Review: Belweder Lip Balms

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Belweder is a new brand that has come to Slovenia. I have to say, lately I've tried some really nice new brands, that I didn't even know exist in Slovenia. Belweder is a French natural brand that offers skin care products for lips, feet, hands and nails. You can find their whole range here

I got six of their lip balms to try out and I've been testing them for a little less than two months. Three are packaged like the very popular EOS lip balms. They look like little round eggs and are super cute. Other three are regular lip balm in a stick form with transparent plastic.

They come in colorful boxes and you can easily distinguish between different scents. 

I got egg like lip balms in three different scents. melissa, green tea and propolis; black currant oil, shea butter and Q10 and panthenol, vitamin E and aloe extract. 

In these is 7.5 grams of product and the price is around 7€

They have cute round egg like shaped plastic packaging. On top is embossed company's name and their logo. Different colors mean different scents. They sit on their own, but if you knock it over, it will roll down the table and probably under your bed. That is the only negative thing that I can say about the packaging. 

When you open them up, there is a protective plastic on top of it, so the product doesn't melt down or gets harmed. It's also useful for traveling, especially if you're afraid that hot weather would melt them.

Inside is also egg like shape of lip balm which makes it really easy to use. For some reason I just find this whole packaging super cute.

Panthenol, vitamin E and aloe extract

Lip skin conditioning and protective balm with panthenol, vitamin E and aloe extract has mint green packaging. The product inside is transparent white

This one should soften, smooth and moisturize skin quickly with lanolin and soy oil. It should also remove feeling of tightness, tension caused by lip dryness, bring back a sense of comfort for a substantial period with cotton seed oil. D-panthenol and vitamin E should enhance skin protection features and prevent flakiness and formation of wrinkles. D-panthenol and aloe extract should also have an anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect.

It has a fresh fruity and slightly sweet scent

Black currant oil, shea butter and Q10

Lip balm with black currant oil, shea butter and Q10 has red packaging and the product is lightly yellow toned.

It should quickly improve dry lip skin condition and lip skin losing elasticity and volume with black currant oil and cotton seed oil. Olive oil and shea butter should coat, calm and soften skin, remove sensation of skin tightness and discomfort. It should also moisturize, regenerate lipid layer wholeness with horseradish oil and bee wax. Coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E should resist aging, improving skin's cell metabolism. It should also keep skin more elastic and supple and keep resilience and tonus of lips. Aloe extract should help to neutralize damaging influence of atmospheric factors. 

The scent remind me of black currant tea. It's a bit sour fruity.

Melissa, green tea extract and propolis

Plant based lip balm with melissa, green tea extract and propolis is supposedly nourishing, rich plant based lip balm, enriched with propolis. This one has white packaging, but the product inside is green.

Olive oil and white bee wax should moisturize, soften, smooth lip skin, clean and protect from unfavorable weather factors. It should also quicken regeneration and better condition of a thin, vulnerable lip skin with horseradish oil, cotton seed oil and vitamin F. Propolis and melissa extract should resist development of inflammation and viral infection. Green tea leaves extract should eliminate discomfort caused by dryness and inflammation. 

The scent is right up my alley, since I love green tea and drink it every morning. It smells of green tea, so kind of herbal and it's my favorite scent of all three. 

If I compare them all together, they all have the same buttery and greasy soft texture. Green tea is probably a slight bit thicker and greasier than other two.

They all have long list of benefits, but in all honesty, they feel kind of the same on the lips. Obviously I can't speak for long term benefits like protecting me from outdoor factors or preventing of wrinkles. In general they are all very balmy and buttery. They're not as thick as some other lip balms (for example Burt's Bees lip balms), but also not as thin as for example Labello lip balms. Just the right amount of greasiness. They give shine to the lips and go on buttery smooth. The feeling on the lips is comfortable and slightly moisturized. I would say that those are more buttery and natural versions of regular drugstore lip balms

If you have really chapped lips, these won't be enough for you. Those are throw in the bag lip balms for regular daily hydration

If you're not a fan of egg like shape, you can also buy then in regular stick forms. I got three scents: melissa, green tea and propolis; sun protecting lip balm SPF20 with vitamin E and soothing sweet orange oil and vitamins C, E and F.

These also have different colored packaging as well as boxes. In each is 3.5 grams of product and it costs around 5€

The packaging is transparent plastic in a stick form. On the sides is a plastic button which you push in and pull down so the lip balm comes out. When you're not using it, it's closed and secure. This system would be good for all of those that like to lose their tops on regular lip balms. Plus those often get loose and you can't properly close it anymore.

