Review: Essence Turn It Sunny Top Coat - 02 You Are My Sunshine

Hey Beauties!

I am not a fan of Essence nail polishes, because they don't last on me at all. I do like their top coats, because they always come out with interesting effects. Their glittery top coats are really pretty and quite cheap. 

Essence has 5 different nail polishes in their turn it line. They are basically iridescent nail polish with tiny shimmer, which adds light colorful tone to your base color. 

Essence Turn It Sunny 02 You are My Sunshine has the usual rounded glass bottle with black plastic top. In it is 8 ml of product and it costs 1.99€.

The brush is regular straight cut. I find that it makes application easy and it's fairly soft. 

Tiny shimmer in it looks yellow, but has a very copper, orange sheen to it. It turns every manicure into a sun kissed look. As I love warm tones, I thought that this would be perfect for me to apply on top of cool colored nail polishes or to just add something different.

This effect turns any manicure into a bit more interesting shade. Iridescent finish makes it shiny and reflects different colors depending on an angle that you're looking at. 

You can see how pretty it makes regular grey polish. It gives it warmth and makes it so much more multi dimensional

This top coat works best over dark colored polishes. I've tried it over this pale pastel peach and the effect was lost. It's barely visible.

Medium base colors also work fine, but the effect here is much more subtle. 

Obviously the effect looks most dramatic over black nail polish, as it really turns it into a completely different shade. 

It has an average drying time. I always apply another top coat over it, so it actually doesn't effect my wear time. 

To me the effect is actually really pretty and I love the fact that I can turn any nail polish color into a warmer shade. Maybe they should do something like this for my cool eye shadows that I don't like to use. You can also get other shades that will make your base color cooler blue, princess pinky and many more. 


  1. Ooooo,waw!!! Tega pa res nujno potrebujem. Prekrasen je <3

    1. A ne? Ful lep efekt. Saj Essence ima meni res zanimive efekte :D

  2. Replies
    1. Ja, vsakemu barvnemu laku doda malo nekaj več :)

  3. O wow, kako lep efekt ima ta lak! Super slike!

    1. Hvala :). Meni je tudi všeč. Kot nek dodatek, da iz vsakega odtenka narediš dva hehe :D.