheaper in US. This is a creamy white based shade with a hint of yellowness to it. I'm excited to try it on the waterline or use it as a highlight. I haven't tried it yet, but it seems nicely pigmented. Thank you Kvina, you're the best ;).

This is a collection of Beyu makeup products that I have been trying out for the first time. It's called Be Outstanding and it definitely features some bold colors, which I love. I was most impressed with their lip liners, eye liner and cashmere matte liquid lipsticks. You can read full review here

This is a travel size version and it's an astringent tonic with zinc, salt and water. It's meant for oily and problematic skin. I mainly wanted to try it out, because I thought it would keep my oily t-zone matter for longer, but it didn't do much. Maybe I had too high expectation from a three list ingredient product. I have a review here.

L.O.V. EXTRAordinary Perfecting Fluid Foundation - 025 Sand Sophistication*

This is my first time trying out L.O.V. products and in general, I was positively surprised. I'll post a full review on these products, so I won't go into too much details. It's a cushion kind of foundation that comes out through a small hole instead of being in a classic Asian cushion compact. I love the packaging with the puff, because it's so easy to use and blend. It's thicker foundation that can be build up to full coverage. It gives you nice natural looking sheen and is long lasting. my only problem is the shade range, which is again suited more for medium skin tones.

L.O.V. DualCOVER Concealer & Retoucher - 025 Sand Sophistication*

Double sided concealer that has a waxy thicker stick concealer on one side and a  moisturizing sheerer liquid concealer on the other side. Again the shade is too dark for me, although I have been lightening it up with NYX Foundation Mixer. I'm not too keen on the liquid side since I feel it's too dewy for my liking and not enough coverage.

L.O.V. LASHseduction Instant Volume Mascara*

It's a very wet formula with natural bristles wand. I'm still waiting for it to dry up a bit, because otherwise it can look a bit messy. It gives volume, but I especially like it for lengthening my lashes.

L.O.V. LIPaffair Color & Care Lipstick Matte - 950 Guilty Conscience*

I love it. It's a thicker formula that has good slip to it and applies easily. It gives you instant matte effect and has great coverage in one swipe. It doesn't feel too drying, but it's definitely not moisturizing and is very long lasting. It has luxurious magnetic closing, which I love. Shade Guilty Conscience is the perfect dirty mauve shade for fall. 

I already posted a full review of it here. It's a nice fairly natural looking foundation with medium coverage and good wear time. The shade range in our drugstores caters more towards medium skin tones which is one of the things I hate about it. My shade also leans more towards that orange undertone and foundation needs time to dry down in which time it becomes darker. But if you have a medium skin tone and fairly nice skin, it should work great for you. 

Avon Eve Duet Eau de Parfum*

I've mentioned several times that I love Avon perfumes. Mostly because they offer great scents in big packaging at affordable prices. This is a first I've ever seen 3 in 1 perfume. It has two sides of perfume which you can wear on its own and mix it together for that third scent. The concept is nice, since you basically get three different scents from one perfume. One side has a more floral sophisticated scent and the other side has a deeper more fruity sweet scent. I honestly like it most mixed together, because one side is too floral for me and then the other one seems too deep for me personally. So together you get that nice sophisticated blend of florals and deeper sweetness from fruits like plum. It's also very convenient to travel with just one perfume and have more options.

Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick - 12 Brunette*

Bourjois is known for doing some really nice lipstick formulas. This is a matte version in a lipstick form. I have their Rouge Edition Velvets that are more of a moussy liquid lipstick formula and in all honesty, I don't use them much, because they feel a bit drying. This lipstick format has such an amazing ultra glide on formula that applies with such ease. But once it dries on the lips a bit, it gives you perfect matte look. Almost like with liquid matte lipsticks. It doesn't feel too drying either. So far I really like it.

*PR or products that were sent to me.


  1. Zanimivo za Serozinc, meni pomaga, še celo tako, da ga ne smem uporabljati vsak dan :D Ker drugače mi malo preveč izsuši kožo.
    Batiste pa še nisem preizkusila, ampak res moram, ker ga vse tako hvalite :)

    1. Ja super. :) Meni pa ni kaj dosti naredil na koži.
      Batiste je meni najboljši za res mastno lasišče. Od vseh, ki sem jih do zdaj preizkusila je edin, ki mi res naredi lase kot sveže oprane :).

  2. Awesome haul! I had the La Roche Posay Serozinc and it didn't do anything to keep me matte, so I'm not going to buy it again too. Need to try some Elf products, I've been wanting something from them for so long! x

    Carolina's Makeup Life

    1. Thank you :). Yeah, for some reason it didn't work for me either. Elf has some amazing products and so affordable. Their brushes are by far my favorite. Cheap, but so super soft :).

  3. Jaz tudi ne najdem pravega šilčka. Najboljši je bil od Essence izpred 5 let, ampak novejši so samo še bolj čudni :/ Bom pogledala tega od Ebelin.

    Za to Mizon kremo za oči sem slišala, da je kar priljubljena, ampak sem za začetek naročila raje testerje Misha Geum Sul, če mi bo slučajno všeč.

    Meni pa te nove Bilou pene sploh ne padejo v oči. Original so lušne, pri teh dveh novih mi pa niti embalaža, niti opisi vonja ne pritegnejo.

    Tale Bipa korektor zveni zanimivo. Svetel in dosti prekrije - not bad. Za zdaj še imam nov Collection, ki bo zdržal leto ali dve, samo odkar ni več Boots, bo treba enkrat najti zamenjavo, ker Catrice mi odtenek ne paše.

    Z L.O.V. stvarmi in šminko imava pa skoraj enake izkušnje. Rouge Velvet so odlične, res nisem pričakovala tako mehke formule, ampak pravega mat videza.

    1. Pa se je meni zdelo, da so Essence nekaj spremenili. Ma jaz sem že vse sprobala in nič. Ta od Ebelina pa res ošili prav na špic. Super je, ti ga priporočam ;).

      Jaz skoz iščem dobro kremo za oči. Se mi zdi, da z nobeno nisem čisto zadovoljna. Ta je zdaj taka res solidna. Lepo mazljiva, dovolj vlažilna in ne pretežka.

      Vonji bi lahko bili bolj izvirni, ampak mene je pa ravno embalaža najbolj pritegnila. Mi je všeč tak stil :).

      Ja, me je kar presenetil. Nisem imela visokih pričakovanj, ampak je prav dober. Samo malo preveč mat za pod očmi. Oz zdaj poskušam nanesti tako, da ne grem preblizu mojim gubicam. Potem je v redu. Pa celo dovolj svetel. Tebi bi potem ravno pasal, ker ni sploh rumen. Bolj tak nevtralen. Danes sem gledala tudi njihove nove pudre in je najsvetlejši odtenek tudi veliko bolj svetel kot vsi v naših drogerijah. Pohvalno :).

      Danes sem zmešala oranžno in mojo rdečo od Bourjoisa in sem bila navdušena. Mešanica je fantastična za moj okus :D Vsekakor ju bom veliko nosila. Res odlična formula.