Soothing sweet orange oil and vitamins C, E and F

It has orange plastic combined with transparent design. The product inside is also orange colored.

It should quickly relieve sensation of skin tightness and dryness. The skin should be supple, restored and moisturized. It should also promote healing of chapped lips and relieve irritation. It forms a thin, non-greasy film on the lips, protecting lips in winter (frost, wind, sun), for sporting activities (sharp wind, long stay in the sun, abrupt temperatures and humidity changes) and upon recovery from illness (in case there is a sensation of skin dryness and tightness). 

I adore this scent. It's like a very sweet orange and it reminds me of summery drinks.

Melissa, green tea and propolis

This one has a white combination, but the product inside is green (as with the egg shape).

It should moisturize, soften, smooth lip skin, clean and protect it from unfavourable weather factors. It claims to quicken regeneration and improve the condition of a thin, vulnerable lip skin. It should also resist development of inflammation and viral infection and eliminate discomfort cause by dryness and inflammation.

It has previously mentioned green tea herbal scent which I adore.

Sun protecting lip balm SPF 20 with vitamin E

The packaging is pastel peach pink and the product inside is white.

It should quickly relieve skin lip dryness, reddening and roughness. It ensures reliable skin protection from the effects of photo aging and aggressive weather effects. It should also make skin supple, restored and moisturized as well as promote healing of chapped lips. It's recommended for spring, summer or when going to the mountains or near the sea. 

This one has a very faint smell and it's kind of fruity and slightly sweet.

I really like this one, because it's one of those rare SPF lip balms that doesn't leave white cast on the lips. I love using it when I go out and it also feels very buttery on the lips which I prefer to the usual silicon lightweight lip balms, since I have a feeling it stays on the lips longer. 

If I compare them all, orange one is the lightest, while green tea feels slightly thicker in consistency. Sun protecting lip balm is the hardest in texture and it goes on a bit lighter than other two. It doesn't melt as quickly. I assume this is because of the sun protection ingredients. It also gives a very faint white tone to the lips, but is in fact barely noticeable. 

As with egg shapes these also promise to do multiple thing at once. They feel similar to egg shapes, moisturizing, buttery and comfortable. I don't see major difference between stick and egg versions. Maybe sticks are slightly thicker in consistency

I have naturally dry lips and am always on a search for good lip balms. My preferred texture is more buttery and greasy. These are just that, not too thick or greasy, but also not super light. I love different scents and the fact that ingredients are natural and really nourishing in my opinion. Those are good every day use lip balms. They wouldn't be enough in the winter or when you have really chapped lips. You can choose among very cute egg like shape or regular stick form. In my opinion the textures of both are pretty much the same. There is also multiple scents available and I like that they are a bit unconventional. I adore green tea scent and it's definitely my favorite. Sun protecting lip balm is one of rare natural ones that doesn't leave annoying white cast on the lips. I would definitely recommend you these, if you're looking for a natural, buttery, but still lightweight every day lip balms. 

In Slovenia they are currently only in Lekarne Ljubljana (online here).

*PR products.


  1. Some interesting products! I've not heard of any of these before! x

    Victoria |

    1. I also didn't know the brand before. They're really nice natural products :).

  2. jaz bi kar zeleni čajček izbrala, mi je ful všeč vonj po zelenem čaju in luštne žogice so.Če nebi imela toliko vsega za ustnice...:):):)

    1. A tebi tudi? Jaz obožujem ta vonj, pa ga je pri nas kar težko dobiti. V Aziji je verjetno vse z okusom zelenega čaja, pri nas pa redko kaj :D. Embalaža je res luškana. Sploh za s sabo nosit, ker je kar higienično :). Ah vem ja...saj smo vsi tako. Jaz tudi ne morem reči, da mi kdaj zmanjka balzamov za ustnice :D.

  3. Meni predvidljivo mentolno zelen še najbolj pritegne, pa všeč mi je da nima vonja po mentolu, ker imam raje sadne :) Ampak še vedno ostajam pri mojem weird Palmer's Swivel stick, čeprav se že dolgo nisem namazala z nobeno labelo, ker jih ne rabim :)

    1. Jaz tudi ne maram mentolnega vonja. Sploh za ustnice, ker se mi zdi, da me kar iritira včasih. Oh blagor tebi. :D Jaz pa vsak dan obvezno. Vsak večer pa Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream :).