Review: Catrice Lip Foundation Pencil (020 Caramel Blonde To Go, 030 Addicted To Cafe Au Lait)

One of the Catrice novelties that got my attention when I saw it in the store, were their Lip Foundation Pencils. I adore Essence lip pencil formulas, but Catrice's were usually a bit drier and they didn't have as many nudes. Now they came out with a range dedicated only to nude lip colors. 

It comes in a pencil form with black design. The bottom and cap should indicate the shade inside, although I would urge you to test them in the store, if they offer testers. 

In each is 1.3 grams of product and it costs 2.59€.

My problem with lip pencils is that they usually have names written on the pen and once you sharp it a few times, the name is gone. These have names on the caps, just don't mismatch them, if you have more then one. 

It's a regular pen that you have to sharp and it fits into most regular sharpeners.

Catrice offers 4 nude shades. The lightest one 010 Can't You Hear That Super Base? was a bit too pink for my liking. I like nudes to be more warm toned and less pink. I also didn't get the darkest shade called 040 Take You To The Chocolate Shop as it looked too dark for my natural lip color. In general these are all very much suited for light to medium skin tones. If you're darker, these will look too pale on you.

I got two shades that seemed the most similar to my natural lip color, although I have very pale lips anyway. The shade 020 Caramel Blonde To Go is a more pink toned nude with warm undertone. 030 Addicted To Cafe Au Lait is more peach toned nude and it also has warm undertone

I compared it to some of my other similar lip liner shades. Golden Rose Dream Lips Lipliner in 501 is the peachiest nude of these all and it's somewhat brighter than others. Essence Lipliner in 11 In The Nude (old formula) has similar warm nude tone, but it's a bit more brownish and slightly darker. 

The formula reminds me of the old Essence Lipliner formula. New one is a bit harder to the touch, while older version was creamier. Essence Longlasting Lipliners are even creamier than this one from Catrice and could easily be categorized under lipsticks. I find that it's the most similar to my Golden Rose Dream Lips Lipliner formula, which I adore. It has the perfect combination of good pigmentation, creamy waxy texture and it's not greasy. 

Finish doesn't have any shine. It's what they describe velvet matte and I agree. It's smooth to apply, but gives you wanted precision and it wears comfortably. I don't feel like it dries out my lips, but it's a matte formula, so it won't nourish the lips either. It will accentuate any dry patches that you may have.

On me these last really well, like normal bullet version of matte lipsticks. 

You can also see how both shades look on me. The difference between these is minimal, but you can still notice one being more pink and one being more peachy nude.

I am a true lover of nude lipsticks and even more so of nude lip pencils. With a nude lip pencil I can define my lips and even cheat a bit with making them slightly larger on certain parts. It gives you the lasting power of a matte lipstick, but doesn't dry out your lips. Formula is creamy enough, but also precise enough for detailed application. Both nude shades are perfect my-lips-but-better shades. I am really impressed with these and for the price, you should really try at least one shade, if you like nude lip pencils.


  1. Sem jih šla že nekajkrat iskat po tvojih hvalah, pa so pri nas tako čudno zametani z ostalimi odtenki, da se nikoli ne znajdem. Prvi odtenek mi je malenkost lepši :)

    1. Res? Pri nas so pa posebej samo ti nude odtenki. Mogoče so se pri vas že razprodali, pa so jih kar skupaj zmetali. Meni je seveda drug odtenek malo lepši. Ampak sta si res dokaj podobna :).

  2. It looks like these do not crumble and turn to dust like the essence version of these. i'll give them a go...

    1. No these are creamy and have lovely pigmentation. They also wear nicely. I haven't read any reviews of the Essence ones. Now I can definitely skip them :).

    2. I have the nudes, once you lick your lips, they dry and crumble. In general will not last you past drying time. One girl wrote a review on a few shades, she said this happened to her with the red shades, but not the nudes (i only tried the nudes and it happened to me). havent had this happen to me with ANY lipliners ever in my life. it's a shame because the shade is perfect for me :(

    3. Oh that doesn't sound nice. I haven't experienced anything similar neither. Good to know, I'll definitely keep away from these :). Maybe try to find if Catrice has similar shade. They usually have the same shades anyway, just different formulas ;).

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    1. Tega sem ravno prvega kupila, mi je bil takoj všeč odtenek :).