Review: Catrice Denim Greys Eyeshadow Palette 010 Deminem

Hey Beauties!

Catrice recently announced new products for fall/winter season and some of the old products that are going out. One of those is also this Denim Greys palette. Scroll down to see what I think of it and if you need to grab it before it goes out.

It comes in a black plastic packaging with transparent lid. It's nothing special, but I find it quite secure. For 5.29€ you'll get 6 grams of product. In the back it also has instructions on how to use the shades on your eye lids. 

This palette has a range of six grey and blue shades that actually look like denim shades. I am not a lover of blue eyeshadow, but I still manage to find two of my favorite shades among this range. 

Shade 1 - shimmery light pastel grey
Shade 2 - satin light grey with purple sheen (shimmer in it is super tiny)
Shade 3 - satin taupe grey (a bit brown based)
Shade 4 - shimmery grey based blue with blue shimmer
Shade 5 - satin navy blue (it's the mattes of them all, although it's still more of a satin finish)
Shade 6 - satin charcoal grey

All the shades are cool toned and have a fairly dry texture to them. All shades have some sort of shimmer in them and none of the shades is actually matte. They all have a nice sheen to them, which makes them look more dimensional

They can be chalky (especially the more matte ones) and you'll definitely need to build them up to get a full on color payoff. They also seem to blend together and sometimes you can't see where one shade starts and the other ends. As far as blending them goes, I didn't have any problems.

The pigmentation is on the sheer side and you need to build it up to get intense color. I find that applying them on with fingers gives the most color payoff.

My favorite shade of them all is 2. It's the most unique shade, because it looks grey in the pan, but has a really nice purple sheen to it, which almost makes it a bit more warm. It's definitely one of those shades that I don't own. I also really like shade 4, because it's a true denim blue with intense blue sheen. 

Here you can see how shade 2 looks like paired with shade 1 in the inner corner and 3 in the crease.

I also applied all the shades in one makeup look. Shade 1 is all over the lid, 2 is in the crease, 3 is also in the crease, 6 is in the outer crease, 4 is on the lid and 5 is on the outer corner of the lid. 

Since I am not a lover of blue eyeshadow I don't find this palette interesting enough to use on daily basis. I think that it's a good basic smokey eye blue palette and it would probably suit cooler skin tones and eye colors. The pigmentation is average, but definitely not what I expect from eye shadows. I like satin finishes of shades, which makes them very wearable and dimensional. Shade 2 is the most unique and I wish these brands would make more of such unique shades with colorful sheen. It's a very much average drugstore palette. 

*PR product.