Review: Catrice LE Sound of Silence (Pen Stroke Eye Shadow, Lipstick, Fluid Glow)

Hey Beauties!

Catrice's new Limited Edition Sound of Silence caught my attention with pretty gold packaging and summer inspired products. I have a definite new summer favorite product. Read on to find which one.

Pen Stroke Eye Shadow - C03 mudITATION

I wasn't planning on buying this, but after I swatched these and went home, I just couldn't get this shade out of my mind. Usually that is a sign that I have to go back and I did. They have three different shades and one in particular was pretty pink with gold sheen, but since pink is not my color, I chose this nude cool toned taupe (which is also not my usual color).

The pen has pastel grey plastic packaging. On one side it has a black sponge with which you would probably smudge the eyeshadow (although I think it just erases it) and on the other side is stick eye shadow

There's 2.5 grams of product and it costs 4.29€.

Shade corresponds the name, since it's very much mud like. A cool toned taupe brown. It looks matte, but in fact has some small silver shimmer in it that gives it a bit of sheen

It has a nicely creamy texture that is not greasy, but very smooth when applied on. With one swipe it looks very pigmented and matte, but once you blend it in, it becomes sheerer and the shimmer stands out. I thought that it was going to be as pigmented as the swatch, but once you blend it out, it's an average pigmentation and because the shade is light, it's only one or two shades darker than my skin tone.

The thing that impressed me with it in the beginning (while swatching in the store) is that it dried really fast and I almost couldn't get it off of my hand. The staying power is amazing and because it dries fast, it doesn't get into eye crease. 

It did fade through the day, but it still stayed in place and did not smudge at all. If you use primer underneath it would probably last tiny bit longer.

The scent is kind of weird. It somehow remind me of cinnamon or ginger cookies.

On my photos I used the shade over Avon eye primer. The other day I also wore it on it's own and the primer didn't really make it any darker. As you can see, it is really light shade. It wears just as good over a primer as on its own.

I am kind of bumped that the shade isn't as intense as it is swatched on my hand. The quality is really nice, since it's not too greasy, it's matte with tiny bit of shimmer, which gives it a lovely sheen and the shade is one of those very chic natural shades. For some reason I like this shade, even though it could definitely be a bit darker. It also has a nice staying power. I think this will be perfect for those rushed summer makeup looks that look really natural. If you like something really natural and are fairly pale, this is it. If you're medium to dark skin tone, this probably wouldn't show up on your skin or will look dusty.

Lipstick - C01 Golden Spirit*

The lipstick (very misleading name) comes in a very pretty gold metal looking packaging. Of course, I love everything gold, and this one is not an exception. The packaging is super shiny and even has some engraved details.

I don't actually know how much product is in it, but it costs 4.29€

It's pale lavender pink color and in the middle it has a shimmery gold center. Lavender shade is actually really sheer and could easily pass as a lip balm. It almost looks transparent. On me it gives me a slight pale pink hint to the lips and it would probably look dead on anyone darker than me. The center adds small golden shimmer to the transparent shine. 

I can't see how someone could have called this a lipstick, since it has a balmy sheer texture and it looks like shine with small shimmer on the lips. It's definitely more of a lip balm or a lip balm and lip gloss hybrid

It has lovely sweet vanilla scent.

Obviously, this is not long lasting. It gives a bit of shine, but wears off fairly quickly. 

I use this on top of other lip products to give my lips shine or add some moisture, when I feel my lips are getting dry. Here I used it over creamy lipstick, which I used as a slight stain and then added this Catrice lipstick to add shine.

I think this is a balm/lip gloss type of product that gives you some added shine. It could be used as a classic lip balm for day wear to also add some small shimmer. In no way is this a lipstick. The shade of it is so pale and sheer that it wouldn't be seen on medium to dark skin tones. The formula of it is actually nicely comfortable as a moisture providing balm.

Fluid Glow - C01 Golden Spirit

We've come to the star of this collection. This is the product that I decided that I need to get as soon as I saw promo photos. I remember Catrice LE Glamazona and their liquid gold topper. It somehow reminded me of it and I was certain that they made something really nice, it was just the question of what shade it was.

Fluid glow comes in a muted bottle with gold design. I think the whole visual of this collection is based on dessert concept and the design represents it as well. It has a dropper to easily scoop out the product.

In it is 14 ml of product and it costs 4.29€.

Dropper actually works nice and holds the product inside until you squeeze it. The only problem is that the product is all over the dropper so it might droop down before you squeeze it, but it's not too liquid, so it's not a big problem. 

You have to shake it before you use it. I find that if you don't, liquid seems to part from the shimmer and you don't get full pigmentation.

It's a liquid almost watery base mixed with small gold shimmer. It spreads with ease, but I find that you have to work fairly quickly, because it dries quickly once it touches the skin. 

Depending on how much you apply, it can look really sheer lightly golden or a full on bronzed golden metallic sheen. It gives a nice warm gold sheen, but I also see small slightly bigger shimmer particles which pop out here and there, but are still really small and subtle.

I would say that it's long lasting, but it depends how oily your skin is. If your face gets really oily, it might fade through the day. On the contrary, on my body it stayed for the whole day.

This one also has a lovely almost a bit fruity vanilla scent.

