Feline Flick and Cut Crease

Hey Beauties!

Doing very precise or straight lines is hard to do on my eyes, because I have two very different eyes. One is lower than the other and then I always pull one higher up when I try to open up my eyes. Sure, no one has exactly the same eye shapes, but let's face it, some are very symmetrical. Mine are the furthest away from it. So, I try to avoid very precise harsh lines. I still wanted to do this feline flick with the cut crease and I actually think it still works for my slightly hooded eyes.

I started with light beige matte shade all over the lid. With light brown matte I started to shape out my cut crease. I wanted something softer, but still like it is cut in the crease. I also pulled it out in the outer corner and a bit up. Then I darkened the edge of the crease with darker matte brown shade. 

I applied peachy gold shimmery shade as a contrast to matte crease and tried to make a more definite line. Then I applied eyeliner in a feline flick shape. Elongated and a bit up toward the outside. I also set it with black matte eyeshadow. 

On the lower lash line I just applied light and dark matte brown shade. The eye look was finished with coats of mascara. No false lashes, because then I would basically hide the cut crease.

On the rest of the face I used foundation and my usual concealer. Then I set it all with powder. I also warmed up my skin with warm shade of matte bronzer, all over the outer edges. Of course, this look also needed some very glowy champagne highlighter and brownish peach matte blush. 

I went very neutral on the lips with a peachy brown lip liner, because I wanted all the focus to be on the eyes.

I love how different types of eyeliners can change the shape of your eyes. It's fun to play around sometimes and try something different. The makeup itself is very neutral and I believe very wearable, since I did go for a softer cut crease. 

Products used:

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 51
Stargazer White Foundation
Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer 010 Porcellain
Makeup Revolution Pressed Powder
Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt and Contour Kit Ultra Fair C01
The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer
H&M Pure Radiance Blusher Brown Sugar

Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Essence All About Nudes 02 Nudes (light beige)
Essence All About Nudes 02 Nudes (light brown)
Makeup Revolution Flawless Eyeshadow Palette - Almost There
Makeup Revolution Flawless Eyeshadow Palette - Smudge
Makeup Revolution Flawless Eyeshadow Palette - Pure Chocolate
Be Creative Makeup Eyeshadow 024 Bewitched
Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner - Black
Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara - Black

Golden Rose Dream Lips Lipliner - 501


  1. Waw, ful ti paše ta natural make up look. In šminka <3 Lovely xx

  2. Krasna kot vedno <3 Mi je všeč ker je eyeliner natančen, ampak ne preveč harsh :D
    Drugače te pa čisto razumem glede simetrije oči, moje so kot da bi bile od drugega proizvajalca :P

    1. Hvala :) <3 Ja, če ga zabrišeš s senčili, potem vedno zgleda tako lepo zablurano, malo bolj nežno. Mi je včasih to bolj všeč :D
      Moje isto :D Pa še tako noro gibljivost mam, da mi gre ena vedno višje kot druga, ko jih poskušam na široko odpret :)

  3. Fajn ti pristaja :) Všečno :) Moram kdaj kaj takega probati :)

    1. Hvala :)) Absolutno. Pa pridi že enkrat k meni, da bova ustvarjali ;)

  4. Love your posts!

  5. Jst se ful rada igra z eyelinerjem, odkar znam delati solidne in za moj okus dobre eyeliner črte, sicer nikoli ne neki ekstremnega ampak probam pa kdaj malo dalše, bolj polne črte, ampak zj nisem nekak v obdobju eyelinerja, vsaj ne vsakdan, tu in tam:). Drgače pasuper look,kot vedno*

    1. O super. Je prav zanimivo spreminjat eyeliner, ker pride ven čisto drugačen izgled :). Jaz pa vedno eyeliner...ne morem brez tega :D. Hvala :)

  6. Po mojem mnenju si mojstrica telih črt z eyelinerjem! Vedno izgledajo tako popolne! Sama sem nad eyelinerji ze dolgo nazaj obupala ker sem res nesposobna kar se trga tiče :D
    <a href="http://www.whatsashawears.com>Sasha</a>

    1. O hvala :) Nisem še mojstrica, se pa rada igram s temi črtami ja :D. To pa sigurno ni res..to je samo vaja in vaja. Večkrat sprobaš, boljše je ;)

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