Review: Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter - Ever Glow Lights

Highlighting trends have changed a bit and it has become more popular to have a natural glow instead of high shine metallic stripe. You can still rock anything you like, but I kind of dig this lighter version of highlighting every now and then. Probably much more now that hotter days are coming. I tend to quickly look too greasy as it's warmer outside. Today's Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter is yet another one of those products that gives you lovely sheen, but doesn't look too metallic.

It has plastic packaging and transparent top. In it is 7.5 grams of product and it costs 4.99€. You can get on Lič or Makeup Revolution US site

I found 6 shades of these. It looks like Ever Glow Lights is the second lightest shade

It has a wavy imprint and in the pan it looks like a slightly yellow toned white shade. It feels like a baked formula as it has that dry texture to it. Because it's so dry, it has a lot of fallout. It's dusty once you touch it with a brush.

Pigmentation is good. If you apply it with a fluffier brush it gives more of shimmer and less of white base. If you swatch it with finger, it looks more white based and more pigmented. 

Ever Glow Lights is cool toned white. In the pan it looks slightly yellow toned, but it actually looks pretty much white on the skin. It does have more of a cool undertone instead of warm, but it's not that prominent. The white base is quite pigmented, but all in all looks like a more sheer highlighter. You can see small shimmer in it, but it doesn't look as intense or as metallic as with most of my other highlighters. The shimmer is very fine. Shade is perfect for pale skin tones, because the base is so white. I can still wear it, even though I'm not as pale. 

I also compared it to some of my other highlighters. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Moonstone is yellow gold and has brighter and more shiny shimmer in it. Essence Soo Glow! in 10 Look On The Bright Side is slightly yellow toned compared to Ever Glow Lights. It has the same white base, but the shimmer in it gives it a more intense sheen and looks more golden white. theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer is the darkest of these and has more of a peachy golden tone. It's also more glowy like Moonstone and looks more obvious. 

If you apply it really lightly, you get more of those tiny shimmers and a little bit of white base. It looks sheerer on the skin and can look a bit more sparkly under the sunlight. The more you build it up, the more intense it looks. The base becomes even whiter and it gives more intense sheen. Under direct sunlight you can also spot shimmers sparkling here and there, but it looks more sheeny than shimmery in general. Which means it does looks more natural in that strobing kind of way. 

On the bottom photos I show you how my skin looks without the strobe highlighter, with light application and with heavier applications (from left to right).

It wears nicely. I still have it on my skin at the end of the day, but it does fade just a bit. It becomes less intense. On my skin this has a long wear time

I love highlighters and I love a good glow. As much as I love my metallic highlighters, I've grown to love this one just as much. It's for those days when you don't want highlighter to overpower your makeup or when you want your skin to look just a bit more natural. I like sheerer formula, but a pigmented base that still gives you that highlight. Shimmer is tiny and it looks somewhat more natural in that strobe way. Formula is dry, well pigmented and it lasts well on the skin. If you're sick of super shimmery metallic looking highlighters, but you still want it to have a glow on the skin, then this just might be for you. 

*Product was sent to me. 


  1. Tale izgleda veliko boljše kvalitete kot moj odtenek Moon Glow Lights. Vidim da pri tvojem lahko dobiš dovolj sijaja, ampak pri mojem pa ga niti s swatchanjem s prstom ne dobim kaj dosti. Je bolj satenast glow, ki se pa s čopičem ne prikaže čisto nič. Zanimivo, da so tako različni.

    1. Ja pri mojem je pigmentacija čisto dobra. Gre s swatchanjem veliko izdelka na kožo. S čopičem pa je nanos malo lažji. Očitno bo pri teh razlika v formulah med odtenki.