A few days ago I was impressed with Essence LE Beach House Beach Glow Fluid, but Catrice's version is so much better. It's lighter shade, doesn't have chunks of glitter and can be sheered out to beautiful glow effect. I did a comparison for you. Obviously Essence is a lot more bronzed shade and a lot more orange, while Catrice is definitely lighter and more golden. Essence is also sheerer and almost looks a bit like a tinted product, while Catrice can be full on metallic. Keep in mind that that's a heavy swatch and that is why it looks pretty dark and a bit bronzed. Essence would probably be better as a bronzer or an all over face glow for medium skin and Catrice is definitely more of a highlight, but would also look even better on medium skin tone.

You can mix this with pretty much everything. I mixed it into my foundation and applied it all over my face. It gave me a slight bit of sheen and warmth, but barely noticeable, since I only used one tiny drop. 

They names it liquid highlighter, so you can use it for that as I did on the photo below. It gives a nice quite subtle golden sheen to the skin if you apply it on with fingers. You can sheer it down to a subtle glow.

On the photo I am wearing it mixed with my foundation and in places of highlighter. I am also wearing pen eye shadow and lipstick on top of other peach based lipstick. 

I also applied it on the center of the lid and in the inner corners. This dries quickly, which makes it good for eye lids as well. I didn't have any problem with taking off eyeshadow or looking greasy. Just wait for it to dry, when your left with mostly just pigment and then tap it on the lid.

It also looked gorgeous mixed with my body sunscreen. The shimmer is not even noticeable in the shade, but when a light touches it, it turns into a really nice healthy glow as you can see on my photos below. I love using highlighters on my body, especially in the summer since it gives it some dimension and it's the only season that we show our body skin.

Fluid Glow is an absolute star and my new favorite summer product. I wouldn't so much use it as an highlighter, since it's a bit too natural for my liking. I love it mixed with foundation to give it slight bit of sheen and luminosity. It looks gorgeous paired with body moisturizers for all over the body or legs or on top of every other makeup to add some warm golden sheen. The shade is warm light gold and can be sheered down or build up to an intense metallic finish. Shimmer is very tiny and it gives beautiful sheen. Dropper makes it easy to use and the product blends well. I am obsessed with it and for the price, this is amazing. Highly recommend you to get this if you like gold shine and have either fair warm skin tone or darker bronzed skin tone. 

Here are swatches of all three products.

This Limited Edition is supposedly going to be in stores in July, but I already found it a bit sooner in my local store. You better hurry, if you want to catch some of these products.

*PR product.


  1. Uh, tale fluid glow mi je všeč :) <3

  2. Glow fluid je čudovit <3
    Jaz tudi imam ta eyeshadow pen in mi je presvetel, skorajda se ga ne opazi na očeh zdaj ko sem že dobila nekaj barve.. malo temnejši bi moral bit :)

    1. Agreed :) Ne vem zakaj tako svetlo pride na očeh. Jaz sem mislila, da bo vsaj tako temen kot na moji roki. Očitno blendanje to naredi. Jaz sem zaenkrat še svetla, da se še malo pokaže, ko pa dobim kaj več barve pa bo tudi že problem.

  3. Oooo, očitno morem po tale Catrice Glow Fluid. Od Essence sem dala naprej (pa mi je bilo en piiikič žal), ampak vidim da mi je tale "usojen". <3

    1. Meni je Catrice 100% boljši od Essence. Tako, da če dobiš tega, lahko tistega komot pozabiš :D.

  4. Vau, jaz sem pa navdušena nad kremno senčko! Mi je žal da je zadnjič nisem vzela, zdaj jo bom morala verjetno loviti :)

    1. Meni je žal da ni za kak odtenek ali dva temnejša. Sploh zdaj ko dobivam malo barve. Sama kvaliteta pa je meni zelo všeč in tudi odtenk, če prav ni moj tipičen izbor :). Upam, da jo še najdeš ;).

  5. Glow Fluid me zelo spomninja ne ene take highlighter-bronze kapljice od Maca. Izgleda krasno, bolje od Nuxe Or, ki ima večji šimer. Kaj takega bi lahko pri Catrice dali v redno prodajo, pa naredili še bolj roza in peachy verzijo :)

    4.29 € za šminko, ki ni šminka je pa preveč. Pa naj bo še tako lepa embalaža.

    1. Nuxe Or me je že nekaj časa mikal, ampak zdaj bom itak to mešala v izdelke za telo. Če pa praviš, da je tam šimer še večji, pa itak. Ta fluid jim je res uspel in se popolnoma strinjam s tabo. :) Ne bom nikoli razumela zakaj ne naredijo takih izdelkov v stalni ponudbi. Več kot očitno je, da tehnologijo imajo, ne vem pa zakaj mora biti vedno ekskluziva za limited editions.

      Tudi glede tega se strinjam s tabo. Jaz je zagotovo ne bi kupila.

  6. Oh no ta fluid glow izgleda perfect <3

  7. Glow fluid sem si kupila tudi jaz, super je! Takoj je postal moj favorit! Senčilo sem pa prejela v test pa mi nekako ni všeč.. ni za moje mastne veke, čeprav barva je kul kot osnova recimo za potem bolj intenzivne odtenke.

    1. Ko je meni kaj tako zelo všeč, mi je vedno žal, da ne pokupim še treh. Ampak saj bo spet kaj drugega prišlo. Je pa res amazing zmešan z vsem :D. Očitno moje veke niso tako mastne kot sem vedno mislila. Na meni kar zdrži. Se strinjam, je pa fajn podlaga, ker je skoraj odtenek kože in deluje kot primer :).

  8. That lipstick looks like a let-down... I'd be disappointed if I had bought it :(
    But that golden fluid looks amazing!

    1. Agreed. It's more of a shiny lip balm. Golden fluid is amazing. :D I've been mixing it with everything lately :)