Silver Metallic Eyes With Mauve Lips

Hey Beauties!

I've been really liking more edgier and darker looks recently. I guess winter just caught up with me. It's the gloomy days that are forgiving and let your wear as much makeup as you want without looking too out of place with the nature. I decided to do silver grey eyes with warm brown crease and paired them with pretty mauve matte lips.

I started my eye makeup with matte beige base. For the crease I used a mix of matte browns and later I darkened the outer corner with darker brown. 

Then I applied steel silver on the inner half of the lid. On the outer part of the lid I used darker more grey silver. Around the lower lash line I repeated the same steps and I also applied matte white shade in the inner corner.

I did a very thin black pencil liner and then I tried to smudge the line a bit with black eyeshadow. I finished the look with mascara and no falsies. Wanted it to look more natural and that you'd be able to see the metallic silver eyeshadow.

On my face I used foundation and concealer. Then I set it with powder. I also used powder contour shade and contoured a bit. For my highlight I went with something light, but a bit pink toned and sheerer than usual. On the cheeks I used mauve light dust of blush.

I wanted to make my lips a bit more colorful, so I went for a pretty matte mauve shade. 

Silver is not really my color, but I can make it work with other warm shades. I always like to apply matte warm brown shades in the crease, when I'm using cool toned shades on the lid. It balances it out for me. I also like the pop of color on the lips. Usually I would just go with nude lips.

Products used:
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 51
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NC15
Makeup Revolution Pressed Powder
Catrice Prime and Fine Professional Contouring Palette 010 Ashy Radiance
P2 Glow Up! Highlighter Eyes and Cheeks 021 High Beam
Essence LE Happy Girls Are Pretty Multicolour Blush 01 You Sweeten My Day!

Avon Ideal Flawless Eyeshadow Primer
Sleek i-Divine Ultra Matts V2 - Dune
Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette - Almost There
Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette - Smudge
Sleek i-Divine Ultra Matts V2 - Paper Bag
Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette Run Boy Run - World Is Not Meant For You
Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette Run Boy Run - Its Time To Run
Sleek i-Divine Ultra Matts V2 - Pillow Talk
Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner - Black
Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette - Night
Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara - Black

Makeup Factory Mat Lip Fluid Longlasting - 61 Velvet Rosewood

Nail Polish:
Golden Rose Color Expert Nail Lacquer 102


  1. Res ti pristaja in super kombinacija. Prva fotka pa je ful dobra. :)

  2. Na deset kilometrov bi že prepoznala Velvet Rosewood :) Kok teb ta odtenek paše, nenormalno, no <3 Krasen mejkap, to itak :)

    1. Očitno ti nekaj sporoča ("buy me, buy me") :P
      Hvala :) <3

  3. Uf, čudovita <3 Pristaja ti, kljub temu, da praviš da srebrna ni glih tvoja barva :) In šminka <3 omg!!! Ful je lepa, pa nohteki tud :) Vse v celoti je všečno :)

    1. Hvalaa <3 Ta lak mi je ful všeč. Ni moj tipičen odtenek ;)

  4. Waww <3 Ful si lepa! In ta šminkica, joj. Prečudovita :) xx

  5. Tale kombinacija je pa res super, jo morem sprobat, da malo uporabim moje sive odtenek :)
    Pa Velvet Rosewood res izgleda neverjetno na tebi <3

    1. A ne? Ni slaba kombinacija :D Pa naredi objavo, ker me bo zanimala ;)
      Hvala :) Si že vedela, da bi mo pasal, ko si kupovala ;D

  6. Uhhh:)prelep makeup-šminka je vrhunska na tebi, prva in zadnja slika sta direkt za profilno sliko, tolk sta dobri:)

  7. Oh no, kak krasna šminkaaaaaaa <3
    Bolj ko se poskušam upret nakupu te šminke, večkrat jo vidim na blogih in se popolnoma zaljubim vanjo :( :D
    P.S. Makeup pa krasen, kot vedno!

    1. It's calling your name. Tebi bi zagotovo super pasala ;)
      Hvala :)