Review: Avon Imari Elixir

My preferred taste in fragrances is everything that's a bit woody, musky, sweet and vanillary. I like fruity notes, but am not crazy about floral, although I've been changing my mind about that in the past couple of months. I've found some floral fragrances that don't smell like grandmas. Today it's all about a sweet and strong fragrance by Avon called Imari Elixir.

It has a somewhat rectangular bottle with cut off edges. I was attracted to it because of the black design paired with gold writing. Usually those colors represent something stronger and sexier. Paper box has the same theme. 

In it is 50 ml of fragrance and the regular price is 20€. Currently you can get it for 11.90€ (Slovenia).

Spray works fine, but actually produces a large amount of liquid with one press.

It's an eau de toilette, so it's not as long lasting as perfume, but it has a strong power to it, so it still lasts well on my skin. 

Avon says that it has notes of blackberry, rose absolute and vanilla extract

I always love to check the notes on fragrantica and they describe it like so...
Base notes: patchouli, red amber and vanilla.
Middle notes: ylan-ylang, jasmine and rose.
Top notes: mandarin orange, green apple and blackberry.

It starts with a very strong sweet fruity note, a bit berry like. As it evolves it becomes more floral and I kind of dislike this stage. It smells a bit like floral toilette re-fresheners. Too green and floral for my taste. I love it the most at the end stage when it becomes deeper and sweeter. It's also not as strong as with the first spritz that just hits you in the nose like a wave of fruity sweetness. In the end I smell it more as a vanilla sweet fragrance, very classic, but still strong for something that is eau de toilette. 

I am on the fence with this scent. It's really strong at a first sniff and I kind of dislike floral notes in it as it smells cheap. I do love it once it evolves into those sweet base notes. It's somewhat classic strong sweet vanilla scent with a punch of blackberry and a whiff of rose. To me it's the perfect fall fragrance, because it smells too sweet and feels too heavy for a spring or summer. If you're the ultimate lover of vanilla classics and like strong sweet scents then you'll probably love it. 

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